Doctor May Have Lost $67-Thousand In Boca Raton Escrow Scam


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UPDATE: March 20th, 2013. There has been an arrest. Read.
BOCA RATON, FL ( — A New Jersey doctor and his wife may have lost $67,500 in a possible scam involving escrow accounts in Boca. According to police, the couple placed the money in an escrow account at the direction of their Realtor, Jon Rashotsky, as they prepared to purchase a property. Incredibly, however, there was no contract for the property and the potential buyers are now unable to get their money back.  Here is John Rahotsky’s listing on Here is is his listing on Facebook.
The investigative division of the Boca Police Department is on the case. Interestingly, Jon Rashotsky’s “agent” page on “Mizner Grand Realty” has been removed.
He has not been charged in this case. is not releasing the names of the victims.