BOCA RUDETON™: Fiat No Friend To Handicapped Drivers At Addison Place

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Boca Rudeton™ Addison Reserve
Boca Rudeton™ — Yes, this Fiat really is parked in the wheelchair loading zone at Addison Reserve.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — It never ceases to amaze how drivers in Boca drive. And park. Case in point: today’s edition of Boca Rudeton™. Thanks to a faithful reader, we have a photo of a Fiat parked in the middle of a handicapped zone at the Shoppes At Addison Place. Not in a space. Not next to a space. But the Fiat driver actually parked on top of the area used by handicapped parkers to move wheelchairs in and out of a car or van.
There is a special place in hell for the driver of this vehicle, and a very special place right here in
Thanks for the submission!
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