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DISNEY DISASTER: Christmas Chaos At Magic Kingdom

exclusiveORLANDO, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Boca Raton residents were on the scene at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Christmas Day when what appeared to be a near capacity crowd became a near mob scene and too much for staff to handle.
The problems started at the end of an early afternoon show at Cinderella’s Castle, a show that attracted thousands of people. Inexplicably, the show was scheduled back-to-back with the afternoon “Christmas Parade” down Disney’s Main Street, which attracted tens of thousands of guests on top of those already watching the show at the castle.
In the minutes after the show at Cinderella’s Castle ended and the parade started, thousands of guests attempted to exit the area — many with strollers and wheelchairs — only to find themsevels blocked in by belligerent people unwilling to yield their spaces to let other people through. A Disney representative whose nametag displayed “Doug from Orlando” told guests seeking help merely to “have a merry Christmas” and “please come back when holiday crowds aren’t here.”
Another representative, shown in the video below, was so flustered by the chaos that she demanded the person taping the ordeal to turn off the camera and then stated her actions do not matter because she does not matter to Disney.

The camera continued to roll as she oddly screamed at guests trying to exit that they needed to walk back through the park, through “Fantasy Land,” and then try to exit again — all because roads and exit lanes were completely blocked due to poor crowd control.
Disney is considered one of the most ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant locations in the United States, making the blocked roads and impassable sidewalks a bizarre event.
BocaNewsNow.com is unaware of physical fights or injuries as a result of the chaos. No official Christmas crowd estimate has been released.

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16 thoughts on “DISNEY DISASTER: Christmas Chaos At Magic Kingdom”

  1. Well, I’m sure she probably lost her job for not being “magical”. But with Disney making cutbacks and crowds growing each year. This is what comes of it. The past 2 times we’ve gone to WDW have been just “okay”. Definitely not the magic of years past. It is always crowded now and the “special” feeling of being there is dwindling. I love participating on Disney web sites and forums, but it seems like now days people who read the forums, go to WDW and EXPECT “their” magic. And if they don’t get what their expectations are, they are mad. I don’t blame her for being flustered. Look at that ridiculous crowd! It stinks for her that it got caught on camera. WDW should have had more CM’s out there for this. It looks as though they dropped the ball. Sorry.

  2. Honestly, the Disney employees in Florida are mostly are horrible now. This was not how it was even 10 years ago. People used to come from all over the world to be trained in the “Disney way’ of hospitality. I know that even fancy hotels used to send their executives to Disney to see how to get employees to be “magical” all the time. I remember when everyone working at WDW…from the ticket takers to the maintenance guys and floor sweepers…behaved like they just stepped out of the movie Mary Poppins. They were all so polished, so friendly, so well-spoken.
    That’s not the case today. I see a lot of very surly, obese, and trailer-park quality employees. These are people who should be working at the Dollar Store, not a Disney park. It is not politically correct to not this, but the worst of the worst are the Haitian immigrants that Disney has hired by the truckloads. They are rude and nasty and often pretend to not understand English when asked anything in the parks. But, because of their race they seem to be allowed to behave however they want to guests. Town Hall will not even listen to complaints about them, saying “They’re Haitian. There’s nothing we can do about them. Management is scared”.
    If ticket prices keep going up but the caliber of employees keeps going down then Disney’s going to eventually reach a point where guests will stop coming. We’re not there yet, but a WDW vacation can be more of a hassle than a joy these days.
    I hope people keep videotaping what’s happening and putting it online so that it embarrasses Disney into doing something about all this.

    1. That’s incredibly rude to point out a group of people like that. The reason companies like Disney hire in people like that is because “us white folk” don’t want to work for the crap wages they try to give and these people uproot their entire families to get any work they can.

    2. why dont u work there for a week n see how much hell it is to work there.. i lasted a year n it was like working in hell

  3. Disney had evolved into a world of fat people. I have never seen so many obese people gorging on junk food as I have at Disney World. It’s gross. It is not a small world after all. It is now an obese land full of ugly, fat Americans.

  4. First off if you would actually pay attention to the video it was edited to show the parts that they wanted you to see. Second off if you see that cast member was attempting to be nice to the guest when he was giving her a problem. Third off, a vacation at Disney World is a two way street with Cast Members and Guests. When coming to Disney World you know it is going to be work. There are 4 parks, hundreds of rides and shows, and thousands of people. If we all would actually plan and look at what the parks have you will see that Disney World offers more than one show of almost everything to fit everyone’s needs. That is why they offer maps and time guides to all the parks. You all should know when see a show especially at Magic Kingdom to get there early for a decent spot due to the amount of people in the parks. I respect cast members in what they do and guests like the one in the video and from the comments that I’ve seen are rude and ignorant and feel like the world owes them something. Thousands of people are on the same vacation as you and cast members do their best to attempt to make everyone’s vacation “Magical”. The Disney magic is created from both cast members and guests. For calling these people fat and calling out on race is childish, ignorant, and idiotic. The Disney Company is a place of opportunity for everyone and when Haiti had their life threatening incident while you watched it on the news Disney was there to offer jobs and support for them. They are adjusting to a new world and as we all should know adjusting to anything different especially a new world can take time. This entire article like every other article that is ever written shows what they want you to see, but maybe we should all think on what everyone can do and try to enjoy our vacations. Disney World does crowd control to make it safe for guest and cast members a like. You need to think if you were at Disney World and something happened to you and they couldn’t get through because of a rude group of people won’t listen to a cast member OFFERING multiple alternatives for viewing and block any way of transportation to help you out. A vacation is something to enjoy yourself and your family and friends, but because you are on vacation does not mean to forget everyone else in the world. As for someone coming to Disney World for years the quote from a “Cast Member” saying to come back a different time. A Cast member would never say that. Once again this article only wants you to see what they want you to see. This comment is to trash anyone, but maybe an insightful view on what we all should think about.

    1. I agree with you…. everyword you said. I just came back from there 2 days ago. it was packed but all the employees were helpfull and professional with me and my family. I think is racist making comments of Haitian and FAt people working there. seriously. are you serious. You have to do some researches before you go to a place. I knew the whole time that this time of the year that place is packed and even tought it was, employees were always happy, polite and professional helping my family and other people. I witnessed some guests being rude to the employees and they were still professional with the guests. I had a great time. That place IS MAGIC. it’s up to you to make a place misearable or MAGIC.

  5. What happened to personal responsibility? You visit at the holidays you deserve to be a victim of miserable crowding. This underpaid girl has lost her job because of a rude jerk. I hope he’s happy with himself.
    Do a little research before you spend your money.

  6. I work for the other big theme park in Orlando and it has been crazy and people don’t listen. You try your hardest to smile but when you’ve got jerks like this guy telling you “No I’m not going to listen”, it’s very easy to loose your cool. Mobs of people who either don’t listen or don’t speak English can be incredibly frustrating and I understand this girl’s reaction. Giving Disney the middle finger, probably not the smartest idea though.
    So people, keep in mind that if you come to a park during times when local schools are out, expect 3 hour waits for every ride and no space to walk.

  7. We were in Disney during early May 2012 and were lucky to experience the Disney Magic. When my little girl was scared/crying after going on a ride she didn’t like a Disney staff member tried to comfort her and asked my husband where he would be going next – he told him that we would be sitting on the parade route at President’s Hall. The staff member showed up at President’s Hall, found us and delivered PIXIE DUST to my little girl from Tinkerbell herself!! My daughter still cherishes that Pixie Dust!! Then on our last night at Magic Kingdom we ducked into the empty ice cream shop during the Fire Works to get the kids some ice cream. I told the staff that my kids were tired and the loud noise from the fireworks was bothering them, so although we ordered them kid size ice cream the staff asked if they could have a special surprise from Mickey Mouse. So we said okay. They didn’t charge us AT ALL and gave them big ice cream sundaes made to look like Mickey Mouse. It was definitely Disney Magic at work. It was AMAZING and the kids were overjoyed! Don’t lose the faith 🙂

  8. Rockline Kanickelberger

    It’s really a shame what has happened in the world. We visit Disneyworld tri-annually in our RV (Winnebego) and the Cast employees are usually very friendly. We always see people who think they can do whatever they want, stand wherever they want, and block any safety zone or walkway wherever they want because they “Spent thousands of dollars to be here!” At the Magical Kingdom, sepecifically, people who visit are rude as can be because that is the park that all others are judged against and they think being “magical” means getting whatever they want! The cast employees who work the parades and fireworks are a lot more rude than they have ever been but they NEED to be to these ignorant people who visit these parks and have NO regard for safety. The cast employees createa a “magical” experience and protect that experience as long as some moron does not effect the magic or safety of another park visitor.
    Rockline Kanickelberger

    1. You visit Walt Disney World “Tri-annually” yet still can’t get the name of their leading Theme Park correct? Hint: It’s NOT the “Magical Kingdom”.

  9. Thousands of guests in the Magic Kingdom over the Holidays is to be expected, especially this year with the opening of New Fantasyland. Frankly, if you go there and waste your money and time for a one off trip (or once a year trip) then you’re an idiot, it may sound harsh but why would you want to go to WDW in the midst of all those other people when it is open 24/7/365? I applaud the cast members working at this time of year.

  10. My mother fell and broker her arm at MK on Christmas Day this year… Right at the City Hall side of Main Street. (around 4:30pm) It was an accident, and mis-step. And you know what, the CMs were nothing short of amazing in the attention and caring they showed for my entire family. Woefully understaffed, they still gave all the attention in the world to my mom and then my kids, taking care of them as well… These CMs deserve respect and praise for the things they do and the crowds they deal with.