Boca Woman Charged With Trafficking 300 Marijuana Plants


UPDATE: November 21, 2019: We were contacted by the family of Ms. DelGrosso who reports that while not convicted of the 25 pounds of Marijuana charge, she ultimately plead guilty to: “possession of marijuana over 20 grams” and “possession of schedule 1 substance.” Adjudication was withheld in both instances. She is now facing probation. The charges of “possession of marijuana – trafficking w/in 1000 feet of a church” and “trafficking in synthetic cannabinoids” have both been dropped.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — Helena DelGrosso of the 200 block of NE 2nd Street in Boca is in the Palm Beach County Jail and — for now — being held without bond. Her alleged crime: trafficking in excess of 25 pounds of Marijuana — or “300 plants or more.”

Helena DelGrosso, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

PBSO executed a search warrant in her home Wednesday afternoon and allegedly found 261 grams of THC cartridges, 5410 grams of marijuana, 272 grams of THC edibles and a 9mm Pietro Beretta.

Her home is less than 1000 feet from a church.

From the police report:

“Upon entering the residence, Your Affiant was able to perceive a strong smell of raw marijuana emanating from the house. Once int he kitchen area, Your Affiant was able to see in plain view on top of the kitchen island a vacuum sealer machine with a bag with marijuana in it. On a chair next to the island, Your Affiant saw a box with several bags with marijuana in it. Also located on top of the island in plain view was a digital scale, several marijuana cigarettes and packaging materials. On the counter top of the kitchen in plain view, Your Affiant located several THC cartridges and smaller THC wax containers. US Currency was located in both closets in the master bedroom (seized by DEA). Empty boxes and plastic bags with marijuana residue in it were located throughout the entire residence.