Why You Should Not Buy Whirlpool In Boca Raton

This story now has a happy ending, albeit one that required far too much work and the power of the Internet to make a difference. Read through for the update link at the end. 

BOCA RATON (BocaNewsNow.com Consumer Affairs) — You never know what the day will bring at BocaNewsNow’s corporate headquarters and today, it brings the incredible incompetence and poor customer service of Whirlpool (NYSE:WHR) — a company that does not care about pregnant customers or health hazards created for the general public by washing machines that fill with dirty water and die just months after purchase.

BocaNewsNow.com purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine several months ago from Lowes at Palmetto Park and 441 to assist our staff on those dirty days of covering the news. The machine died on Friday — well under warranty. A service tech showed up Monday morning, cursed out Whirlpool, cursed out the way Cabrio machines are made, and then left unable to solve the problem. When reported to Whirlpool, the customer service department apologized and said someone would be out later in the day. Then they said “oooops, it will be Tuesday,” and then changed it again to Wednesday.

Whirlpool actually sent a confirmation email of a Monday afternoon service appointment, then said it was a mistake.

Sadly, this is apparently the customer service that purchasers of a Whirlpool washer can expect in South Palm Beach County.

The machine is full of water which is not a good thing. And Whirlpool apparently cares so much that it will be nearly a week after it was first reported that someone shows up to actually assess the situation — then likely have to order a part and come back.

BocaNewsNow.com can not recommend Whirlpool to our readers in the region, and strongly encourages you to seek appliances that are not made by the company. While trading up this afternoon at $71.85, it is acting like a company on the brink of bankruptcy. Why else would its customer service department  provide false and misleading information?

UPDATE: 2:51p — We’ve emailed and left a message with Whirlpool Media Relations, thinking they may be interested in knowing how their customer service department works, and wondering if they have an official response to a warranty repair person cursing out the company that presumably sends him business.

No response.

And on that note, one does have to wonder why Whirlpool repair people are so busy in South Florida. They must be jealous of the Maytag Repair Man who likely just spends time sipping Pina Coladas on the beach.

We’ll update if we hear back from the PR team. Maybe they’re all out waiting for a repair person to fix their washing machines.

UPDATE 3:25p — Still no word from Whirlpool, which is amazing considering the company has been advised that the standing water in their broken machine — you know, the one that their tech cursed out earlier in the day — presents a health hazard for pregnant staffers and anyone who doesn’t like the smell of stale water in a broken washing machine.

This post is also on its way to more than a thousand page views in no time at all.

C’mon Whirlpool. You can do it. You can do the right thing. Show that you’re a leader…

UPDATE 4:48p — Don’t ever underestimate the power of the Internet. You saw the Arab Spring. You’ve seen political careers come crashing down. You’ve seen help for the helpless. And now…we’ve received a call from a great Florida district manager for Whirlpool who is trying to solve the problem. Updates as we get them.


UPDATE: 7:35p — Problem solved! Thanks to the incredible work of Magno at Flamingo Appliance Service, the Washer has been fixed. Read all about it here.






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