Elite Rejuvenation Spa Owner, Girlfriend Arrested In Key West

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Christian McKeon, Courtesy Monroe County Jail.

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BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) (Copyright © 2022 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — The owner of two popular med spas in South Palm Beach County is facing a battery charge in Monroe County. Christian McKeon was arrested by police in Key West following an incident allegedly involving multiple people. His girlfriend, Bianca Laparl, was also arrested.

BocaNewsNow.com obtained the arrest report filed by the Key West Police Department. The following is the official narrative:

Upon arrival. as l was approaching the flight of stairs at 611 Southard Street. a male was coming downstairs, he was struggling to keep his balance while swaying side to side. The male had contusions l bruises under both his eyes. and bleeding from his nose and mouth. The male was later identified as Christian Joseph Mckeon (DOB 04/1 1/1986) (Arrestee). Christian was under the influence of alcoholic intoxicant (s) as per his slurred speech, strong odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from his breath and person, flushed face, bloodshot, watery. and glassy eyes. I asked Christian several times if he needed medical attention, and he declined each time. When I asked Christian how he sustained his injuries he told me he fell as he was going upstairs looking for his dogs. Christian tried to walk back upstairs but when he told me his girlfriend and friend were upstairs, I told him to stay put. Christian said he was also going to move his golf can that was parked around the corner. | told Christian to relax and stay put. It was clearly and evident that Christian was not telling me the whole story of what had happened.

Ofc. R. Ham and Ofc. Randy Perez arrived on scene and assisted with scene safety and meeting and interviewing Christian’s girlfriend Bianca Elyse Laparl (DOB 11/17/1 992) (Arrestee) and Bianca and Christian’s friend Leoni De La Cruz (DOB 06/1 1/1 993). De La Cruz was the caller who dialed 91 1. All three are staying at 611 Southard Street Unit # 5. Bianca and Christian are in the one bedroom and De La Cruz is staying in the living room in a puII-out couch.

Bianca Laparl, Courtesy Monroe County Jail.

While Ofc. R. Perez stood with Christian l went upstairs and met with De La Cruz. She said she heard Christian and Bianca screaming and yelling from behind the bedroom door. At one point Bianca yelIed for De La Cruz to come in and intervene. De La Cruz said she made it to the bedroom to find Christian and Bianca actively grabbing each other by their arms. De La Cruz said Christian was “almost like on top of Bianca”.

De La Cruz said she got in between them. and then they took the altercation outside the room. De La Cruz said at this point was when she decided to call 911.

l then went into unit # 5 and met with Ofc. R. Ham and Bianca. Ofc. R. Ham and I stepped outside to review our investigation and I informed Ofc. R. Ham of Christian‘s statement. Ofc. Ham told me Bianca would not say much. l asked Ofc. R. Ham to stand with Christian while I met Bianca. Bianca had some visible scratches to the right side of her neck area and some light bruising on both her arms. Bianca said her injuries were sustained due to a physical altercation with Christian. Bianca and Christian both said they have been dating for over three years. Bianca said they were all drinking and when they arrived at the room Christian began to “get aggressive“. I asked Bianca to elaborate on how Christian got aggressive and she said he threw pillows around in the room. the throwing then turned physical, and they grabbed each other and fell by the stairs.

This incident meets the criteria of dating violence as defined in FSS 784.046 sub (D) (1) – Christian and Bianca have been in a dating relationship for over three years. I provided both Bianca and Christian with Victim‘s Rights Brochures with my full name. ID number and case number. We were unable to determine who the primary aggressor in this incident was. We placed both Christian and Bianca under arrest. Their handcuffs were checked for tightness and double locked. I conducted a search incident to arrest of Christian and l placed him in the rear of my patrol vehicle; Axon Fleet rear camera activated. I transported Christian to the Monroe County Detention Center where he was turned over to Detention Deputies without issues. Ofc. R. Ham transported Bianca to the Detention Center.

Based on all facts, evidence, and totality of circumstances I believe we have probable cause both Christian and Bianca had committed the misdemeanor criminal offense of battery cause bodily harm as defined in FSS 784.03-1A2 – Both Christian and Bianca actually and intentionally touched and struck each other causing bodily harm to one another.

McKeon has been the subject of other coverage in and around Boca Raton. Read it, here.


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