CONSUMER ALERT: Questions Over Eric Norber's Cultural Contrast Cuba Trips Unanswered

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL ( — If you are considering legal travel to Cuba through “Cultural Contrast” — a company licensed as a Florida Seller of Travel, but not as a “travel service provider,” you may want to speak with recent customers. has learned that a large group of customers — paying thousands of dollars each to experience Havana — were told days before their March departure that Havana accommodations were unavailable. They were given no opportunity to reschedule or cancel. The travelers, many from Florida, were housed hours outside of Havana. 

Trips through Cultural Contrast are booked months in advance. 

Owner Eric Norber, who runs Cultural Contrast, as well as “Norber Flight, LLC,”has not responded to a large number of emails and phone calls from disgruntled customers. Neither he nor corporate representatives have responded to

Legal travel to Cuba is a growing business as relations between the United States and Cuba thaw. It is unclear, however, just how much scrutiny “Florida Sellers of Travel” undergo from the State.

We will update if Cultural Contrast or Eric Norber contacts