Texting And Driving Now Illegal In Florida


BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — It is now a law. It is illegal to text and drive in Florida.
Despite the hopes of some, your fingers won’t be immediately cut off, but you will receive a ticket. The first offense is $30, anything after that is $60. It is unclear what happens to “habitual” texters as the law the still young and may undergo many revisions in the years to come.
If you believe the law is unfair, note that you can only be cited if you are stopped for something else — so if you’re texting and doing nothing else wrong, you likely have little to worry about. But if you’re texting while applying makeup, brushing your dog’s hair, admiring your latest Lulu Lemon spandex on the way to the gym while your nanny watches your child, all while speeding through a four-way intersection on Yamato Road right in front of a cop, you’ll likely experience the law up close and personal.
BocaNewsNow.com will effort to publish the names of those who are cited for texting-while-driving in the weeks to come.