Stealing iPhone In Boca Is A Bad Idea


Forget the part about iPhone’s having a self-contained tracking app. Forget the part about telephone numbers being assigned to specific phones. And forget the part about serial numbers, and IMEI numbers, proving that a phone’s owner is in fact a phone’s owner. Stealing an iPhone is just a stupid idea.
Case in point: Boca Police say 18 year old Steven Rice of Lantana asked to borrow a woman’s iPhone near the H&R Block at 1924 NE 4th Avenue. She said yes. But after faking a call, cops say Rice ran off and hear from a witness that someone matching his description was seen running into James Rutherford Park. Officers checked the entire boardwalk and found him. Police say Rice immediately told them, I know why you’re here.” He returned the iPhone to police to arrested him and charged him with theft.
Photo: Steven Rice, courtesy Boca Raton Police.