UPDATE: Man Calls Child "N" Word, Assaults Mom Over Wet Laundry

John W. Guion. Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

John W. Guion. Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — The allegations in the police report filed in the arrest of John Guion are horrible and graphic. Guion allegedly called his step daughter a “nigger,” according to police, because she removed wet laundry from a dryer. Guion then grabbed the girl’s mother “by the neck and threw her onto the couch in the living room.”

An excerpt from the complete police report, written by a responding officer:

“I then spoke with John again who admitted to calling (his stepdaughter) a “nigger” because the laundry was not dry…John said he then put (the girl’s mother) in a choke hold and threw her on the couch. Once on the couch John admitted to holding her down. John said once (the woman) called 911 he left the apartment.”

In a separate incident, Guion allegedly pushed the girl to the ground. She hit a metal bed frame as she fell to the floor.

Read the complete police report here.

Guion is charged with child abuse and battery.