The John Rashotsky Case: More Reader Emails


BOCA RATON, FL ( — first reported several days ago that Mizner Grande Realty agent Jon Rashotsky was accused of misappropriating escrow funds from at least one client. We later told you how Mizner Grande fired Rashotsky, and how Boca Raton police and Delray Beach Police continue their investigations into what Rashotsky did and when. Now comes word that additional victims are stepping forward. We received this email this morning from a potential victim:
“We are an elderly couple retiring to Florida.  We also purchased a home using John Ratshotsky and as of today, no one can tell us where the money is, if it has to be replaced, or if it is secure.  Edgar Benes has not returned any of our phone calls, and the attorney for Mizner Grande will give us no information whatsoever except to say that we may have lost the money and may not be getting the home.  We close soon and unless we go into our retirement accounts and get the deposit (again) the house is lost to us.
Additionally, we live on a fixed income and deal with health issues.  The broker, Mizner Grande has stated over and over to us that they are in the same situation.
Somehow I doubt that.”
If you believe you are a victim, contact Delray Beach police, or reach out to us and we well get you in touch with the appropriate investigators.