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[This Delta passenger refused to keep his face covering on despite requests from the flight crew. Upon landing in Fort Lauderdale, he refused to follow directions to social distance. A Delta employee told the man he faced a fine if he didn’t comply with Broward County orders in the airport. (Source:].

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ( — A man on a Delta flight Tuesday evening from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale refused to wear a facial covering. Once on the ground, despite Delta flight attendants telling passengers to observe social distancing guidelines while deplaning, the man pushed other passengers — including a family with young children — as he muttered, “I’m in first class, I don’t wait.”

Upon exiting the plane, he continued to push his way through the jetway, into the terminal, and then into the “cattle shoot” that is the slim exit way past security as Terminal 2 moves forward with massive construction. watched as a Delta agent in the airport told the man that he faced a $50 fine if he didn’t wear his facial covering over his mouth and nose. Despite the order, he continued to mutter and push his way through the terminal.

Welcome to travel during COVID-19. While the vast majority of travelers on the Delta flight did exactly as they were told, this passenger did not. It’s exactly why airlines, including Delta, are calling on the federal government to make masks mandatory on planes. It takes the burden off of the flight crew which can only do so much: orders without consequences are just requests. If masks are federally mandated on planes, federal penalties would presumably apply to those who disregard facial covering orders.

Flight crews can only do so much. Orders without consequences are just requests.

The man cursed, ridiculed South Florida, and complained about mask rules while in the terminal.

A Delta agent quietly complained that Broward County isn’t placing Sheriff’s Deputies in the actual terminal to handle non-compliant disembarking passengers — only outside the airport building.

A Delta agent quietly complained that Broward County isn’t placing Sheriff’s Deputies in the actual terminal to handle non-compliant disembarking passengers.

Masks are required in the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Delta just announced that it will require any passenger claiming a “mask exemption” to take part in a telemedicine checkup — in the airport — where a medical professional will determine if the exemption is real.

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  1. If this man were black, there would have been officers waiting at the terminal for his arrest. Think about that one for a second while this guy got away without paying a fine and his freedom.

      1. Yes God does matter but he is the only perfect being. He knows we are not perfect that’s why we as humans need to do our part to protect ourselves and others.

    1. That’s bull. He was within his rights not to wear it. I’m so sick of this Black Pity Party. Step up like so many others of the “black race” has. It’s not what color your skin is. It’s about your inner strength to push aside the opinions of others that bring you down. We have so many incredible “black” people that are extremely talented and intellectual and we “white” people appreciate each and every one of them
      Grow up and get a mature attitude towards all humanity.

      1. And you’re a part of the problem. There’s no black pity party. It’s just them finally speaking up to people like you who LOVE to exert their PRIVILEGE. Point proved.

    1. I agree 100% There have to be consequences for behavior that puts passengers and crew members’ lives at risk.

  2. Rather than a $50 fine …. raise the fine for
    Not wearing a mask to $500 and have the local authorities enforce the mask ordinance.

  3. All the Airlines should band together on this. He should be a “no fly” on every airline. Pass his name around. He’s a disgusting piece of garbage, obviously cares nothing about anyone but himself. And if something isn’t done about episodes such as this, people like myself will not be flying unless absolutely necessary.

  4. I’d like to put everyone who refuses (including HumptyTrumpty) to wear a mask and put them all on Staten Island and knock down the bridges. 14 day quarantine, no cell phones, credit cards, atm-debit cards, And maybe you might want to sit down for this one–ONLY $28.00 CASH! NO WESTERN UNION!!! People should listen to Dr Fauci, who says: there’s no end in site! 5words people… PUT THE DAMN MASK ON

  5. A federal mandate was needed since February, this ad ministration was and still is in denial, only when pandemic is out of control again and polls behind double digits, the best he can do is mention that some people think that wearing a mask is patriotic, time to man up if possible.

  6. There is a very high rate of coved in South Florida
    he’s just another pathetic excuse for a human being in a long list growing longer everyday showing all of America and other countries what morons we have here

    1. Roosevelt D. Moore

      Yes…the police need to aggressively show them all how to follow procedures. Violate them and embarrass all who can not folow.

  7. Be considerate and follow rules,when you are in your house,do whatever nobody cares but when you are in public,try for once,think of others,nothing political or any races issue,it’s health concern,do your part,otherwise stay home

  8. Look at it this way. A mask is like a seat belt for your face. If you can wear a seat belt in the car & airplane without it violating your constitutional rights, you can wear a mask on the airplane and out and about. The mask does the same job as a seat belt, it protects!

  9. The entitled don’t have to follow rules right? Idiot! And to push through a family with kids? He needs consequences.

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