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BocaNewsNow.com is a hyper-local news blog that focuses on the City of Boca Raton, Florida, and the section of unincorporated Palm Beach County known as “West Boca.” While We received nearly a million page views in our first several months, solidly planting us as the leading online Boca-based news source — according to independent web tracking service “Alexa,” owned by Amazon.com.

Our stories are indexed by major search engines and have been linked to by major newspapers, television stations, and aggregators.

BocaNewsNow.com was founded and is run by Andrew Colton, an award-winning former network news correspondent and print reporter. It is a hobby and not a full-time operation. It also, admittedly, is the alter ego of a journalist who had to play by the rules for far too long. It does not follow what’s known in the world of reporting as “Capital J” journalism. It’s snarky, edgy, sometimes aggressive, and might even print items that are unpopular. But the fact that thousands of people each day check in to see what’s going on proves that the the attitude and coverage clearly resonate. And to be clear: the site aims to be fair. If you believe we are not being fair, hit the “contact us” button above.

BocaNewsNow.com is not affiliated with the old “BocaNews” newspaper which went bankrupt. While not designed to be a profit-generating entity, BocaNewsNow.com does actually make enough money to keep the servers serving.

While press releases are rarely printed verbatim, we welcome all submissions and edit information as needed.


While not obligated to do so, we review arrest removal requests on a case by case basis. We do not charge to remove an arrest — we are not a mugshot website. Please use our contact form to request removal. However, we will only consider cases where charges were dropped, the SAO has decided not to prosecute, or a an expunge order has been issued. Please note that orders of expungement do not apply to the media — an arrest in Florida is public record. However, we are human, and will work with you when journalistically appropriate.


Media members are welcome to report what we report. We simply ask that you attribute BocaNewsNow.com on the air or in print. In the case of websites and blogs, we require a link to our homepage. We will of course credit you through back links when we promote your coverage.

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We don’t care how insignificant you think it is. If you have something to share about life in Boca Raton or West Boca, we want to know. use this form, or telephone 561-235-2810. We welcome all press releases, although we can not guarantee they will be published.

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BocaNewsNow.com is a division of MetroDesk Media, LLC. Our mailing address: 9858 Clint Moore Road, Suite 111, Box 320, Boca Raton, FL 33496. 561-419-9520.

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