New ADHD Support Group In Boca


We were asked to pass this on and we are happy to do so. CHADD of Boca Raton is a newly former support group for parents of children, teens and college students with ADHD. The group’s next meeting is Tuesday, November 1st, from 7 to 8:30p at the Dawson Theater/Education Center of Boca Regional Hospital. The address is 800 Meadows Road in Boca.
The guest speakers at the next meeting are Leslie Davis, M.Ed and Sandi Sirotowicz, M.Ed. The topic is ““Study strategies for school success, encompassing students of all ages, Academic issues confronting ADHD students will be addressed, with practical suggestions for parents.”
For more information, visit or telephone 561-451-7107. Their email is boca-raton (at)