West Boca HS Student, Zach Denaro, Dead

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West Boca High School Student Zach Denaro, from Facebook.

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 7:57pm to add conflicting reports on initial incident.
UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 10:33am to add police information.
BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — West Boca High School Student Zach Denaro was allegedly given a tainted acid-like concoction by an acquaintance on a Boca Raton beach that was so strong it pushed Denaro into a coma. Denaro died hours later at an area hospital.
Police are investigating the death and conflicting reports that Denaro had a violent, physical altercation with the acquaintance before losing consciousness.
The incident, according to BocaNewsNow.com tipsters, happened after Denaro “tried a new drug similar to acid. He had a bad trip, ended up in a physical altercation, then a coma.”
Boca Raton Police confirmed Tuesday morning that there is an active death investigation into the incident that happened in the 3000 block of South Ocean Drive.
Prior to police confirmation, parents emailed BocaNewsNow.com expressing concern that the death — and drug use — was being kept quiet.
Wrote one parent: “I think this really needs to be reported for the sake of the kids. If nothing more than to wake up more parents about the dangers of drugs and how readily available they are in this town.”
We are not releasing the name of the other person as law enforcement continues its investigation. We have learned there were witnesses to the drug use and alleged attack. There are no records indicating charges have been filed.
On Zach’s Facebook page, friends are leaving messages including, “You’re beautiful,” “Rest In Peace,” and “R.I.P bro you will be missed.”
Zach was described in an email to BocaNewsNow.com as a “really well liked and sweet kid.”
Services for Zach are planned for later this week. It is the policy of BocaNewsNow.com to not telephone grieving family members following a death.
However, we will post their comments verbatim upon request.
***NOTE: As of 2pm Thursday, June 20th, we will no longer post comments to this article. You may have the option to add one, but it will not be published. ***

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79 thoughts on “West Boca HS Student, Zach Denaro, Dead

  1. Rest in peace Zach. It seems like only yesterday we were sitting on the beach together at sunset talking about anything. You’ll be missed, save me a warm seat in heaven angel. Lost a friend, gained an angel.

  2. i cant beliave this
    so screwed up what happened to him must of been in so much pain 🙁

    1. trouble make not sweet, please why you are perfect ?? boys will be boys kids will be kids. if this world didn’t have people selling drugs called drug dealers to kids on the street this would not happen !!!!!!!

    2. screw up no no he was a teenager and many try drugs a few but again if we didn’t have drugs dealers he would be here.

      1. No, if you didn’t have people who thought they were tough, trying to rob people, instead of just doing a straight up deal, this never would have happened. I’m not proud of it, but I lived through over a decade of hard drugs, dealing with some of the worst people you ever want to meet. A lot of my friends didn’t make it, and I pray for them every day. But don’t use this as an excuse to blame drugs or drug dealers. This happened because someone thought they were tough and tried to rob the kid. If it was a straight deal, they would both be alive and well today!! Kids are going to experiment with drugs and the more you try to stop it the more they want to do it!!! I wish I could meet this so called tough guy so I could show him how tough he isn’t!!! Adam S. Boca Raton Community High School, Class of ’97

      2. no one was trying to rob him, he freaked out because he bought one tab and another person there who had also bought some gave him one of theirs when they shouldn’t have, he completely freaked out and thought his CLOSE friends were trying to rob him, they tried to calm him down and restrain him but he just kept freaking out and trying to fight them and eventually ran away from them and passed out 30 mins later and went into a coma, a freak accident is all this can be defined as, the most people can do is educate their children to be careful while taking certain substances, yes Zach has gotten in a little bit of trouble over the years but overall he was a very happy and loving kid, and I really hate to see him die, but the last thing we need is the media completely fxxxx up the story.

      3. Well … No his friends left him after he was asking to call 911 .. They didn’t want to get in trouble … Well now look .. I hope the get in trouble ,,. They new he was in trouble and did nothing … What good moral these kids are taught these days …?! Huh?!

  3. Rest in pardise my angle I love u Zach have a fun time with God and Jesus ill see u soon GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTEN I LOVE U ZACH RIP 06-15-13

  4. this is sad but the way he was described is wrong he was always starting trouble and looking to start a fight with anyone he’s a bad kid

    1. Zach didn’t start anything with anyone. He was one of the most big hearted kids that always had a smile on his face and always put a smile on others faces. He wasn’t a bad kid. Get your facts straight.

    2. he was not a trouble maker !!!!!!!! and if this world did not have drug dealers then this would not happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Finally, someone tells the truth about the deceased!! I can’t stand when they make the person who died out to be this effin saint. When rarely any teenagers are saints. I know, I was one!!!! Thank you for your honest post.

    1. Even during the last week of school he started a fight with someone at lunch. Hes been using drugs for years and has gotten in trouble with the law before. I still hope his family is okay but this needs to be a wake up call. Almost every high schooler uses drugs and fights and thinks everything will turn out fine. Im sure thats what Zach thought that night but it dosent. RIP

  5. Rest in paradise Zach, ill never forget the times we had and I can’t believe you’re gone. You’ll forever be with us all. I love you and miss you. R.i.p

  6. Omg zach i met you at the movie and mall the other day and you were so sweet and I miss you so much zach <3 even though i didnt really know you you will be missed by a lot R.I.P ZACH ILY <3

  7. Seems like just yesterday I saw you walking down the beach at Deerfield and you stopped and had a conversation with me. And I will never be able to have that chance again. Forever in my heart. I love you, RIP Zachary

  8. I’ll never forget you Zach. You were a great kid. You were so cool to me and we had good times hanging out in my gym class. I wish you were here so we can hang out this summer like you said. Rest In Paradise Zach Denaro, I’ll miss you bro.

  9. R.I.P. Zach, you were really chill and I can’t believe that you aren’t here its so strange knowing I won’t see you again. I guess you are in a better place now.

  10. Thumbs Up For Zach , He Is In A Better Place Riqht Now ! While Yu Are Up There , Please Watch Over ALL Of Us & Show Us Riqht From Wronq ! Zach Yu Are An Anqel , Only Anqel’s Stay A Short Time On Earth && Touches Everyones Life ! R.I.P Zach ! I Love Yu !

  11. sorry i am a parent and as one wake up to what my children are grow I still tell them to be careful and as a parent I do not need to be woken up about drugs . maybe what we need to be writing is HOW DO WE STOP DRUG DEALERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry, but you will never stop Dealers!!! It’s unfortunate, but also a fact. You have to educate your kids to stay away from the pressures of drugs period. Believe it or not some drugs that aren’t so addicting are really fun. It’s too bad they are taken to the limit and out of control. They are less harmful than alcohol any day. Look up the facts!!!! So Parents do your job and educate your kids about the dangers of certain drugs and tell them to stay away from the dealers, but you’ll never stop them. Sorry!!!

  12. The fact I was supposed to be with you this week is heart breaking, knowing you for only 3 years and now you’re gone at such a young age. I’m going to miss you so much Zach, I’ll never forget the memories we had. Love you, rest in peace, you’ll always be in memory.

  13. I love you Zachy <33 Rest in paradise !! Ill never forget you <3 you didn't deserve this . You really didn't . I'm so sorry this happened! I miss you <3 rip love <3

  14. Rest in Paradise Zachary Taylor Denaro. You were one of the best kids i knew. I’m glad youre in a better place. I love and miss you.

  15. To the people criticizing zach, I knew him in elementary school and he wasn’t ever a bad kid. I’m so sorry that this had to happen to him; this is truly terrible. RIP Zach, I hope you’re in a better place.

  16. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then I suggest you to not say anything at all, and keep it to yourself buddy. How dare you to speak about someone who has passed away in that way. You should be ashamed of yourself, and by the way even if he was a kid that caused harm to people’s lives than what’s in it for you? Everybody should be forgiven, even God said so.

  17. To Donna, June, and family………so sorry to hear about your loss! Children are precious gifts from GOD and we are only here on earth for a short visit. I hope that ZACH’s passing will be a constant reminder that Drugs are SO BAD and can change your life in an instant!!!! I know Zach will be shinning down on his friends from heaven to watch over them…….Zach will be missed!!!

  18. Parents and kids wake up! It’s so unfortunate that this 15 year old died. No parent should ever go through this. However this child did drugs, sold drugs, has been arrested. His mother party with him and his friends. He got volient from taking “smile”. Look it up this drug puts you in a coma. He didn’t die bc someone hit! He died bc he took drugs. Wake up parents and kids. I feel horrible for his parents but his mom knew he did drugs!!! Really let’s be realistic

    1. To Lisa, I hope they track your ip address and the family sues you for slander. What a disgusting thing to post online about any family, especially one grieving. How dare you…You were not there on the beach and don’t know the actual story, so until you see what the investigation brings, keep your hate and foul comments to yourself. Whatever Zach got involved with, he doesn’t deserve these slanderous comments. and how do you know so much about the case? you are probably related to or one of the people involved and trying to discredit him and his family. You should be ashamed….

      1. Hate to break it to you but people need to know the real the story.

    2. You are disgusting and you have no idea what you are talking about. There was no smiley involved!! There was a bad drug given too him and then they roceeded to beat, rob, strip him of his clothes then leave him face down in the sand so he could choke and smother. SHAME ON YOU!!! No parent should lose a child and his mother would never party with him as YOU say!! Maybe the kids that did this too him need to have a conscience. Now that is great parenting!!

      1. He choose to be there that night and take the drugs. Lets be honest because calling him an angle isnt going to bring him back. And for everyone saying we need to stop drug dealers, no, maybe you should be a responsible parent and educate your kid. Its alot easier to stop one kid then every drug dealer.

      2. No name, it’s very obvious from your lack of grammar and spelling that you are illiterate. Even the best parents cannot stop curiosity in some people. If friends and family choose to refer to Zach as an *angel, who are you to comment. People need to stop with the negative comments. A child has died, his family is heart broken and illiterate cowards come on here and make assumptions and rude comments about the deceased and his family. Absolutely disgusting…and it truly makes each of you making derogatory comments look so low…

      3. Are you dumb ??? No one took his clothes off or smothered him in the sand…. He attacked him friend cause he had a bad trip and his friend defended himself by kneeing him in the face then choked him to restrain him and Zach ran away fell in a push and a seizure Occurred let alone the drug plus the hit to the face are pretty much the two reasons he had the seizure. NO ONE STRIPPED HIM

      4. You obviously don’t know his family than. Do more research other than just believing one article you read, yes this is very unfortunate but this is no where close to the real story. If you herd the story from people who were actually there, I can guarantee you it does not match this article once so ever.

    3. everyone makes mistakes no one is a saint but no one has the right to judge anyone or their family unless your god

  19. R.I.P bro i’ll miss you. You were a great kid and you didn’t deserve to be beaten. I wish you the best in heaven and my prayers go to you and you’re family. Hopefully one day I’ll see you in heave, but not too soon

  20. He was a child. You shouldn’t be on here talking bad about him. If you really feel the need the talk crap about a child and his family, don’t be a spineless coward, leave your full name. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and trash a kid under an anonymous post. Be a man/woman and stand behind your opinions.

  21. Shame on Boca New Now for allowing all these comments to go on. You say you posted this story to bring awareness to the community but you are allowing negativity, gossip and other comments to be posted about a young boy that just recently passed away that may or may not be true. But regardless kids are reading these posts including my child and are seeing that all this gossip and nastiness is allowed to be said and considered part of this news story!!! Let this young boy rest in peace and let there be one judge….GOD.

  22. A child senselessly died for senseless reasons.
    We try out best as parents and hope that our kids will make the right choices– but sometimes they don’t. And what none of us realize is that a stupid choice can lead to tragedy.
    And the world is filled with people who do not value life. Things matter more to them than people.
    My heart goes out to this poor child, and his family and friends.
    No one is perfect- and no one deserves to die like this.
    As for the comments regarding some drugs being safe and fun– unless and until they are legalized and can be regulated- there is never a guarantee that any street drug is safe. Wake up! Did you ever check the tox report on the face eater? Weed, just weed. No street drug is safe- trust NO dealers – ever- especially ones who say it’s all good. You ever notice most dealers are clean? Why do you think that is?
    Think carefully before you take anything- it may seem like short-term fun, but you may suffer lifelong consequences.

  23. These people on here trashing this poor kid and his family need to get a life! The bottom line is he has tragically died, and his family is grieving. To go on a public site and trash him and his family is so inappropriate. Yes it is a serious issue that should be raised awareness, but the bottom line is sad but true that half of the kids his age are exposed to this and unfortuneatly are doing the same thing. As far as the person who commented that him getting beat up doesn’t have anything to do with it, and it was because he was just doing drugs and that is why he passed.. well you were not there and have NO right to comment on ANYTHING! This is a terrible loss and my heart goes out to his family, no matter what the cause or situation may have been. I can only hope they catch the other kids involved.

  24. I would like to clearly establish that zach willingly took the acid knowing it was 25i-NBOMe then asked one of the girls with us for another tab of acid, Hes not new to this hes done this before. Zach is not new to taking more than one dose of any psychedelic. And the “alleged attacker” is me. Zach attacked me and i defended myself by restraining him I did not “attack and rob him with such force” If you’re gonna make a news report on something make sure your fucking story is straight. I loved zach and i miss him dearly I wish that nothing happened that day the way it did but clearly, The universe had bigger and better plans for him. I love you zach you will forever be in my memory I wish i could’ve done more to save you R.I.P,

    1. Wow. You seem really proud of yourself. If you we’re such a good friend where were you when he was having seizures? You left him on the beach right? When the ambulance showed up and you were taking pictures and posting them on Instagram, did it occur to you to go over and tell the police or ems what you sold him so that they could maybe save his life? I truly hope his death haunts you and the other 4 poor excuses for human beings that left him for dead for the rest of your life.

      1. Kai was actually one of the few friends trying to help but he was forced to leave, and had Zach had the seizure after he was forced to leave, please get you’re facts straight, the ambivalence got their as he was being forced to leave. that’s why he took a picture of it.

      2. Can you people please learn to spell? *It’s ambulance. Both the kids and adults on this page are sorely lacking in basic grammar and spelling. Ignorant clueless stoners and girls who aspire to nothing more than being stoned “hoes” and seeing whose hoe pic can get the most likes on Facebook. Spoiled Boca brats.

      3. don’t correct my grammar or judge me when you don’t know me and act like you better than people, btw you spelled surely wrong so congrats on trying to correct me when you can’t even do a better job.

      4. Ha like you know the story i was forced to leave by the property owner i wasn’t allowed back on the beach because we got into an altercation. Zach was still up and active for 30 minutes after i was asked to leave. I was not there to see him have a seizure. Ounce again get your story straight. 5 real stories, but 2,500 opinions.

      5. Their were also numerous amounts of random people standing around filming him having seizures on their phones and not even trying to help him at all, I really don’t think you understand the story at all.

  25. It’s amazing how much the media can completely fuck up a story, he was not robbed and beat to death, this is all such bullshit, but RIP zack, I really miss you man

  26. This is an unfortunate situation. I believe the person involved that gave the drugs to the minor should be held accountable and off the streets before something like this happens again to another child END OF STORY !

  27. R.I.P. Zach 🙁 The whole conflict of this situation is drugs… When we were all younger… We got the notification that doing drugs is bad for your health. Once we all got older, We suddenly thought different. I don’t understand what it does for you… Maybe, It makes you happy and you think its O.K. and someone told you that it won’t do anything… ” They use it for medication”… Thats all 90% false. Maybe there is a few drugs that they use for medication… Maybe its true. But if you hear from someone that its not good for you, its probably not. The whole moral of the life story is that ” They informed you, But you didn’t listen “… Im pretty sure now that every child that knows about the fact that drugs are bad for you… They may believe it according to the death of this victim that you all knew… R.I.P. Zach Denaro for the second time. End of story.

  28. Sweet, great kid. Such a shame that he is gone. Hope he found a light. We all love you. Condolenses to donna, his father, dylan and the rest of his family and friends. rest in peace brother

  29. Kai,
    Since you admit to having supplied Zach with the drug that killed him, you should contact the police and make them aware of that fact. Regardless of whether Zach knew it was acid, you supplied him with it. Perhaps you are not aware that possession of drugs is a crime? As is selling drugs? Whether it was intentional or not, it appears you may be legally responsible, at least in part, for his death. A drug dealer who supplies someone with drugs, especially a minor, can be implicated if that person dies after taking the drugs.

    1. There is a whole investigation going on the police know i gave it to him and they know what it was. Glad for your concern though i have already taken responsibility for my actions. thanks

      1. I don’t know any of you but my heart aches for all of you. I pray for the comforting Loving Light of God to be with Zach’s family and you Kai. I know it must be a very great burden for you.

  30. It was honestly such a good feeling to have Zach as a friend. He could probably bring a smile to anyone’s face no matter what.
    Rest in peace Zach<3

  31. This breaks my heart. I didn’t even know you, but still, I really wish I could have gotten the chance. You will be missed. R.I.P Zach

  32. kids i m so sorry that you are all going through this . If we all remember that if someone in under the influence , they loose control, can walk, can t talk. don t know where they are we need to call 911 you will not get in trouble. doctors can stop these reactions. Please we must call for help if a friend is out of control. no one is
    saying anyone did anything wrong .we all think they ll just sleep it off or come down soon that is not always the case. we must just step up an do the right thing.Just be love now an look out for each other.

  33. The entire truth will come out and whatever justice will prevail. Lets let the investigators do their job… THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT… IT ALWAYS DOES….
    With that being said, we are here for one reason and one reason only,

  34. Im sure zach sees everything going on and the last thing he wants is everyone flipping out talking about his personal life all over thr web. What happened happened people make mistakes, why not just post r.i.p zach youll be missed or something instead of argueing this world has come to nothing but drugs and drama weve all lost a good friend it shouldnt matter to anyone but his family why just care that hes in a better place now. Rest in paradise zachary youll always be loved and never be forgotten.

  35. When it all comes down to it, nothing was forced down zachs throat and noone makes zachs choices so its noones fault but his own

  36. listen kai, you gave him the drugs… I’m glad you know you are responsible for your actions, I didn’t know Zach but I have seen him around school a couple of times. I know Zach has been taking drugs in the past but honestly I still have feelings for his death. I’m sorry for his family and friends, he didn’t deserve this. he might have been bad in some cases but that doesn’t mean he was a bad person in general. Listen all you kids who are posting R.I.P’s should stop taking these drugs your friend died from one and yet you continue to get high. you don’t need drugs to enjoy life. Honestly Kai, I hope you get put to justice… you have done the unspeakable by giving him the drug and its your fault for doing that. you guys shouldn’t even be involved with any drug besides prescribed ones at this age. Now rest in peace zach, And if your family see’s this I’m truely sorry for your loss…

    1. I’d rather put a safe dose of a psychedelic in my body then putany pill down my throat. The avalabitlity of all drugs is somthing you’re clearly underestimating. Zach took two doses he knew this and hes done 15i before.

  37. Truly amazed at what is going on with these comments.
    First of all a teenager died, whether he was a good kid or bad kid, it doesn’t matter he was someones son, brother, grandchild, friend & classmate and he has died.
    We were all told not to do drugs, we know NOT TO DO DRUGS but some people just can’t resist for one reason or another. Who are we to judge. Who really knows what is going on inside the head of a person who starts using drugs and their reasonings. Maybe poor Zach felt better when he was on the drugs, it put him in a better place than what he was feeling when he was not using. Who knows.
    For the person complaining about the misspellings on this page, well welcome to the world of smart phones and technology. If you have ever used a phone or texted you would know at least every text or email has a misspelling. That is not what this page is about. Stopping the drug dealers will never stop the drugs, get rid of one and there will be another right around the corner unfortunately. They prey on weak, addicted people that are at the mercy of these substances.
    And for Kai, the guilt you must feel must be overwhelming. It’s comforting to know that you know you made a really bad decision, unfortunately your friend died because of it and you are not hiding behind some made up name, you are not running, you are here to face the consequences (either legal or emotional) & the wrath of everyone around you.

  38. The lack of grammar and rampant spelling errors leads me to believe that this kid didn’t hang out with the smartest kids, nor was he raised by the smartest parents, henceforth predisposing him to making stupid decisions. Moral of the story: Darwin always wins.

  39. R.I.P bro cant believe these people are being rude and talking bad about but R.I.P Zachary Taylor Denaro you will be missed

  40. He knew the risks of taking the drug, yet he decided to do it anyway with his friend who gave him it. Odds are they both were tripping balls to the point that they saw each other as threats and attacked each other. Kid gets hurt, straight into a coma then into the grave…Sad that it happened, but that’s natural selection for you.

  41. It seems from all I here that this kid Zach was a great kid and loved by many Just another teen caught up in the wrong things We cannot blame his parents but the kids who gave him the drugs will have this on their conscience forever. There are many kids who rebel and despite what their parents do and try sometimes it is not enough.Heartfelt condolences to the family and all of Zach’s friends who loved him.I wish you strength and healing. I hope through his passing some of his friends will realize that next time it could be them .

  42. My heart goes out to the entire Denaro family and friends. I don’t know you or Zach but can only imagine what you are going through. After hearing of this tragedy, I’ve sat my 2 teens down and reiterated how consequences to their action or inaction to situations can lead to death. Please respect the family and their wishes whatever they may be. Whoever is responsible or contributed to Zach’s death will be judged accordingly. I pray that Zach can rest in peace and that his mother can find peace.

  43. There is nothing at all …nothing more hearbreaking than children and teens dying from drugs. don’t think it can’t happen to your kids. Don’t Think it’s Ok to look the other way. I know one of my kids is doing it and so far I haven’t made much progress stopping it.
    This teen could end up dead and it keeps me up and night.
    Why have kids…just to go through this heartache??? I try talking to him,took him to a therapist, try doing what I can so he can talk if he wants to. he thinks everything is good and fine. Some days there is no joy knowing so many are ruining there lives.