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Admitted To Taking Tylenol With Codine… Failed Field Sobriety, But Passed Breath Test…


Dr. Barry Peskin
Dr. Barry Peskin, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

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BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) (Copyright © 2022 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — Boca Raton OBGYN Dr. Barry Peskin allegedly slammed his white Tesla into a Black Tesla on the Florida Turnpike, failed a field sobriety test, but ended up passing a breath test. Even with the passing score, Florida Highway Patrol charged the doctor with DUI on April 19th after he admitted to taking Tylenol with Codine.

BocaNewsNow.com reported on Dr. Peskin’s arrest on April 20th. We just obtained the arrest report in which an FHP Trooper claims that Peskin was responsible for multi-car car crash on the Turnpike, had “glassy eyes,” and then repeatedly failed to comply with instructions ordered by law enforcement.

From the report: “I was dispatched to a motor vehicle collision on (Florida’s Turnpike) at mile marker 74 that involved three vehicles. A white Tesla, a black Tesla, and a white Ram pickup truck with a car carrier trailer. On the scene, I met with the driver of the black Tesla who advised me that he was hit by a white Tesla while traveling in the left lane.”

Dr. Peskin, according to this test, had no alcohol in his system during a breath test. But he was still charged with DUI after allegedly failing multiple field sobriety tests following a crash during which his Tesla hit another Tesla.

“I later located the driver of the white Tesla sitting behind the steering wheel and its front airbag deployed. I identified the driver of the white Tesla as Barry Peskin by his Florida Driver License. I did not smell any alcoholic beverages emitting from Peskin’s breath, however his face looked very pale, his eyes were bloodshot watery/glassy. I observed him having difficulty standing (swaying) while on a leveled service.”

“Prior to administering a DUI investigation, I interviewed three independent witnesses on video. The first advised that the white Tesla passed them when they were coming out of the rest area in Broward County. The Tesla almost hit their driver’s side front fender only to continue in the left lane and center lane swerving from left to right before causing the traffic crash ahead. The witness identified the driver of the white Tesla as being a male between the age of 65 to 70 with white or silver hair.”

Another witness offered a similar statement. FHP determined, according to the report, that Dr. Peskin was the, and initiated a DUI test, writing the following:

“Peskin’s eyes were checked and his eyes displayed equal tracking and his pupils were equal size. Peskin was instructed to follow the stimulus with his eyes only, keeping his head still. After stating he understood the instructions, Peskin attempted the exercise. The results of this exercise displayed six of six possible clues: A lack of smooth pursuit in his left eye. A lack of smooth pursuit in his right eye. A distinct and sustained nystagmus in the left eye at maximum deviation. A distinct and sustained nystagmus in the right eye at maximum deviation. An onset of nystagmus in the left eye prior to 45 degrees. An onset of nystagmus in the right eye prior to 45 degrees. The exercise further revealed the presence of vertical nystagmus. Vertical nystagmus is an indicator of high doses of alcohol, other central nervous systems depressants or inhalants, and the consumption of the drug phencyclidine.”

“While performing the Horizontal gaze Nystagmus exercise, Peskin was constantly swaying while standing.”

“Prior to attempting Walk and Turn Exercise, Peskin indicated he did not have any medical conditions that would have prevented him from performing the exercise. instructed Peskin to put his left foot on the painted solid white lane marker and his right foot in front of his lett foot with his right heel touching the toe of his left foot. I instructed him to stand in a prescribed manner with his hands by his sides until the
exercise instructions were completed and the exercise demonstrated. I instructed Peskin not to begin the exercise until he was told to do so. I instructed Peskin to take nine steps along the line in a heel-to-toe manner. After the ninth step, he was to stop and turn around keeping his lead foot on the ground, taking several small steps with the other foot to turn around. After turning around, he was to take nine
steps in a heel-to-toe manner back along the line, in the direction he had come from. I further instructed him to watch his feet always while walking, keeping his arms down to his sides, and to count his steps out aloud. After the exercise was demonstrated, Peskin stated he understood the instructions; as a result, instructed Peskin to begin Ine exercise.

Walk and Turn exercise observations:

  • On the first set of steps, Peskin failed to walk in a heel-to-toe manner on all
    steps, failing to walk heel-to-toe on steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • On the second set of steps, Peskin failed to walk in a heel-to-toe manner on all
    steps, failing to walk heel-to-toe on steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • Was unable to stand in a heel-to-toe manner while the instructions to the exercise
    were given.
  • Did not look down and watch his feet during the exercise.
    Raised arms for balance during the exercise.
  • Lost his balance while walking.
    Turned incorrectly.
    Failed to count his steps out loud.
    Took the incorrect number of steps on the first set of 9 steps (11)
    Took the incorrect number of steps on the second set of 9 steps (23)
    Did not look down and watch his feet during the exercise.
    Stopped while walking.”

Florida Highway Patrol says Dr. Peskin similarly failed additional field sobriety exams.

Despite the failures. Dr. Peskin later provided a breath sample which indicated that he had NO alcohol in his system. A urine test was ordered but was not yet recorded with the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts. Dr. Peskin, according to a report, fell alseep prior to the breath test, and admitted to taking “Tylenol With Codine.”

Boca Raton Regional Medical Center has still not responded to a request for information regarding Dr. Peskin’s status, or whether he may continue to practice while facing a DUI charge. It was not immediately clear if he reported the arrest to the Florida medical board. Peskin lives in the West Delray Beach community of Seven Bridges.


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