Biker Van Orden, Killed In Boca, Had Lengthy Record

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Timothy Van Orden
Timothy Van Orden, courtesy Palm Beach County Jail. He was killed while riding his bike at 2:35am Saturday.

UPDATED@ November 7, 2013. Click here for details on arrest of Drew Blazure, information from Van Orden autopsy provided to public by police. 
UPDATED@ 9:56pm Tuesday, August 27, with confirmation that driver is student at FAU.
UPDATED @ 1:43pm Tuesday, August 27, with information on driver.
BOCA RATON, FL ( — The bicyclist struck and killed by a motorist early Saturday had a lengthy court and criminal record, including three DUI convictions. Timothy Van Orden was in the midst of a ten year driver’s license suspension when he was struck around 2:35 am Saturday while he rode his bicycle on Federal Highway.
Court records confirm what tipsters told after we reported his death. Van Orden, 41, spent considerable time in the Palm Beach County Jail and was in and out of trouble with the law for more than a decade. Charges against him ranged from drug possession to battery. Many of the allegations were not prosecuted by the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office, although the third DUI conviction landed him with a 30 day jail sentence and the ten year license suspension.
Van Orden was pronounced dead at the scene in the 6700 block of North Federal Highway.
Drew Blazure, seen with Rep. Leonard Lance.

Van Orden was allegedly struck by Drew Blazure, a former intern for U.S. Representative Leonard Lance (NJ 7th). Florid Atlantic University tells that he is in a doctorate program at the school.
It traditionally takes several months for the medical examiner to determine — and release — whether alcohol was a factor for either or both people involved in the accident. Traffic homicide investigations — if this is determined to be a “homicide” — traditionally take several months to a year in Palm Beach County.
The Boca Raton Police Department continues its accident investigation. Anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to call police.

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103 thoughts on “Biker Van Orden, Killed In Boca, Had Lengthy Record

  1. This article is DISGUSTING! This is news? This is defamation of character. This article should be retracted and a formal apology should be given to the family.
    This is not a newspaper it is a trash column!!

  2. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON BOCA NEWS NOW! This article leaves me speechless! Blaming the victim, not the drunk driver! Unfortunately I’m sure his family has read this dispicable article, how dare you put them through this! You deserve to be sued and shut down!

  3. As someone who worked for a newspaper in Florida for years, I have a good understanding as to what makes a story that benefits and educates the community. This is absolute trash on an ethical level, not to mention you all missed a glaring error “stuck” in the lede. The “staff” who wrote this drivel along with the editors who approved this story for publication should be embarrassed. So many of the outstanding reporters and editors I know jumped ship from newspapers a long time ago, and this is the reason why. Who wants to be associated with this tabloid-level, exploitive, piss-poor, attention-seeking trash?? Where’s the piece on the person that killed him? How does Tim’s past have ANYTHING to do with what happened to him? I hope the family sues you for defamation and that your readers cease reading anything produced by you and your crackpot team. You should be ashamed. Good job festering in the bowels of journalistic integrity. RIP Tim, and to his family…I am so sorry for your loss. This “article” does NOTHING to alter my view of Tim…it just cements this rag in shame.

  4. What a freaking joke! This guy who was simply riding his bike gets KILLED and all you have to report is that he has a past?!?!? A PAST, nothing that he was previously charged with has ANYTHING to do with his death. What about the person who hit and killed him? I hear NOTHING about that sad sack of skin. Do some better reporting. Go back to school. Do something that actually counts like reporting the real news of this story which is that somebody HIT him as he was riding a bike. I wonder how perfectly rosey and skeleton-free the authors past is?

  5. You should all google “Drew Blazure” He has interned for a congressman in the US House of Representatives.
    This should give you all some insight as to who manipulates the media.
    By crucifying Van Orden in the press this might show leniency in the future for Blazure!!
    I am appalled by this!! A man has died and this paper finds it OK to to drag the decedents name through the mud!!
    Please post the name of the politician who is influenced your journalism!

  6. Sensationalism still sells papers.. where do we see the investigation going forward for the search of who hit him? Today they killed a poor guy who regardless of his past did not deserve to die. Tomorrow one of our kids could be the next victim… use the media to create awareness! I know this does not grab headlines; but it is the right way..the media should use the channel to HELP and correct today’s problems. Only then can the public prevent a tragedy from happening tomorrow.

  7. I have known Timmy all of his life he is a very sweet. Sensitive do anything for you type of guy. How
    Dare this paper allow this article be run. He is the victim of this terrible accident and you are attacking him & family.
    Timmy RIP you will never be forgotten and will always have a special place in my.

  8. Horribly written! You as a journalist, as well as your editor, publisher along with anyone else that touched or read this b4 it went to printing should be ashamed of yourselves! Have some respect for the deceased!!! No need to dig up his passed and beat the topic the way it was. Getting killed by a reckless/drunkin driver is a shame no matter the age, losing your life at the age of 41 is TRAGIC!!! A RETRACTION AND APOLOGY SHOULD BE PRINTED TO THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF TIM! This is not an informative paper… IT’s a RAG!

  9. This is just repulsive!!!!!!! What the family is enduring right now is already awful… but to add this on top of it!? At first I wasn’t sure about sharing the article because it just sickens me to think his loved ones have to be exposed to this…but I honestly feel the outrage that has been expressed by friends and strangers alike in the comments both on the article and so far that I’ve seen on Facebook is more powerful than this author’s audacity. And who knows… maybe the “right” thing will be done because of that! I do especially love how in the title they use “biker” as if to try give him some kind of “bad gang image” on top of everything else and then you read the article and it was a bicycle!!! And let’s just be honest here… most of the best people I know are “bikers” however they want to spin it so that disgusts me too!! I am so disturbed that they are only focused on his past rather than the fact that HE WAS HIT BY A CAR WHILE ON A BIKE!? He was obviously obeying his consequences of those past choices and let’s repeat this… HE WAS ON A BICYCLE. He wasn’t the one driving the car, he was the victim here. The VICTIM! Regardless of what he did in his past or even that damn morning!! And speaking of cars… how about we focus on the one that obviously didn’t stick around!? Any more news on that?! Or is the media too busy compiling sh!t to distract from the one who killed him!? All my best goes out to the family!!! Hopefully someone will get their priorities straight and work on finding answers for you rather than waste any more time on this BS!!

    1. How about you apologize to his family. You seem to think this is a joke. How about if someone did this to your loved one?

    2. How about you try and figure out how to apologize to someone who is dead?
      Maybe start by scrutinizing your next article and insuring that it isn’t hateful…

  10. I have seen way to much injustice most recently in my life, however when my curiosity sparked by this disgusting article led me to do my own search of Drew Blazure, I was shocked and once again reminded of people and their own agendas. I see that Mr. Blazure has completed an internship on Capitol Hill, for Congressman Lance, I wonder what Co. Lance would have to say of Drew Blazure now that he is a MURDERER!!! To have such a seemingly promising future, and to have an education at an esteemed uniververity ….. Means nothing when you can’t put your head on your pillow with a clear conscience at night…. What a waist….. Drew BLAZURE YOU STOLE AN INNOCENT LIFE IF A VERY GOOD PERSON!!! I hope your conscience eats you alive!!!!

  11. This is absolutely horrible reporting!!! This should be revised what does his past have anything to do with this… HORRIBLE!!!!!

  12. Thank you for adding the politically connected name of the drunk driver. Did you need to state that he was “allegedly struck”? Is he allegedly dead? How about taking down the article and apologizing to the family for your failed attempt at journalism. The number of comments on this article should give you some insight to how wrong this is.

    1. Uneducated smut writer what do the facts of his past life have to with him being struck and killed by someone! Hopefully Karma catches up with you all. Hopefully you are sued and street bound! You are an absolute disgrace to society! Thinking about it though looking at your site this is the most action you all have gotten – sad!

    2. “Journalism isn’t bad journalism just because you don’t like the facts being reported.”
      You are ignorant and a BULLY! Why don’t you tell everyone your name or are you ashamed of the backlash that you so rightfully deserve. It’s not about reporting the facts of his past when they had nothing to do with this accident.
      Fact is Tim Van Orden was hit by a DRUNK DRIVER, there was no need for you to then trash his name in the paper about “PAST TRANGRESSIONS”, it’s just plain disrespectful and wrong and you should be ashamed to call yourself a journalist. I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror tonight and that karma pays you a visit when you least expect it.
      To his family and friends, I’m so sorry you had to read this moron’s news article, I’m sure it only made your loss that much harder to bear. May he rest in peace, he and I were good friends in HS and I know personally I will miss him. xo

    3. “journalism isn’t bad journalism just because you don’t like the facts being reported” Please make me understand what the facts reported had to do with what happened. I would expect if God forbid Tim was the driver to see his history. So please make me understand the reason why you had to publish this article ?

    4. disregarding the individual who was driving the car, the reports have been focuaong on the deceased victim of a motor vehicle accident, whom I had the pleasure of knowing the past 3 years. everyone has past histories, however this man was riding a bike and was killed. the photo of Tim from Palm beach county courts being printed next to the story, is disrespectful. he has many family and friends who would provide an alternate photo of their friend to post in the paper. I am traveling out of country right now and the last thing he said to me in passing August 19, was have a safe trip! The write up of Tim’s past life’s criminal charges, any past or possibly present addictions issue comments which in fact, take up the whole article, are superfluous at this time and in this paper. you have a right to publish what you wish, however it would be nice if you could amend an article and give some respect to our lost friend Tim, and his loved ones with an apology.
      RIP- Dr. M

    5. Why bring up his past issues? That doesn’t justify being struck by a car that was allegedly driven by someone who was under the influence.
      I expect that you will have a scathing article about the person who is yet to be charged if the charges come through?

  13. To say this is a despicable display of “journalism” is an understatement. Not only is this a gross display of disrespect but it is also a perfect example of what is wrong with society. Obliterating the First Amendment for personal gain. Completely classless. When you can publish trash such as this with complete and utter disregard for the truth and families well being, for nothing more than a feeble attempt for ratings disgusts me to say the very least. As others have said, where is the information on the driver of the vehicle, or the question of his intoxication, or fleeing the scene??? Nothing. Why? Because that wouldn’t get as many views or responses and as they say anything for ratings, right?!?! As much as I hate to help you achieve your goal, I could not let the opportunity to tell you what a poor excuse for a human being you are to write such a blatantly deplorable article. If you have one shred of human decency you will retract this article and publish an apology to the family, stating your desire for ratings outweighs your morals and ethics. Though I’m sure that would not be news to anyone who has read your article, apparently writing about nonsense is right up your alley. I’m not sure how you sleep at night, nor look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Integrity, now that is a word you should look up, study and apply to your writings and maybe then you will achieve the notoriety you so crave. Until then you will forever be a hack with a reputation for trash and a coward for not even having the balls to sign your “work”.

  14. Keep kicking the hornets nest Boca “News” Now. This is a vile attempt at blaming the victim, nothing less. This. Isn’t. Over.


  16. “ Staff
    August 27, 2013 2:50 pm at 2:50 PM
    He is dead, not allegedly dead. Police, however, allege he was struck by a driver who has yet to be charged with anything, if he even is. It’s how investigations work.
    Journalism isn’t bad journalism just because you don’t like the facts being reported.”
    Really?!?!?! This is what you have to say for yourself????? Here’s a fact for you; “journalism” becomes “bad journalism” when you specifically and purposefully omit pertinent and relevant information and replace it with irrelevant, inapplicable, extraneous and immaterial information with the sole purpose of sensationalizing a story for personal gain.
    It is apparent any hope of you having enough ethical decency to retract this story has disappeared with your condescending and ignorant reply.

  17. This is shame, outrageous and ridiculous “reporting”. Just because this man had a past it does not excuse his death. It does not make it OK. Boca News Now Staff, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. If any of your newspaper staff is ever killed in similar circumstances, if I write a blog post about how they were involved in writing horrible yellow smear stories and somehow deserve their fate, I’m sure you wouldn’t be defending me. Bad “journalism” is bad journalism plain and simple.
    This article exposes no new facts. No one who knows Tim will ever deny that he had problems and he was fighting with all his might for a better life. It was part of who he was and part of what made him the man he was. Rather than give up, he was actively working to change his life.
    Tim was not a career criminal like this article implies. He was a man who would always take a walk and talk to you for hours. He would always go out his way for anyone who his friend. He was not perfect but none of us are. The comments here are telling.
    Maybe Boca News Now should investigate how the driver, Drew Blazure, ran down my friend Tim and dragged his body nearly the length of football field under his car while “allegedly” so drunk as to be incoherent and vomiting! Maybe they could report how Tim was fully in the bicycle lane when he was run down. Days later you can still see the stains on the pavement.
    I wonder who these “tipsters” are and why they feel the need to be anonymous? Maybe these tipsters would be poltically connected family of Drew Blazure? Maybe the tipster was Mr. Ryan Blazure, “allegedly” the brother of Drew Blazure’s brother, an attorney listed in the Martindale-Hubbell index.
    The Blazure name is well connected in NJ politics. Martindale also lists a “Mr. G. Frederick Blazure” as a deputy attorney general of NJ. Relation?
    There is much more to this story, how about giving it the treatment it deserves?

    1. Please excuse my typos in the above. I was incredibly angry when I wrote it. Reading and re-reading this article and thinking about this “reporting” has made me more upset than when I was first heard the news. I can’t even imagine the pain that this smear story brings to Tim’s grieving family … I “only” lost a friend. I hope a real investigative story on Drew Blazure is forthcoming. I won’t hold my breath for BNN.

  18. The fact that he died from an alleged drunk driver is fine to report. Bringing up his past and problems is out right bull. The man was riding his bike because he lost his license and was obeying the law. The fact is the one driving the car may have been drunk and took the life of someone who was loved by many. I feel this article was tasteless and so disheartening. Have some morals he is not the one on trial or accused he is the victim who paid with his life. Very poor taste people.

  19. Criminal – 1 (known) DWI, 1 fatality. Victim – 3 DWI’s, 0 fatalities. Your point is invalid. Way to stick up for a killer.

  20. Your story is becoming more balanced.
    As a friend of Tim’s, I am not sure what his past has to do at this time. Wish that your paper held off on anything until the investigation is over. It just smells funny that a “tipster” would go in this direction expect to influence the case. I look forward to any of your stories to clarify the facts going forward after the investigation is completed.
    I would ask that you and everyone take a step back and understand this is the biggest loss ever for Tim’s family. And also understand that a young promising man, Drew’s, will have a tough road in ahead. This will be the biggest mistake of his young life that he will have to live with forever. So sorry to all involved!

    1. Could you please research and report the blood alcohol lever of Drew Blazure at the time of the accident. The police would have determined that by now. Where is the research on Drew Blazure??? To be an unbiased story you should be researching both people involved!

    2. Wow! NO it is not relevant that “Mr. Van Orden had several DUIs” in regard to him being hit by a drunk driver. It may be at the very most a very sad, tragic irony… but by no means is it relevant. What if he was simply out for a bike ride because he had insomnia and it helped him fall back asleep? Whether he had a license or not… he could have been out there at ANY hour riding a unicycle if he wanted!! He was in the bicycle lane… pretty sure that cars have their OWN lanes. And while, yes… driving drunk is never ok regardless of outcome… how dare you try to justify your poor choice of reporting by saying he could have caused the death of someone in the same platform discussing HIS death! That is absolutely despicable. It didn’t need to be brought up let alone made the focus of the article. Seems the reporter from the Palm Beach Post had NO issues reporting the pertinent facts along with a more inclusive/honest version. So please… explain to me again why your publication couldn’t?! No one said to wait until you had all the facts… we just simply pointed out the bad taste you chose to show in making it about the wrong issue… fact or not.

    3. NO, there is no relevance to his past and his tragic death at the hands of another. It’s a ‘juicy’ story which is all journalists care about regardless of how it impacts the lives of others. ‘Got to report the story’!! It was wrong to paint this picture of him. People make mistakes in life and Tim wasn’t making a mistake when he was hit by the car and killed. And I’m sure you are not perfect either.

  21. He may have had a record. So what?! It’s not relevant to the story. Riding a bike, even at that time of night is not a crime. He couldn’t drive a car, so he did what he was supposed to do to get around. Why or when he was riding a bike has nothing to do with the fact that he was killed and that this bogus news source failed to report the real story. The driver’s family must be paying them to divert attention.

  22. Nice try staff. You can try to spin the relevance all you want, it is still disgusting that you would drag the victim’s name through the mud. Disgusting.
    Yes, the information is public, but is it appropriate? No. Take a look at some of the REAL newspapers in your area and see if they EVER did this to any victim ever. The answer is NO. You didn’t beat anyone to a story. You just sunk lower than any other new agency. Did you notice the 90 plus comments telling you how inappropriate this article is?
    Many of the commenters on this site are contacting your advertisers. Perhaps they can convince you to retract the article and issue an apology to the family.

  23. This website is not journalism, you people are worse than the rag mags. What business does Tim’s past have to do with the fact tht he was killed by an alleged drunk driver? Your so called ‘news’ site should be shut down! VERY POOR TASTE INDEED!!!!

  24. A few years ago I was working to recover from a dark moment in my own life, and had dropped off the map for a few weeks in a self-imposed isolation. I had lost my job, my friends, and my self respect. Timmy was the only one who called to check on my well being and talk to me. Those are the times that you really know who your friends are and a true example of what kind of man he was and why he will be so missed.

  25. Here’s the real question.. Blazure had connections, Who paid “new staff” to write this garbage? Or the editor to allow it to be printed.. Now there’s a story for any real journalists out there.

  26. Honestly it is surprising that the victim is disgraced in a news publication; however, in many ways the scenario is highly relevant. The reason why Tim was riding a bike at an ungodly hour was because he was a DUI pro – he had 3 strikes and a 10 year license suspension. All of you who are so focused on what a good guy Tim was and stated that his past doesn’t matter are truly ignorant; Tim was LUCKY that he didn’t kill anyone drunk driving. He was caught 3 times so imagine how many times he drove drunk and didn’t get caught? Maybe he did change and turned himself around, but his decisions put him on the bike. In addition, I’m curious to see the test results on him. If he was drunk himself, he was breaking the law and possibly helped caused this accident to occur. The FAU grad student with no record unfortunately made a mistake and wasn’t as lucky as Tim to have avoided killing someone in the process. It’s a shame this article came out, but it is relevant and points to the irony of life. Sorry to inflame your tempers but I thought a nice dose of reality from an outside opinion might lead to some cause for reflection.

  27. Folks,
    We are shutting down comments for this story at 11pm. Your voices have been heard and rest assured, we will continue to publish information concerning the driver just as soon as it is officially released. While many of you are passionate and angry at for what you perceive to be a one sided story, understand that investigators are very methodical about what can and can not be released to the public for fear of jeopardizing a case.
    We will not be a party to publishing accusations and innuendo today that could result in a potential case being ruined tomorrow.
    That is what many of you are asking us to do.
    Mr. Van Orden’s record — like it or not — will almost assuredly be a factor in any future case. It will likely be released with even more details by defense attorneys should charges be filed. It’s not a secret. There is nothing to hide.
    For those of you who continue to post on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, consider whether your posts could end up helping the driver’s defense, should a criminal or civil defense be needed.
    And note: there is no conspiracy, we have not been paid off, the government is not involved, a NJ Congressman has not ordered us to run anything (nor could he nor would we), our parent company is not involved in this case at all, and the Boca Raton Police Department is not caving into political pressure.
    Justice — in the real world — doesn’t happen in 48 minutes like it does on TV. Justice in a Palm Beach County Vehicular Homicide case — if that’s what this becomes — often takes a year.