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READERS: Delray Walmart Shoppers Not Masking

COVID-19 Facial Coverings Florida News Palm Beach County

DELRAY BEACH, FL ( — Several readers reached out to on Saturday to report several shoppers in a Delray Beach Walmart were not wearing masks. Or more accurately, not wearing masks the way masks are expected to be worn per Palm Beach County Executive Order. Masks are to be worn over faces and noses. They also do little good if they are just worn on your forehead. That’s where the man above, with the phone, seems to be wearing his mask.


In the reader photos provided to, one man has his nose exposed. That renders the mask useless. The second man is wearing his blue mask on his forehead. Again, this renders the mask ineffective. Humans breathe from both their nose and mouth.

The Palm Beach County Facial Covering Executive Order remains in effect until further notice. Phase 2, which starts Tuesday, brings no change to that order.

Fines for individuals can hit $100. The official fine schedule is below.


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20 thoughts on “READERS: Delray Walmart Shoppers Not Masking


    Who the hell are you to post pictures of people without their permission (one guy even has a mask on… but not to your liking).
    Yes, shame on us for pointing out that not wearing a mask correctly is the same as not wearing it at all. Phase 2 becomes Phase 1 again when COVID spreads due to people not wearing a face mask correctly, or at all. As to your “privacy”concern: there is no expectation of privacy in a public place.

    1. Hitler would be so proud of you guys!!!! Never mind that 94% of covid deaths had several other underlying preconditions. Never mind that Governor Cuomo walks his dog with no mask, Mayor DeBlasio paints BLACK LIVES MATTER on the street with no mask, Mayor Garcetti of LA protested with thousands of people with no masks, Speaker of the House Pelosi went to a closed salon without a mask, Lady Gaga performed at the VMAs in NYC without a 2 week quarantine, etc.

      But you’re going to pick on a senior citizen who has his mask below his nose? A guy who is just trying to buy some food at Walmart? And encourage your readers to be the Mask Police and send you photos of them so you can post them?

      And what an incredibly dumb comment to say that wearing a mask incorrectly is the same as not wearing a mask at all. So covering your mouth does nothing if your nose isn’t covered too? Show me any evidence at all that proves that a mask is 0% effective if not worn 100% correctly.

      1. People not wearing mask is the reason this virus has spread so quickly and so deadly. We should ALL do what the scientist say.

      2. My mom shops there. She’s 85. I’m glad to know people are paying attention to those who violate the face mask order. It shows they don’t care about anyone but themselves. How inconsiderate can people be when there is a large population of seniors who live here. What if it was your elderly mother or father who shops there frequently? People have become so selfish and so self serving it’s unbelievable.

      3. Your about politics right vs left and nancy Pelosi and Mayor deblasio. Believe or not just like climate change this is not about politics. I have already had family die from covid. People in this country are nuts.

      4. These people really need to research the virus size and realize the mask thing is a farce! The virus is too small to be stopped by any of these “masks”. Virus are mesures in nano meters. Its like trying to catch flies with a street fence. They fly right through. I wear a mask just to calm all the idiots in the left down but REALITY is they don’t work. Period. It’s a fact of science and is indisputable. They just don’t have anything else to make you or anyone else feel better about it, so the joke is on you. Wear a mask because it makes others “feel” safe not that it actually makes anyone safer.

      5. Senior citizen? Please! When I yelled at him to learn how to wear a mask in the marking lot he chased me screaming and cursing as I drove off. He is not some fragile senior citizen but an angry self entitled jerk.

    2. Not to our liking? It’s like a condom, either it’s on and effective or it’s not. His giant nose is out which means it’s not effective!

  2. Also… Downtown Delray (Atlantic Avenue) was absolutely PACKED yesterday. A large percentage of people had no masks on as they walked down the street. And no one was wearing a mask inside the busy restaurants.

    Yet you’re going to pick on a guy at a Walmart who isn’t even near anyone else.

    1. Wear a mask, stop the spread. That’s it. There’s no Qanon conspiracy, no shady politics, just wear a mask. I honestly find it insane that you people find the most absurd excuses to stop doing ANYTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable. Snowflakes.

  3. Thanks for giving a shout out to people who look old enough to know better, yet still can’t figure out how to wear a mask.

    If I can build a house for 8 hours a day in the sun and where a mask around other people, I can see no reason why you can figure out how to wear a mask for a half an hour shopping adventure.

    And good for you for calling out the people in your comments who act like they have had their heads buried in the sand for the past 8 months.

    Keep on keeping on BNN.

  4. Such crap. Those mask are bs. You can wear them to enter a restaurant but then take it off to eat really. Let people do what they want if you want to wear them then do so. If not that is your right. Who are we to judge oh just because the government says we should we follow like little puppets.Grow the hell up. If your so concerned talk to person your taking pictures of instead of contacting the news like a coward.

  5. Ha! That’s an ICU ward compared to what’s going on in Daytona right now! If I didn’t already have COVID a few weeks ago, I would most certainly have it now! Phase 1, here we come again.

    1. Lol, you really think the masks are doing any good? It’s all a control freak’s joke, because they don’t do anything. A respiratory-borne virus will spread until enough people get it to develop immunity, that’s it.

  6. FEAR false evidence appearing real … you must go inside a restaurant wearing a mask and then you’re able to remove it once seated. Hello introduction to communism. The elitist want to see if you’ll do what your told.

  7. My Husband was @ the VA in WPB on Wednesday. They wear 2 masks with cloth tape around them. This came from the VA that is the best way to protect yourself against getting Covid19. Check for yourself. I would rather be safe than sorry. I am protecting myself and family plus people around me.

  8. Just wait for phase 2 opening
    Masks will be thrown to the wind again!!
    We will all end up confined once again.
    Do the right thing..wear the mask correctly!!!!

    1. You’ve just admitted that your wearing of a mask is due to bureaucratic fear of politicians locking things down, and that’s what they want (Obey, or else).

  9. Boca News Now likes to play up drama to pull in the hits. Over dramatizing the COVID % positive count to fan the flames of fear…….with no regard for whether those stats are actually true and accurate. Overdramatizing the death count to fan the flames of fear….while failing to mention that’s in a state of approximately *21 MILLION* people total. And also with no regard for whether those stats are true and accurate. Overdramatizing weather patterns that are barely even off the coast of Africa, and which haven’t even actually become a tropical depression, let alone a tropical storm, let alone hurricane, let alone a hurricane of any substance, and where the trajectory of this barely formed weather pattern isn’t even known yet. This site will do ANYTHING to pull in hits and amp up the public…..and it plays dirty while doing so, complete with “public shaming” photos that are in reality just Nothing Sandwiches. BNN is the epitome of being a tool. Bottom line? The mask mandates are b s for all the reasons already outlined by previous commenters, it isn’t going to protect you, and it should be up to We the People to determine what’s right for ourselves, as individuals. So if somebody wants to wear one….great. If somebody doesn’t want to……great. We can only worry about ourselves. We can’t control everybody else like a failed grammar school Hall Monitor. Micromanaging the rest of the world into the ground with – inconsistent, hypocritical – Nanny State regulations (“you need to wear a mask while entering a restaurant….but you can take it off while eating….”) is lunacy. And the fact that BNN, who professes to be an independent journalistic source, doesn’t acknowledge nor investigate, this inconsistent, hypocritical lunacy is very telling. Whose $$ pockets $$ are they in $$ in to be doing what they do on this site in terms of supporting the contradictory nonsense and promoting Orwellian Snitch Culture? Posting pics of randos at a Publix wearing their mask incorrectly hasn’t saved a single life. **So what’s the real reason for it?** Totally $$ rhetorical $$ question.
    Ed. Note. Where to begin? Let’s see, 640,978 positive COVID tests in Florida. 11,871 Floridian deaths. And as for storms: Tropical Storm Paulette is the earliest forming 16th storm of a hurricane season ever. We’re unsure what part of all of this is fake, but perhaps you could adjust the antennas on your tinfoil hat — change the channel from Trump News Now — and then return to our fact based reporting to determine if you need to take some sort of medicine for your diarrhea of the brain.