Dunkin' Donuts Through Boca Won't Make You Discuss Race, Unlike Starbucks

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewaNow.com) — Word from readers throughout the area is that Starbucks’ arguably Ill-conceived campaign to bring race relations to your black cup of coffee is pushing patrons to other stores like Dunkin Donuts, where you can get coffee and a snack without a course in discourse. 

“How dare Starbucks turn my $4 latte into a discussion about oppression,” wrote one reader. “My relationship with Starbucks is about coffee, not Ferguson.”

Wrote another:

“If Starbucks really wants to do something about race, how about catering to people other than those who are so affluent they can spend $30 a week on coffee?”

It’s not just Boca. Starbucks’ bizarre #RaceTogether campaign is being mocked on Twitter and through international media. The apparent consensus: stick to coffee. 

USAToday on Thursday is also planning take part in the campaign — some say creating the news instead of covering it. 

Are your Baristas talking to you about race? Let us know where…and who….