Rats Seeking Shelter In Boca Homes, Here’s What To Do

boca raton rat removal

Boca Raton's Patrick Barry, a rodent removal expert. Yes, he's holding a snake in his publicity photo.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — With cooler weather off-and-on over the past several days in and around Boca Raton, it is more likely than not that rats and other rodents will seek shelter in your attic.

It's a fact of life, rodent experts say, that the vermin seek warmth just like humans, and often find it from small holes or crevices in and above your home. If there's enough space, they crawl in. If there isn't, they'll often chew small holes to gain entry.

And when they do, you've got a problem.

One room in the BocaNewsNow.com Network Operation Center emitted a unique smell over the past few days. After isolating the area of the odor, we called in Boca rodent removal expert Patrick Barry who responded in less than an hour. After sniffing around on our main floor, he headed up to the attic, used special equipment to search through mounds of insulation, and found the offender.

A dead rat.

He bagged and removed the rat, then found the rat's entry way, sealed it, set traps for his friends, and declared the job done.

The Network Operation Center is already smelling much better.

As Patrick Barry told us, there really is nothing you can do in advance to prevent a small rodent from moving in to your attic. And the further west you live in Boca Raton or Palm Beach County, the more likely you are to be the unintended hotel for wildlife and rodents that may have once called your property their home.

Once the four legged friend moves in and possibly meets his fate, following his trail and figuring out how he got in can be a great way to prevent a much larger problem.

This time of year, he told us, is peak time for rodents to seek shelter in a nice warm attic full of insulation, so if you hear a pitter patter on the roof, don't assume it's a jolly guy with eight reindeer.

It's most likely a mouse, rat, or even a squirrel.

Instead of searching for it and dealing with the aftermath, call Patrick at 561-212-9255. He lives here, he runs his business here, and as BocaNewsNow.com learned, he knows his stuff.

Most importantly, he'll deal with the problem, fix the problem and you won't have to come into contact with the creature that lives upstairs.



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