TOUCHY: Man Performs Lewd Act In Front Of Woman In Boca


divynls I touch myselfBOCA RATON, FL ( — No confirmation that he was singing the 90’s Divynls hit “I Touch Myself,” but a woman told Boca Raton Police that she observed a man doing something to himself that she didn’t want to see.
From the report:
“Adult female victim reported that an adult male performed a lewd and lascivious act in front of her.”
The alleged act happened around 12:30 Saturday afternoon in 500 block of NW 39th Circle.
No suspects at this time, but let’s enjoy this flashback to December, 1990:
“I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me
I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no.”
(You can buy the Divinyls Hit “I Touch Myself” by clicking here).