BOCA RATON, FL ( — It appears that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office ran a prostitution sting in the Boca Raton area on Friday… netting quite a few guys who were seeking pay for play action.

Here’s a list of those nabbed:

joseph stio

Joseph Stio, courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

Joseph Stio, dob 9/25/1945 of S 66th Avenue in Boca.

Brian Simpson, dob 1/31/1987 of Park Row in Boca.

richard dudley

Richard Dudley, courtesy Palm Beach County jail.

Dudley Rich, dob 4/2/1956, of Cascade Road in West Boca.

Andrew Jack, dob 10/10/1958 of Coral Place in West Boca.

Patrick Crowley, dob 8/5/1958 of 228th Lane in West Boca.

patrick crowley

Patrick Crowley, courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

Jose Lucca, dob 6/11/1994 of Boca Entrada in West Boca.

Mauricio Gomez, dob 2/27/1969 of SW 3rd Street in Boca.