Boca Raton Police Offer Halloween Safety Tips For Rainy Trick Or Treating


BOCA RATON, FL ( — Looks like rain tonight for Halloween. But if your still planning to trick-or-treat, Boca Police are offering some tips that apply no matter the weather.
•     Costumes should be flame-retardant and allow children to walk freely without tripping.
•     Wear reflective or bright costumes at night.
•     Avoid wearing facial masks which may impair children’s ability to see, hear, and move.
•     Use non-toxic face paint and makeup.
•     Children should carry a flashlight.
•     Plan your route ahead of time, staying in your own neighborhood (or at
least familiar ones) and only along well-lit streets.
•     Always trick-or-treat with friends and stay in a group, there is safety in numbers.
•     Extra care should be taken on streets and at crossings, especially at dusk and after dark.
•     Avoid crossing through yards, driveways and poorly lit areas.
•     Teach children to never approach a home that is not well lit, inside and out.
•     Children should never enter a home or a car for a treat.
•     An adult should always examine Halloween treats before children eat them. Never eat
open or unwrapped Halloween foods.