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Smokehouse Grill In West Boca Shut

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — In an article that was written while BocaNewsNow.com was in its off-line testing stages — but never published publicly —  our beloved food critic Morty Eatowitz called Smokehouse Grill on Yamato at 441 in West Boca, “the worst food I have ever eaten, ever.”
That’s something coming from a professional like Morty.
Now it appears that Smokehouse Grill is no more, at least at this location. The windows are covered with brown paper, the doors are locked, and, there’s no sign of life at the restaurant that in a previous life was something of a sports bar that served seafood.
We’re not sure if Smokehouse is revamping, renovating, or just plain gone. Their website with all contact information is off line. Just a few weeks ago they planted a huge sign at Yamato and 441 proclaiming that “Smokehouse Grill is Now Open.” They had already been open for half a year.
We can only assume that Smokehouse has been smoked. If so, this isn’t a closure that can be blamed on the economy. It’s what happens when you serve overpriced, really bad food, to a customer base than can drive just a few more miles and dine in a place like Lucile’s Bad To The Bone — a Morty Favorite — at 3011 Yamato Road — which serves quite wonderful food.
When told of the closure this morning, Morty offered this quote: “Smokehouse: if you’re gone, you won’t be missed. If you’re fixing yourself, please spend the money to serve food that is actually edible.”


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4 thoughts on “Smokehouse Grill In West Boca Shut”

  1. I can confirm that this location is indeed permanently closed. I beg to differ on the quality of the food. My friends and I have never had better BBQ than what we had at Smokehouse over the last year at both locations. Some of the best ribs/wings I’ve ever had in fact. I’m not sure if your reviewer went on an off night or there is a conflict of interest here. I have eaten at Lucille’s over the last 10 years or so and Smokehouse offered a distinctly higher quality product. This can be confirmed by not only myself but my extended circle of friends who patronized this business. Smokehouse will be missed.

  2. We ate there twice, food was fair at best but the big problem was they never had enough food on specific items and they always had the same, lame excuse… “sorry, we ran out”..and they backed up to a Publix? See Ya, Will Not Miss Ya !

  3. Unfortunately, the Smokehouse is gone. I am convinced that Morty must either have no taste or is a relative of the owner of Lucille’s. I would not eat in Lucille’s if they paid me. The food at Smokehouse was great and the staff was wonderful. Anyone with so little class as Morty and your staff that can be happy about a restaurant closing and putting people out of work is sick! This was real BBQ. SMOKED!. Not steamed garbage done with liquid smoke, like some other so called BBQ restaurants. They will be missed and I hope they open somewhere else where they can be appreciated.

    1. BocaNewsNow.com Staff

      Morty Eatowitz was walking by the editor’s desk when he saw this comment on the big screen and laughed, as only Morty can do. He then dictated to us the following:
      “I have eaten at Lucille’s exactly three times. I am not on their payroll. Their brisket was phenomenal. I ate at Smokehouse once, and their brisket was horrendous. Tough. Flavorless. Overpriced. To each their own, you can enjoy the BBQ that you like, but it is very clear that very few liked the food at Smokehouse, as it is closed just months after opening in West Boca Raton.”
      Thanks for your thoughts, Morty.