WHERE'S SECURITY? Men Selling Toys By Mizner Xmas Tree

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Parents visiting Mizner Park’s dancing Christmas Tree this year with their young children are in for a new addition.

Two men, in black, selling light toys.

One of the men told BocaNewsNow.com that while he has no permit, he does have a “special agreement” with security.

A call to security Saturday evening revealed no such agreement.

Management company GCP oversees Mizner Park buildings while the City of Boca Raton oversees the grounds. A Saturday night request — and in fairness, it is Saturday night, yielded no immediate response from Boca Raton Police as to the legality of the toy hawking.

A lack of visible security — and police presence — was notable Saturday evening on the kid populated tree grounds. The men, displaying no visible ID, threw the light toys against the darkened sky to generate attention.