Tops For Storm Coverage In Boca


BOCA RATON, FL ( — We've been looking at some of the other alleged boca news providers over the past several hours. The “Boca News,” once a newspaper, now a website that apparently leads readers to a real estate firm, has not updated any news on the storm since Isaac began.

The “Boca Tribune” — which appears to have emulated elements of our website — including our alert banner, right down to our wording — is a site full of typos, poor grammar and broken english. But imitation is flattery, so we're flattered that the free newspaper available near public trashcans everywhere may have turned to us as a model for online coverage.

And the numbers show just how well is doing. Alexa — a major web statistics and analytics company — reveals that is the leading providing of online news and information in Boca Raton. That's why we are considered a legitimate news source by major search engines and publications nationwide.

Thanks for turning to us for information about Boca Raton today and every day.