Boca Nurse Steals From Patient, States "Victim Only Has A Little Dementia"

shirley ortiz

Shirley Ortiz, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — A brazen act of idiocy by a Boca Raton nurse has landed her in jail after she allegedly admitted to stealing a credit card from a woman in her care.

Shirley Ortiz, 39, of Lake Worth was working for “Nurses of America” — a Boca company —  when she told police that she stole a credit card from her patient to pay for the cell phone that she claims the patient also purchased for her.

From the police report:

“She stated it was because (the patient) bought her a cell phone. Ortiz stated she knew that she should not have taken the phone but stated that she was unable to pay for the phone.” When I asked her why she let (the patient) purchase the phone for her, Ortiz stated, “She buys me things all the time, she says it is okay.”

I asked her why she thought it was okay. Ortiz stated, “she is not bad, she only has a little dementia from from a head trauma she suffered. I know I should not let her buy me things.”

Ortiz was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on a charge of elderly neglect and abuse. She was released on $3,000 bond.