Police Investigate Three High-Tech Thefts In Boca


Two iPhones, stolen from Woodfield, are among the latest high-tech thefts in Boca.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — High-tech continues to be hot for thieves in Boca Raton, especially with the holiday season upon us.

According to police reports, a Microsoft Surface was stolen from an office at 1200 Clint Moore Road. It couldn't be tracked. We're only partially kidding when we say if you see someone with a Surface who didn't have one a few days ago, consider giving the police a call. Spotting someone using a (very slow selling) Microsoft Surface is much akin to actually seeing the Chupacabra.

Police are also looking into the theft of two iPhones from within Woodfield Country Club. Unlike the Surface, the owners were able to track the iPhones as they “moved” through Woodfield — only to watch their signals suddenly stop.