DEAR MORTY: What’s The Basketball Net Issue In Saturnia?

BOCA RATON, FL ( — In our latest edition of “Dear Morty,” resident HOA expert and advice columnist Morty Epperstein shoots and scores for a reader asking about basketball net policy in Saturnia.

Dear Morty:

Please help me! I live in Saturnia where I am being told by the HOA that I can’t have a basketball net on my driveway. It’s portable with wheels. I’d think the HOA would be okay with this since I can move it. But I keep getting letters. What should I do?

Your fan,

Bayfield Bill

Dear Bayfield Bill,

HOA’s have the right to set their own rules when it comes to driveways and what is kept on them. That includes vehicles, commercial trucks, and in your case, basketball nets. What is beautiful to you may be an eyesore to others, and basketball nets bring with them noise. While it won’t bother many people, there are some in every community who may find a dribbling basketball annoying. We don’t have your bylaws in front of us, but if there’s a basketball net ban, then the HOA is correct in telling you it needs to go. Following the proper procedure by filing a request with your Architectural Control Committee may provide better insight or guidance to what your community will accept. Here’s an idea: talk to your neighbors. If they don’t care, then you can go to your board and say “no one is bothered by this.” We do know that most communities frown on portable basketball nets, but if you make a reasonable argument and have neighbors on your side, you may be the exception to the rule.

May the good sense be yours,


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