Critical Crash On Palmetto Park Road In Boca Raton

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Greg Silva | Courtesy Facebook

UPDATE: MARCH 2, 2012 at 9:37PM — We have learned that Greg Silva has died. Among his friends posting on Facebook this hour: “He was the life of the party and always had the best time.” While some may have wished that we ignored facts provided by the police and others in our reporting of this accident, and its back story, we offer our condolences and wishes of peace to his family and friends. All are welcome to post their memories below.
UPDATE: February 29th, 2012 at 3:15PM — Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to us a short time ago that their investigation is still open at this time.
UPDATE: February 28th, 2012 at 1:57PM — has learned that this is sadly appearing to be a story about a system that could have prevented a serious accident, but did not. The driver, 24 year old Abinoam Greg Modesto Silva, has received 7 citations over the past several years, including one for speeding on December 3rd of 2011. He pled not guilty and the case was later dismissed. On January 29th of 2010, he was cited for running a red light. He later pled no contest. In June of 2009 he was cited for possession of alcohol by someone under 21 and was sent to a pre-trial diversion program. Other citations included driving with an invalid license and driving with improper license plates.
BOCA RATON, FL ( — A 24 year old Boca Raton resident remains in critical condition after he crashed into a tree — in the median — of Palmetto Park Road near Powerline Road early this morning. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office tells us the accident happened around 4:30 Thursday morning.
The driver, 24 year old  Abinoam Greg Modesto Silva who lives in the 22000 block of SW 65th Terrace in Boca — according to police — was driving at a “high rate of speed” west on Palmetto Park when he lost control of his 2007 Chrysler 300 and plowed into a tree in median near Powerline Road.
He was rushed to Delray Medical Center where he remains in critical condition. Palm Beach County Traffic Homicide investigators are assigned to the case.
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71 thoughts on “Critical Crash On Palmetto Park Road In Boca Raton

  1. This news report has to be a joke! A kid is in a coma, in critical condition at the hospital! All this news report does is make the writer look like an insensitive jerk! So many people speed at young ages & clearly a lesson is learned by so many of the lives he touched & will continue to touch! You should work on writing a public apology!! Until then I’ll be uninterested in ANYTHING this news publication feels a need to say…

  2. You guys should be careful about how you write things there are friends and family who read this and love him. Drop the sarcasm. Miracles and accidents happen!

    1. Yeah, the news reporter is being a jerk. I actually know this guy, and his parents and sister are there at the hospital everday because they love them. So ppl dont be insensitive.

  3. To write such an article with next to nothing feeling and regards to the frirnds and family that this effects. This is absolutely unacceptable to say a “reckless driver learned a very tough lesson” this is someones life that is meant well to others. I’m very disgusted with this article and request it to be removed. To be so sarcastic on something that could have had a worse outcome. These facts need to be straightened out and more of a news article, not a comic book. Where are peoples manners these days? And to publish an article in a newspaper known to be “upscale” “up and beyond” this is just disgusting and something needs to be done on how things are written and published.

  4. whoever wrote this article should be ashamed of themselves. i can appreciate sarcasm as much as the next person but in this instance its cruel and unnecessary. greg silva is a wonderful human being. hes someones son, someones brother, someones boyfriend and everyone he has ever mets friend. your crude attempt at humor by belittling his accident shows what an unprofessional, immature site youre running. i doubt anyone i know would ever pay to advertise with you but i will be taking a minute out every now and then to email any companies that i do see advertising on your site to inform them that youre the reason why i would never spend my money on their products.

  5. Are you serious?! What kind of smartass, inconsiderate writers do you have working for your news column? “There is no chance that the tree jumped out of the median and into the road?!” THis person happens to be very well known, respected and loved by a very large group of south Floridians…people who will find complete disrespect in this article! Maybe you should reconsider who you have editing your articles before before you offend the wrong person!

  6. Really? This is what you chose to publish about a person who’s life is on the line?! A harsh lesson?!? No chance the tree jumped into the middle of the road?! Your insensitive words are both cruel and unprofessional. You clearly don’t know Greg, because if you did you would have some compassion for an amazing kid, wonderful family and his hundreds of friends
    Who have all shown their love and support during this traffic time. I have never seen such shit posted by a news reporter and I know your karma will come back to you. Next time it’ll be your loved one and I hope someone writes such a shoddy, disrespectful article explaining how your loved one learned a harsh lesson. Asshole.

    1. We have removed the editorial comment, however, keep in mind that it could have been you or your family on Palmetto Park and Powerline at the time that the victim drove recklessly and carelessly — with what seems to be complete disregard for anything around him. While certainly hope that he fully recovers, we also hope that his accident serves as a warning to others of what happens when you speed unnecessarily.

      1. The point is that the tone of the entire article is very harsh and judgmental. Considering that this kid is not a criminal and has never hurt anyone you should really reconsider your callousness. He has made some mistakes as many young people do, but he is currently fighting for his life while you guys are attacking him and eggagerating the little known facts to make an example out of him. It’s a very mean spirited article at the very least, and we don’t need Boca News to anoint itself as a moral authority on how not to drive, thank you. Your staff is no better or worse than the public at large. You guys really need to step off your high horse, no one needs you to be the driving authority paper, especially considering you guys lack any compassion or empathy amoung your staff.

  7. I just can’t understand the editor in chief would let this article go online. It’s clear that two people need to be FIRED and shown again how to write a GOOD article instead of a horrible one and for the editor in chief to actually do his/her job. Obvious to everyone, they write horrible articles. If you’re going to start an article off as “Not to sound harsh but…” it’s going to be harsh and you knew that, so you stupidly thought calling it out would save your ass. The person who wrote this would NOT say this if this was his family or friend. This is completely unacceptable. I hope when a family member or friend gets hurt… The person is just going to say, “not be harsh but at least a lesson was learned.” Idiots run this stupid site apparently.
    Oh & by the way, there’s more of this stupid writers opinion then the actual story… What a good writer Bocas news picked to write a story, bet you regret it big time.

  8. I must admit that my response to this is listed above as “anonymous” but after seeing some of my close friends responding to this with the same remarks, i’ll gladly post my name. This news column should be shut down for their “reckless” attempt at trying to prove a point! I sure your reaction would be slightly different had this been your son, brother or best friend…people tend to appreciate life a lot more when its theres, or their loves ones at stake!

    1. Cory,
      Using your own logic: the driver could have killed you or your friends. There is nothing justifiable about someone driving at a high rate of speed on Palmetto Park Road. It’s already 45 mph. Driving much faster than that is merely asking for trouble. If your outrage over the post may lead others to think twice before putting the pedal to the metal on a quasi-residential street, then we have no problem inciting your outrage.

      1. Hey do you drive the speed limit everyday all day bet not…writing a rude article like this wont stop people from speeding. Its a habit with alot of Americans to speed.
        Just like writing a horrible article like this is a bad habit

      2. Im sorry, but where did you obtain your information about the “high rate of speed” since Boca Raton P.D. nor Palm Beach Sherrifs Office released this information? There was not one witness to this accident, and had there been, maybe Greg would not be fighting for his life at this point. The outrage over this post has nothing to do with a pedal on metal, as you like to state it, or a quasi-residential (6 lane highway), but your lack of knowledge when reporting a story, you clearly know NOTHING about, including the drivers age. In addition, since you effortlessly stand so tall behind your keyboard and can rate peoples ability behind the wheel, how about you post your name, so not only does the world know what spineless scumbag is writing these remarks, but also so we can run your driving record, which im sure is clean as a whistle?!

      3. Cory,
        PBSO wrote the following in its report released to the media:
        “V1 was traveling west on Palmetto Park Road at a reported high rate of speed.”

      4. Wow how pathetic you write this article but remain your name silent? All you can do is defend what you have wrote instead of apologizing to our friend Greg’s family & friends for posting your own opinion in article Boca Raton News Now. What damn right do you think you have for stating “another driver driving recklessly learned a very tough lesson about speeding and is in critical condition after he crashed into a tree”and who the hell hired you to become a article writer for Boca news? You need to be fired! Greg is a well known young man known in South Florida that has changed many peoples lives and a very good friend to those who are his friends. Since you think its ok or right for writing this article why don’t you give me your supervisors name ,email address, and a phone number to the people you represent so i can call and personally speak to him or her to give them “Boca News Now” my opinion?

      5. Stop trying to justify what you wrote. If this was your family member would you appreciate your harsh words i think not. I dont think i know one person who doesnt speed and the millons of other people on the road arent perfect either.

      6. One car accident. Driver crashed into a tree. There’s a difference between being a few miles over the speed limit and driving at such a reckless speed that you jump a median and hit a tree with such force that you are in critical condition. Again, we wish nothing but a speedy recovery for the driver, but let’s not sugarcoat what happened.

      7. Lets do a little test, wonderful writer of BocaNewsNow. Let’s take your car, place you in it without your seatbelt on (which happens to be the same circumstances of this accident) set your cruise control on 45, and drive you smack into a tree. Chances are, and 6 inch curb wouldn’t stop you and the sudden impact of the tree would do some critical damage to you…once again, you’re a fucking idiot!

      8. Why would I be driving into the median and why would I not be wearing a seatbelt?
        Again, there is no excuse for reckless driving that could have left others injured or killed.

      9. You know what? My name is Billy Negrón Jr. And on my 21st birthday I drove drunk and killed my friend Dominic Bolton. Greg Silva is also my best friend and brother. I do know the consequences of both ends of what driving can do an it doesn’t matter as I am sitting here with Greg’s family waiting for my brother to open his eyes, witnessing the lack of sleep and tears! The article you published is ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourself to even try to write a rebuttal or make any excuses.

  9. I guess underestimates the power of “Sharing” a story. You know, there is such thing as bad publicity…especially when you are writing about a person such as Greg that has touched so many people’s lives in a positive way. Who starts a freaking story with an afterthought, “Now to sound harsh”???
    Earlier today I googled these words: “not to sound harsh” phrase. What I found was a bunch of personal opinions, posts, blogs, and statements that were used as an excuse to tell the public how you really feel.
    Well, clearly we know how you really feel Boca News…and for that, we thank you.

  10. There’s a tactful way to teach a lesson, and criticizing someone’s driving skills, IN SOUTH FLORIDA, is certainly not it… in fact, it’s laughable. I don’t even know this guy, we have mutual friends on facebook and I kept seeing posts which made me google his name… so this comment is 100% unbiased, coming from a well-educated professional who happens to know the meaning of respect, tact, and common sense. The writer of this article obviously has none of these, and to not change or remove this article after so many negative responses is a slap in the face to the victim’s loved ones. You do have a point that he endangered the lives of other, but pretty sure that goes without saying. But after all, since it is south Florida, maybe people to need to be reminded of the obvious?? Obviously the writer does…

  11. Your newspaper is a second tier paper for this reason. You apparently have idiots working for you that are clueless. You are publishing unfounded nonsense. One would only hope this doesn’t happen to a friend or family of the individual who decided to write this article. The only lesson to be learned here is to spread the word that your newspaper is a joke.

  12. No one wants to see or hear about a loved one hurt or killed. Once the emotion clears, you must remember the action. If another vehicle was involved, this young man would be waking up to being handcuffed to the hospital bed, with several charges pending. The worst of which would be attempted vehicular manslaughter. I’ve seen too many people killed on the road to disregarded actions of others.

  13. Now if he had hit a pedestrian and killed them before he hit the tree would you think the same way about this incident? Douchebag that works at a nightclub and strip club drives home drunk and hits a tree. Lesson to be learned DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. Sad lesson to learn. Let’s say it again retards… DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. You obviously don’t understand there is a reason for the legal drinking limit. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN!!!DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE HOME FROM SCARLETTS AND OFF THE HOOKAH!! RETARDS. Get a designated driver, take a cab, sleep in your car, get a hotel…DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE MORONS!!! Hope we recovers and if he doesn’t let this be a warning to all you partygoers you are not Superman but rather human. ALSO PLEASE BUY HEALTH INSURANCE so if you hit a tree you don’t burden your family with medical bills. Instead of buying that new pair of shoes or that last round of shots or that gram of coke….spend $50 on some catastrophic health insurance people.

    1. You f…ing piece of S..T!!!!! How dare you sit here and write this crap!!!! Your just a hater! And yeah this is Gregs sister, i hope we meet one day so i can punch your f…ing face. A..HOLE!!!!

  14. Raquel Hardie on February 25, 2012 8:54 pm at 8:54 PM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Dear Boca News,
    Your article is not only tacky but poorly written. As a writer, your job is to obtain the FACTS and to write the truth. All I read was manure, your editor in Chief must be a real joke. I don’t understand how something so callus and frivolous could be posted. This isn’t an article but a lie and LIES are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots. When you’re blessed as Greg Silva, the haters come out. When you wear God’s blessings well, don’t be surprised if it draws jealousy out on people or should I say… the coward who wrote this article. For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction… I ask God to forgive your ignorance dear writer and free your mind from ignorance.
    My prayers go out to Greg Silva and most of all his family. As a mother who has lost two sons, there is no greater pain then having your loved ones hurt and knowing there is nothing you can do. All you can do is pray and have faith. GOD STRONG GREG!!!
    Love Always,
    Raquel Hardie

    1. Our information comes from the police. If you have an issue with the facts as presented, please call PBSO.


  15. The poor guy is fighting for his life. The article is insensitive and you should really apologize. I do not know the guy who was driving, but it sounds like with the support he has around him, he will pull thorough ( can’t say the same about your “writing” career)
    I couldn’t believe you started off,”not to sound harsh” because you wwre being harsh and you knew it was wrong.
    Again, he is fighting for his life- its horrible no matter how you look at it. Apologize so everyone can move forward and focus on what really matters.
    Thank you.

    1. Insensitive is driving at a high rate of speed, without a seatbelt, crashing into a tree, and making your family and friends — one of whom admitted in writing to driving while drunk and killing someone — deal with the aftermath.
      It sounds like a whole group of people who shouldn’t have licenses.

      1. A newspaper’s purpose is to report the news, not crowbar morals and ethics onto its readers. I thought news reporters should remain unbiased. So unless this is an editorial, I think there should be an apology to family and friends. There is a sincere lack of sympathy and regard to human life in the tone of the article.

  16. Reading through the comments, I see support for the victim and his family, but an inability to recognize that living in the fast lane can have consequences. The incident happened when it was quiet on the street. The median did not move. It is likely that it was the driver that was reckless, as you can’t blame the surroundings. Some people think that the physical laws governing people only apply to others. These same people, when there are consequences, hope that all of a sudden some force from heaven can make it right, just for them. For the first time in their lives, they are believers.If you live fast, you can also die fast. Don’t beat up on the reporter; the report is almost all straight facts, with a slight interpretation about this type of accident happening too often. Doesn’t it? Don’t you wish that your friend had been more careful with his life, which you value? People serving in the military sometimes have horrific trauma in the line of duty, but this is different; they met those circumstances for a reason. This one makes no sense.

    1. On behalf of and drivers who try to be safe in our region, thank you for a well written, thoughtful response.

  17. News outlets inform the public. If you need sensitivity because your friend is in trouble, perhaps the place to go is to see a counselor or a mutual friend. It is unlikely that the victim or his family is hanging on every word in the press to see how his struggle for life is being portrayed. If we were to be “sensitive” to the point that any facts that certain readers find disturbing couldn’t be reported, that would limit the news to what the local garden club is doing.

  18. Disgusted. Absolutely disgusted by your commentary about the 24 year old Greg Silva car accident. If you do not print a retraction, I hope this family sues you for your garbage reporting. Obviously you have no loved ones or no one would love anyone that is so cruel and heartless to even think of writing that tasteless and thoughtless commentary. That kid is fighting for his life and it makes readers like me sick to my stomach to read your callous and MALICIOUS story. Whoever wrote this article should and must be fired. This is not journalism. Report the facts, because no one cares about your nasty opinion. You have certainly lost a reader. Additionally, I have forwarded this through social media to make sure this website gets shut down. Hope you all can sleep at night. Sick, you people are sick and disgusting.

  19. First I must say I understand what you are saying about your speeding comment (To Staff). But is for news, or is this for you as a writers opinion? Because right or wrong a man is in the hospital battling for his life, and I’m sure you have done wrong before in your life (like every other human being in this world). Some of these responses were emotional, angry and a few out of hate ad haste, but what kills me the most is after all these people who have shown there anger to your insensitivity, you criticize them by saying, “It sounds like a whole group of people who shouldn’t have licenses.”
    I pray with all my heart he makes it because if he doesn’t God will have a special place for you, because God knows we all make mistakes.
    DJ GQ

    1. We hope he recovers fully, but we also hope this serves as a reminder to others that speeding on a quasi-residential street is potentially deadly not just to the driver but everyone around the driver. Remember, we don’t make up the news. The police report was provided to us by PBSO — an agency that works tirelessly to prevent accidents like this from happening.

  20. I am absolutely shocked at the way this article was written, published, and how the reporter stands behinds his cruel words after Greg’s family/friends have commented. We still have not received a single apology, the article has not been removed yet, nor does it seem like it will be going to. We understand the facts Mister Boca News Now Reporter, however, your atrocious words “Not to sound harsh, but another driver driving recklessly learned a very tough lesson about speeding and is in critical condition after he crashed into a tree” are obviously out of line. In a moment of tragedy for Greg, his friends/family, what makes you think that it would be suitable to write such thing? What bothers me the most is your initial remark “not to sound harsh”. So you knowingly wrote this without a care for anyone that knows Greg, which let me tell you, its a huge part of the South Florida community. So Mister Big Shot Boca Reporter, I hope that you at least learn a lesson (without any negativity wished upon you, as I am obviously a better person than you are) and watch your words when you are reporting something so tragic. Thanks so much! Cristina “VIDA” Ravard.

  21. I would just like to say that the newspaper and the PD don’t know the circumstances of the accident yet. Sure, it is known he was driving at a high rate of speed, but that could have been due to either being reckless or something less sinister. Last year a man crashed into a tree near my home because he suffered a seizure. Things like this happen. So unless the article writer knows all of the circumstances, maybe they shouldn’t be so harsh. Maybe a little compassion and less sarcasm would be a good start.

    1. Exactly. Blame the media. When that doesn’t work, blame the Police. But never blame the guy driving at a high rate of speed into a tree on a street where someone could have been walking.

      1. I nominate BocaNews for sarcasm of the year award. I never said to blame the media or the police. What are you talking about? Have you spoke to the Drs treating him? Do you know the circumstances that caused the accident? How did he lose control? Was he distracted? Did he have medical issues? I’m just saying that maybe it’s better for a newspaper to take a less sarcastic/opinionated approach and focus on news as news. If we find out that he was being reckless, then yes, he was wrong and he may pay the ultimate price. It’s not fair to accuse him of something when the PD or the News doesn’t have all the facts of the circumstances yet. I don’t know who the article writer is or the person replying to the comments, but I don’t see either of them getting far in the journalism world. They are severely lacking any ounce of professionalism.

  22. It’s kids like Greg that drive insurance rates up… Speeding with his tricked-out Chrysler 300 (wannabe gangsta car) and jeopardizing the life of other drivers… I do wish him well, but I don’t see anything wrong with this article. Just like he hit that pole or tree or whatever he could have hit my sister, mother, friend, etc and kill them. He obviously does not respect the road and the rest of us.

  23. I am all about justice, speed limits, and obeying the law. It doesn’t take much to follow the laws and restrictions of the road. However, if it was your kid, brother, sister, parent, uncle or distant friend you would not have that oh this kid was a reckless driver attitude. Unfortunately your right and he could have killed someone besides himself and he would’ve had to live with that for the rest of his life. Maybe he was rushing home to his baby, wife, gf or mother. You people need to stop judging. Know the entire story before you pass judgement. If we were all judged on one thing we did wrong at some point in out lives, none of us would be liked. Get real. Hopefully this kid gets better and learns his lesson as well as some of you.

    1. We can only report the facts as they have been provided to us by law enforcement. If someone has verifiable information that contradicts what we’ve reported, you are absolutely welcome to report it to us and we will do our best to confirm the information.
      And here’s a thought: let’s say any of those posting who are upset by our coverage had actually been killed — as an innocent party — in this accident. Would you still be supporting the driver? (It’s a rhetorical question. We know the answer. And so do you).


      1. It’s quite comical how you are intentionally posting inflammatory statements, specifically in response to people’s comments here…You’re trying to create PR & Buzz, no matter how negative it may seem. It’s a great strategy, truly, sadly I will forget all about this and if I ever see the name again I’m sure I’ll be asking myself who in god’s name BocaNewsNow is again.

  24. Before ANY of you critizize Greg. Look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud youve never made a mistake. All you people who feel the need judge clearly dont have the maturity to address your own life properly. And just like he could have possibly hit someones child, remember he is someones child. He is an amazing person that is going through a rough time right now. So all you need to back the fuck up and shut up.
    And for this reporter, you insensitive f. NEVER report like this again. You sound ignorant with every word written as do some of you responders like the one right above me.

  25. The problem with this entire chain of comments is identical to the issue permeating the author’s original post – LACK OF OBJECTIVITY. While it is difficult to maintain objectivity when, like in the case of Greg’s supports, emotions are flaring, lack of objectivity is simply not something that is acceptable by any reputable journalist, and that is a FACT. The point of journalism is to report facts, not “teach others a lesson.” I don’t take issue with the authors quotation (wherever it came from) of Greg’s “high rate of speed” (as this is a purported fact). Statements like “Not to sound harsh, but another driver driving recklessly learned a very tough lesson about speeding and is in critical condition after he crashed into a tree,” however, are not only insensitive, but SCREAM amateur journalism. It is merely a (poor) attempt by the author to inject some sort of witty hook into the story. “not to sound harsh” implies that you are supposed to “sound” like anything other than the objective FACTS. Again, proper journalism is nothing more than an objective reporting of facts. That Greg, for example, did, or did not, learn a “very tough lesson” is simply not a fact that should be reported. Again, it exposes the “journalist’s” amateur level, and moreover, the author’s insensitive, attempted justification of his statements, motivated by his own hurt feelings, not only further exposes his unprofessionalism, but is just plain unclassy. Keep practicing buddy, you’ll make it to the big leagues one day. As for the editors, etc. of Boca News Now, I hold you to a higher standard of conduct than a small-time reporter working his or her way up; you should certainly know better than to publish undeniably poor journalism, and further, for defending the piece in the manner in which you did or allowed the author to do. Don’t degrade journalism just because you are “Boca News” and not the New York Times.

  26. Now if he had hit a pedestrian and killed them before he hit the tree would you think the same way about this incident? Douchebag that works at a nightclub and strip club drives home drunk and hits a tree. Lesson to be learned DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. Sad lesson to learn. Let’s say it again retards… DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. You obviously don’t understand there is a reason for the legal drinking limit. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN!!!DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE HOME FROM SCARLETTS AND OFF THE HOOKAH!! RETARDS. Get a designated driver, take a cab, sleep in your car, get a hotel…DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE MORONS!!! Hope we recovers and if he doesn’t let this be a warning to all you partygoers you are not Superman but rather human. ALSO PLEASE BUY HEALTH INSURANCE so if you hit a tree you don’t burden your family with medical bills. Instead of buying that new pair of shoes or that last round of shots or that gram of coke….spend $50 on some catastrophic health insurance people.

  27. Bottom line regarding this story… He is still in critical condition. Mistakes are made daily by everyone and I’m sure this child did not intend on getting in a car and completely changing his stars. News reporters should understand how sensitive a topic this is for his family and friends and not make continuous comments back to already hurt family and friends… The constant bickering is immature, ignorant and unnecessary. He made one bad decision but in moments of heat or passion or emotion people do not always think clearly. His family and friends need to not waste your effort on fighting the Boca news now staff and keep that energy on prayer or wishes or whatever you believe may help your family/friend because he is still in critical condition. Bottom line… this is a life we are talking about. Ironically, if it was any of the staff members family or friends they would be upset too because it was made personal. Staff should probably, from an outsider perspective, back up the facts… However keep your professionalism when it comes to your opinions… His friends and family are taking this very personally and they have every right to because I’m sure he was a great guy with one unfortunate occurrence.

    1. We have just learned that the driver has been cited 7 times for motor vehicle related offense over the past several years. See update to the story.

      1. Staff needs to stop fighting back against hurt family members and pointing out a person in critical conditions flaws. Enough is enough. I don’t know him and enough is enough

  28. Terrible, unprofessional article which should be removed out of the respect to Mr. Silva and his family while he battles for his life.

  29. “this is sadly appearing to be a story about a system that could have prevented a serious accident, but did not.” <THIS is not a fact, it is an opinion which has no place in objective journalism. Moreover, pointing to citations, some of which were dismissed, demonstrated the author's complete lack of understanding of our legal system, thus casting doubt upon anything he or she characterizes as "reckless." You obviously don't know what "reckless" means in our legal system; and your unsubstantiated opinion of what is or is not reckless is not journalism, is not a fact, it is your opinion. Is this a high school news paper? I honestly am having trouble that people who call themselves journalists would disagree with any of my points.
    P.S.May last post is still "awaiting moderation."

  30. Well you sound like a whole group of assholes who write a bogus online newspaper that holds no significance in the world. Are you seriously insulting people who are hurting and fighting for their friend? We are not a whole group of people who shouldn’t have a license, we are YOUNG people. People who make mistakes and learn from them. I apologize if you didn’t get to live in your early 20’s, but don’t form opinions about someone you know nothing about. That’s probably why you’re such an inconsiderate prick. Are you seriously calling Greg insensitive for getting into an accident? Do you seriously think he would ever want to hurt his friends and family? The term is “accident” for a reason. No one knows the circumstances from that evening, so instead of judging and causing controversy so your poor newspaper can finally get some publicly and attention, watch your words. As a so called professional writer, you should have removed the article and wrote a formal apology for offending his friends and family during such a stressful time. Instead you chose to defend yourself, reiterate yourself, and do nothing but continue to insult people. Your mouth can get you and your career into a lot of trouble, even if it is from behind a computer.

  31. Kid got what he deserved. Point blank. If he wasn’t such a retard, he wouldn’t have been driving. This is karma calling. Greg should think twice before acting like a dumbass and fighting people at bars. People never forget. KARMA

  32. While I do agree the writer of this article could have been MUCH more sensitive to family, friends and moral feelings of human beings. I also believe that it is clear this man was speeding or doing something he should not have been while driving on a quiet road and disregarded his own safety by not wearing a seat belt. We all learn the safety rules of the road when given a license and it is of our own independent choice to wear one or not knowing fully what could be at risk. I understand the hurt family and friends are going through however I think they should be thankful he did not kill or severely injure anybody else. I do hope he makes a quick recovery and has a second chance to speak for himself as to what happened. God bless

  33. I don’t personally know Greg, we have mutual friends on Facebook and I saw someone post “RIP Greg Silva” so I decided to google him and this website came up…
    I think Boca News is way out of line and lacks professionalism. When reporting a story, the reporter should keep his/her opinions to themselves. 
    Yes, Greg might have made a mistake that probably cost him his life. And we ALL make daily mistakes. But who are we to judge someone else?!
     I think this article was very poorly written and way out of line. Give the family and friends some time to grieve before you start giving your personal opinions. And the fact that the writer kept going at it is OBSERD! I will be writing a letter to bocanews. And I truly hope this writer never sees another opportunity to write again. How about this writer post his life story, let’s see how perfect you are!
    Again, I agree the driver MAY have made a mistake. But he does not deserve to be bashed on some wack ass reporting website. Everyone who reads this will learn a lesson. I sure will! I speed everyday. I love racing. I’ll slow it down now bc i dont want to put my friends and family through hell  Boca News you are beyond disrespectful. 
    My heart goes out to his family and friends. Especially after this shameful article. I WILL APOLOGIZE ON BEHALF OF BOCA NEWS SINCE THEY WON’T.  
    And another thing, who the fuck gives you the right to publish his driving history?! That’s low!!
    People make mistakes especially at a young age, but mistakes are left in the past and they shouldn’t be judged by their trials and errors. 
    I hope the “RIP Gregg” posting I saw was an error… I pray he makes it through… And if he doesn’t, he will be in a better place. 
    Love & RESPECT to all. 

  34. I hope you have a back up plan for a job. I’ll be buying this publication and firing all your asses! Yes he was well connected!


    1. On behalf of all drivers in Boca Raton, thanks for your comment. We believe a toxicology report will still be released at some point once the police report is finalized.

  36. know that even though these thoughts and this publication is from one, I know I am speaking for an army of people who were blessed to know Greg. I trully hope this is a side gig for you “author” “staff” whatever you want to call youself because God doesn’t like ugly and this article is downright ugly. The largest difference between this aritcle and something one may read in the Palm Beach Post or the Sun-Sentinel is the simple fact that no opinions are formed in those articles. That is a NEWSpaper this is a blog. If we knew your name “staff” we could pull all kinds of information on you as well and I can almost guarentee you don’t turn out to be the “perfect” individual you make yourself out to be. Continually in replies you reference “What if” What it” fuck the what if… You can what if any situation, that is not a writer’s job. Publication is to be made about the situation and present facts about the accident, which has nothing to do with prior driving history. There is a huge difference between a life taking accident and a speeding ticket or a improper tag!! The fact is you are hiding behind a website because obviously you know that based on reading into his Facebook account that there are so many that care for him that if you were to release any of your own information it wouldn’t be a good outcome. But continue to hide behind that screen because somewhere along the lines in your life, you never amounted to shit for reasons such as this! Nor will you ever posting things like this!
    To the kid who referenced karma in their name and comments: I would hope very strongly that Greg did something so severe to you or your family that you would make such absurd comments after someone has passed. You point out karma and let me reference this once again.. God doesn’t like ugly your comments are ugly and you are a 100% right karma is dangerous. Well I hope you live in a church because the comments you made regarding “bar fights” has nothing to do with someone losing their life. People get in fights all the time and live to see the next day, whereas an individual who is not a devil worshiper would not have said these kind of things when an individual is fighting for their lives.
    To Andy: Since you have such great suggestions and you live such an immortal life show me on your taxes where you donated to anything or any individual? Greg was fighting for his life and you write something such as buy health insurance so that you don’t burden your family and friends with medical bills. Let me clarify something for you!! The fundraiser for that amount of money in one night was not a burden for anyone rather a showing of all the people who greatly care about him. Medical Bills??? Who cares about a medical bill when you have life? What is going to happen, it may affect your credit score? Any one of his family members would sacrifice their credit to have Greg around right now.
    To BocaNews Staff: Can you please attach a copy of your degree in any sort of science that would clarify the statement you made about how fast an individual would have to be going in order for them to jump a median and at such “reckless speed” The idiocracy with which this article is written is incredible, but that should be expected from this piece of shit website. Thats the great part about the internet, you can say what you want and hide behind a computer after your fingers type it. I got NEWS for you! This is as far as your writing career will go and frankly as far as I am concerned it never started.
    To any individual with negative things to say, instead of using your fingers, use your mouth. Vocalize it when everyone is present. There will be a couple thousand people at the funeral for sure and I hope each one of you who has something negative to say about Greg show up and make your presence known and SPEAK rather than TYPE!!!! Anyone can type behind a computer screen so show your face and attach a real name to yourself when you write such things…
    I could continue on this topic for hours, but what it comes down to is a good friend of many of ours is in a better place now and not suffering any longer!! Respect should be given to the Silva family at this time and further negative comments should be stopped. A family lost a loved one and an army of many friends did as well, but pictures and good times are never forgotten.
    No accident report bearing fault or not brings back our friend and now the grieving begins, but I know that my friend is looking down on us and letting us know that he is good, he is strong, he is healthy, and he is full of new life again!!
    I miss you bro and I’ll share good times with you again one day!
    Until then watch over us buddy!!