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Seriously, No, It's Not Okay To Trick Or Treat From A Golf Cart

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We”ve blurred the faces but you get the idea: Trick or Treating by golf cart is one of those bizarre Boca things.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Let”s start by making this important point: trick or treating from a golf cart is not illegal in Boca Raton.
But wow, can you imagine what your friends up north would say?
BocaNewsNow.com has spent years and years and years celebrating Halloween in South Florida, but it”s Boca where the ritual of traveling from zero-lot-line home to zero-lot-line-home by golf cart is clearly, well, a ritual.
It”s not everyone. It”s not even parents driving a child with a broken leg. We could understand that.
And to be sure, it”s not everywhere.
It”s something we”ve seen in Boca”s golf club — and not golf club — communities. The latter, of course, being slightly more bizarre. If you don”t have a golf course, why have a golf cart? Oh wait, you have it for Halloween.
Unofficially, most people know that most of Boca originated in the Northeast — and was once considered to be renamed “Longer Island” because it had to be just one notch better than Long Island. Newer Jersey was also considered.
What”s so surprising is that on Long Island, and throughout the Northeast, walking is part of Halloween. Walking and — when it”s cold — bundling up and walking faster. That”s what Halloween is all about. Cold. Rain. Costumes. Candy. But no driving. And certainly no golf carts
It”s 79 degrees in Boca. And homes are three feet apart. So why the golf cart for Halloween here? There”s no way ghosts, gobblins and zombies could make it through a guard gate so there”s no need to take off at a moderate rate casino online of speed. That”s not it.
Maybe there”s the expectation of so much candy that carrying it home is an impossibility. Possible. But unlikely.
Maybe some believe that Bernie Madoff or Scott Rothstein will magically appear as a halogram from behind bars and bestow piles of cash that can”t be carried by hand.
Charlie Brown is more likely to see the Great Pumpkin.
Could it be flash value? You know, it is Boca. What says “I”m cooler than your Tesla trick-or-treating” than doing it from a golf cart?
That”s probably not it either.
So how did golf cart trick-or-treating come to be? We just don”t know, but suspect its origination is like so much else here on Longer Island. Spandex-clad women talking about how to do less while standing (as opposed to walking) on a treadmill at the gym.
And, while we pondered at the start of this post just what friends up north would say about golf cart trick-or-treating, we are relatively certain that we know what someone somewhere in Boca will say to a friend up north come Monday morning: “we walked so far while trick or treating that I don”t need to work out for a week.”


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