POLICE: Cat Choked, Smothered Repeatedly By Boca Man


Jordan Scott Bean, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.
Jordan Scott Bean, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — A 25-year-old Boca Raton man faces animal cruelty charges after allegedly smothering and choking his roommate’s cat.
The attacks may be on videotape.
Jordan Scott Bean of Mizner Boulevard allegedly “choked and smothered” the cat “several times throughout the day,” according to a police report.
The cat, police tell BocaNewsNow.com, is fortunately just fine — showing no signs of serious injury when checked out by a veterinarian.
The roommate apparently suspected that Bean was doing something to the cat and placed a hidden, motion-sensitive camera in the apartment. The camera, police tell us, may show Bean choking and smothering the cat.
Bean was released on $3000 bond.

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19 thoughts on “POLICE: Cat Choked, Smothered Repeatedly By Boca Man

  1. Jordan would never do this hes been to my house numerous times and has been nothing but a gentlemen to my animals and myself I would trust him around them any day. Seems as if they woman hes living with is the one who should be choked.

      1. Do you know him “idiot?” then keep your lips closed. Watch the names you throw around.

      2. Okay, I’ll watch the names I throw around: Crackpot, loser, insane, psycho, daft, schizo, unbalanced. Take your pick. They all fit.

    1. And why are you encouraging violence against the cat’s owner. You must like to abuse animals as well as women.

      1. Kelly, have you seen the video? Probably not so making accusations wouldn’t be the best decision right now. Do you know Jordan or the woman that is making the accusations? Again, I doubt it. The fallacies in your statements show how misinformed you are about the matter at hand. As for the comment in reference to, “choking the cats owner” that was a little bit of sarcasm although I’m not surprised you were unable to read between the lines. The article even states that the video, “may” show Jordan doing something wrong. It also states he, “may” not. Just because something is on video doesn’t mean it is proof for or against something. Extraneous situations may occur that haven’t come into play yet or havent been revealed as of yet. It’s unfortunate you believe everything you hear but with the gramatical prowess of an infant I can only hope you inform yourself better when making decisions that affect you as well as those around you. Cheers.

      2. I don’t believe I made any accusations, I was merely stating a fact. And I’m glad you find violence against women (or anyone else) to be something to joke about. A video isn’t “proof”? Let me guess, you think she edited the video to make him look quilty? It must be a conspiracy.

      3. He clearly lacks any logic or common sense…..(Mark). The articles states that he comes back to torture the cat throughout he day….if you read the original article in the Palm Beach Post, it states that he is on camera crawling around on the floor with a towel in his roommates closet, choking and smothering the cat, then meowing and mocking the cat after the torture which is caught on videotape….good stuff…clearly a standup manly man…anyway Mark, the reporters reporting this psychotic behavior saw the video, and “reported” what was on it. Super happy you would trust this upstanding citizen to pet sit your animals….Oh, and are you British? Hopefully you and your buddy, Jordan have had your fill of animal torture, and do not breed…..

      4. Oh, and Mark, he was caught on camera crawling on his roommates closet floor with a towel in his hand (what is your explanation of this? Looking for a cockroach to bathe?). He is then seen on video beating the cat wrapped in a towel, shaking, choking and slamming it on the bed for 10-15 minutes, while the cat is screaming….and doing this throughout the day, the same thing….unless you are insane or involved in his activities, you should be horrified….how dare you insult the poor cat owner. You should be in prison, along with your “animal torture buddy”….he should never roam the streets again, he is a danger to every animal, child or anything that cannot defend themselves…..he is a pu$&y, no pun intended…..the most evil of all beings….

      5. Donna, you just talk to the man upstairs instead of bashing one of his soldiers. Jordan is a devoted Christian and lives every day for him. I would be damned if I let any low life over the internet bash a strong man like Jordan. Get a life you loser. Dont buy into everything you read, I am the biggest cat lover on God’s green earth and I am next to Jordan 100%.

      6. Tim, I’ve seen the video. Does a good christian wrap a cat in a towel and slam it on a bed?? What’s wrong with you that you think this is acceptable behavior? I hope this kid gets some much needed therapy to straighten out whatever is going through his head that made him do this. Stop making excuses and insulting God by making stupid statements that imply He would be okay with this type of behavior. My God isn’t okay with abusing an innocent creature. If you god is that’s pretty scary.

    2. Seriously???? Your lovely friend jordan was on video tape getting off torturing a cat for sheer pleasure. And clearly because of the need for the hidden camera (which captured him going back throughout the day torturing the cat), he has been doing this every time she leaves the house. I am guessing the two of you are into the same things, since any pet owner or any human for that matter, would keep him as far away from an animal or child as possible…. I am praying you have no children…..

      1. Careful Donna..”reading between the lines” there seems to be a lot of anger in this guy. Wouldn’t want him to go off on a tirade because we are giving our opinions about a guy who has been to his house “numerous” times. And yes, Boca News used the word “may” but every other news outlet has quoted the police officers as saying he did do bad things to the cat. You know what they say about birds of a feather…..

      2. Don’t worry, Kelly, people like them, who torture animals, do not scare me. I am definitely not one who they would pick on…..but for anyone to defend this guy is insane….but clearly this guy has “friends” who are like him….

      3. People that torture animals are generally social misfits and cowards. They can’t scare anything except the unfortunate innocent being they are torturing..

      4. Anyway, Kelly, the best thing you can do is share his face all over Facebook, Twitter, etc….He should not have a moment’s peace, and EVERYONE should be warned that they live next to the devil (you cannot do what he did if he was not), and to keep their children, animals, invalids or anyone else he feels big enough to torture. If it wasnt so horrific, it would be pathetic and hilarious! What a man! Crawling around on the floor with a towel to torture a cat because he was afraid the cat might scratch him!!!!

  2. BocaNewsNow.com is again HOURS in front of the Palm Beach Post on this story. BocaNewsNow posted this at 1:47p. The Palm Beach Post apparently saw it and posted its own version close to 5pm. BocaNewsNow.com is the leading news website in Boca Raton.

  3. I’ve seen the video. It’s disturbing and he obviously needs counseling. As for the comment about him be a “good christian”, where in the bible does it say it’s okay to harm another living thing? The people commenting about what a great person he is must belong to the same cult he does. Don’t bring God into this situation. If you think God would look kindly upon such despicable actions, then there is something wrong with your idea of God.