UBER PROMO 3o95J: Don't Drive Drunk, Take UBER This Holiday Weekend

über promo codeBOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Major DUI enforcement operations are underway statewide this July 4th weekend, so if you want to avoid ruining your life with a DUI arrest — or killing someone — we strongly encourage you to take Uber. And by using the BocaNewsNow.com promo code, your first ride (up to $20) is free. 

Click here for your first ride free Uber ride  — up to $20. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in South Florida or Southern California. You still get your first ride, up to $20, for free.

Or, you can enter promo code 3o95j

Have a safe holiday weekend. (And if your mugshot shows up here in a day or two, just remember we gave you the chance to ride instead of drive).