Boca Driver Acts Like Ass On Butts, Is Arrested


Justin Rogulski, courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.
Justin Rogulski, courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — Note to drivers: If a police officer stands in the middle of the road and points to you because you may have been driving a bit over the speed limit, it’s just not a good idea to acknowledge the traffic stop and slow down — like you’re going to stop — then take off. It’s an even worse idea if you’re not supposed to be driving in the first place.
But this suggestion comes a little too late for Justin Rogulski, 24, of Delray Beach. He’s now in the Palm Beach County Jail, charged with Fleeing, Driving Without a License, and Marijuana Possession.
It all went down yesterday afternoon on Butts Road. Click here to read the entire police report. It’s good stuff.