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Palm Beach County Schools Remain Open Monday, Despite Isaac

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BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — The Palm Beach County School District is open Monday — and on a normal schedule — despite Tropical Storm Isaac.

According to the school district in a just released statement:

School district officials have announced that all Palm Beach County Public schools will be open and operating on normal schedules on Monday, August 27, as the storm continues to track well west of Palm Beach County.

Officials at the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center tell school officials that wind and rain today did not develop as initially forecast, due to the storm tracking further west, and they say conditions in Palm Beach County will continue to improve tonight and tomorrow with lighter winds and less rain than earlier forecast.

Safety is always our top priority, and as there may still be periods of rain and wind in some areas tomorrow, parents are reminded to take appropriate precautions for their children, especially those who may normally walk or ride their bikes to or from school and the bus stop.



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8 thoughts on “Palm Beach County Schools Remain Open Monday, Despite Isaac”

  1. The school board of pbc should be ashamed of themselves. What idiot will send children that walk or ride their bike to school is this type of weather??. The weather may indeed decrease but do to high winds power lines could be down in some areas, flooding could be a factor or tornados……i guess you want them to get injured or worse……go ahead p.b.c. you really are protecting our children…..IDIOTS

  2. This probably coming from a stay-home Boca Raton based mother who would rather spend the rainy morning lying in bed until noon. Face the weather lazy a$$, there’s no danger.

    1. I’m a grandmother and not agree with send kids to school monday. Yes I know the weather will improve, but will be “MONDAY AFTERNOON” and what about monday morning??????????????. School district I believe concerning more about schedule for the year and not for the safety of the kids.make one less day for teacher planning day!!!! and make monday off for the safety of the CHILDRENS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!SOMEBODY NEEDS TO BE MORE PROFESIONAL??????????

  3. I agree with you no brainer…..niya obviously hasn’t been keeping up with the latest on Isaac, which is strenghtening but less likely to become a hurricane. And wind a rain will improve through out tonight and tomorrow. The only idiot here is you. How dare you??? If there are parents who chose to send there kids to school (I am one of them, who takes there child, by car, to school, and ensures that they get to class before leaving), then so be it. Really is not your concern, or your problem. School really is a better place, safety wise (structural), for them anyway. I love my kids (all 3). The safety is my number 1 priority. As well as education. If it is safe, which is strictly at my discretion, then I will be sending them.

    1. Jennifer Brookshire

      No brainer and Cederica, as a parent of elementary aged children, I am shocked, and disappointed at the tone and harshness you would direct at someone who is concerned (whether rightly or wrong) with the welfare of children.
      As a parent, what kind of role model are any of you for RUDENESS & INSOLENCE to another concerned person. Would you be happy if your children were talking this way on the internet or in person with another. For that matter, what cowardice the internet comments produce. Would you all talk to a concerned grandparent or parent like this in person? Please let’s treat each other with the respect that grown ups discussing the welfare of children would do in real life.
      Really…I’ll send my kids tomorrow if I feel its safe, and I am sure the official of PB County are doing there best to make the best decisions for the schools, the teachers and the students. Let hope that all children are safe and secure tomorrow.

  4. To No Brainer ( I agree ) and Cedrica ( No Brainer #2 ), both of you are idiots as well. For you No Brainer, i’m not a stay home mother and my children are grown but I am a person who loves children. No Brainer #2 I guess you can’t comprehend well. I am well aware of latest updates on tropical storm Isaac. The weather may indeed br improving but who know what type of incidents are going on?? Some people don’t have power right now and some people called fpl about down lines in Palm Beach County. I wrote the chilfdren who WALK and RIDE THEIR BIKES TO SCHOOL are the ones I am concerned about, you stated you DRIVE your children to school correct??

  5. Cedrica, question, what if your children walked to school I bet your concerns would change. I guess you are only concerned about the safety of only your children nothing wrong with that, that’s what a GOOD mother would do but a GREAT mother will be concerned about her own and the other kids as well…. OUCH!!!!!! did that hurt??