Escort Website Warns Users About Boca Raton

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Denise McCoy was among those arrested and charged with prostitution and money laundering. Her husband is a Boca Raton police officer.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — It appears that the bust of a prostitution ring allegedly operating in Boca Raton is raising a red flag throughout the world of escort users — with one website warning potential pay-for-players to stay out of Palm Beach County. today noticed a substantial amount of traffic from a website called “” We checked it out and learned it's a website where the escort “business” is often discussed.

Linking to the story we reported first about the arrest of 42-year-old Sara Marin and and 34-year-old Denise McCoy, both accused of running “Sara's Entertainment” as a front for prostitution and money laundering — the website's users are apparently taking the arrests as a serious warning.

Wrote “Tiggrman699:” “another reason to exercise caution when crossing the line into pbc.”

Wrote another: “People just need to learn that Boca doesn't agree without lifestyle, or our way of thinking……and WILL take measures.”

User “Little Stevie” wrote: “I'd bet its not only PBC. And I'd also bet they are monitoring this Bd. Be careful. Life is too short to spend any of it in The big house…. “

The investigation was carried out by Boca Police, FDLE and the Department of Homeland Security. The women will be prosecuted by a “Statewide Prosecutor.” does not mask its mission, offering escort ads, complete with suggestive photos.