WE AGREE: Boca Community To Ban Section 8 Leasing

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Boca Falls in West Boca Raton has initiated voting to ban leasing to Section 8 tenants. BocaNewsNow.com agrees with the precedent and encourages other communities to take similar action.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Boca Falls, one of several luxury communities in West Boca Raton, is urging homeowners to prohibit homes from being leased to Section 8 tenants.
HOA members are being encouraged to amend the community’s by-laws. A successful amendment will be recorded by Palm Beach County. Violation of the amendment would result in foreclosure.
Section 8 traditionally refers to a federal program in which the government provides a housing subsidy to low-income individuals. The amendment would prohibit homeowners from renting their homes to tenants receiving this government subsidy.
BocaNewsNow.com believes this is a very smart move. We encourage Boca Falls residents to sign the amendment now arriving via mail, and we encourage other communities throughout Boca Raton to follow suit.
We believe that homeowners who purchase homes in an HOA accept that pristine upkeep, mandatory dues payments and adherence to rules are all a part of the equation. Low-income tenants receiving a government subsidy have no vested interest in their house, the community, or most importantly property values.
We believe there is no reason that a low-income Section 8 recipient needs to be living in a gated resort-style community in Boca Raton.
Voting is currently underway in Boca Falls. We expect other communities to take similar action soon.

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10 thoughts on “WE AGREE: Boca Community To Ban Section 8 Leasing

    1. Btw, nowhere in the article was there a race mentioned. Only a racist would immediately think that when the author refers to low income family, they must be a minority.

  1. What great Christian’s you are all…banning low income people from your neighborhood. Jesus is looking down on you in disgrace.

    1. I know who the staff is on this website. He doesn’t worry at all about Jesus as he is Jewish
      If someone wants to rent their place to Section 8 housing, that is their prerogative. Get off your high horse.

  2. To the fake-name commenters “sad” and “Disgraceful,” they are not banning low-income people. They are banning drug-addicts, criminals, trouble-makers, drunks, scammers, unfit parents, neighborhood-destroyers, and dirt-bags, which are all words that VERY FREQUENTLY correctly describe these section 8 people or the people with whom they associate! There is a reason we live here in West Boca, and it’s to stay away from unsavory people like this! I find it funny that you feel strongly enough to call people names over this, yet your convictions aren’t so strong that you wont hide behind fake screen names. I didn’t realize it was possible to ban section 8-ers, so I am thankful to bocanews for bringing this to light.

    1. John, this article IS disgraceful. I didn’t read anything in the article that mentioned banning “drug-addicts, criminals, trouble-makers, drunks, scammers, unfit parents, neighborhood-destroyers, and dirt-bags.” According to this article the ban would be against all section 8ers.
      You say these words “VERY FREQUENTLY correctly describe these section 8 people or the people with whom they associate!” I find these remarks distressingly classist–to the extreme. You live in Boca Raton to get away from “unsavory people” like this? May your mind be broadened one day. In the mean time, stay away from “unfit parents” by all means.
      P.S. The name “John” doesn’t help anyone identify. Are you suggesting “sad” and “disgraceful” include their full names?

  3. If you want low income tenants in your own community, feel free to have them.
    It is none of your business what other property owners decide to do with their own property.
    You didn’t work for their property, pay for their property, or assume any of the risks of owning the property.
    Petty name calling and shame tactics don’t change the fact that it is none of your business.

  4. This sounds like an unnecessary rule. If it is a luxury community Section 8 subsidies would not cover the high cost of rent. It does sound very discriminatory. If a minority was denied residence they would have a very good case and would end up in a very expensive lawsuit that the community would in all likelihood lose.

  5. People who can afford the rent at a resort style community yet receive government assistance are scammers, and probably are doing something illegal. There was a couple in the news recently who defrauded thousands of dollars from the government and tax payers by receiving welfare, yet they owned a yacht and a mansion. It just doesn’t make sense that the so-called disadvantaged can afford to live in a luxury community. Why am I even working then?

  6. Why am I not surprised? Since living in boca raton I’ve seen some of the most horrible people in existence and guess what. They’re the ones who drive fancy sports cars(I.e. Man driving a Mercedes laughing at a homeless man eating out of the trash can) poor=bad? Lol you people have a lot of growing up to do and you sound very ignorant. I thought stereotyping was something people did in grade school. However, I’m not surprised. Look around you boca raton! You call this luxury? All this money and boca looks like shyt!! Wanna know why? All of you selfish pricks refuse to give back to the community. Naples, Florida is the opposite of BOca. They have their wealth and their class too. They realize boca is nothing but beach trash. Go up north to a wealthy suburb in Chicago. Beautifully kept, looks amazing and so safe you could sleep on the sidewalk. You think you’re wealthy Boca? Lol you’re scum