NOT READY: I-Ready No Longer Required Homework In Palm Beach County

BY: Andrew Colton

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The Palm Beach County School District late Monday told that controversial computer learning tool “I-Ready” will not be mandated for homework use.

The statement was made after reported growing concern throughout the school district about I-Ready’s lack of mobile device accessibility and a long list of computer browsers incompatible with the system.

The Palm Beach County School District approved $5.6 Million for I-Ready which is promoted as an online assessment tool  for English and math.

Due to either a massive miscommunication or decisions made independently at the school level, teachers throughout Palm Beach County told parents during recent “curriculum nights” that 45 minutes per week of I-Ready would be required at home.

But now, the school district says principals will inform teachers this week that I-Ready is “encouraged” for home use but not required.

As we reported, I-Ready is incompatible with iPads and Android devices — tablet Apps are not expected for months. When available, the apps will only be compatible with Apple’s latest devices. Android compatibiltiy is unclear.

The system, according to those familiar with I-Ready, is “flash” based — an increasingly dated functionality. Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs famously rallied against Adobe’s flash due to its vulnerability to viruses.

It is unclear whether Palm Beach County School officials understood the issues — or lack of tablet support — when entering into the $5.6 Million deal.

Since posting our original article last week, has been inundated with emails and messages from readers nationwide with stories and “tips” about I-Ready’s poor performance in their districts

At least one New York school district dropped I-Ready.

Some teachers, however, tell that the system has potential as a teaching aid and learning tool, though may not quite be ready for — to use a movie term — “wide release.”