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BOCA RATON, FL ( — So what is We know you’re asking the question, and now that Google has seen fit to include us in its news feed, we thought it would be a good time to welcome our international readers and explain what we’re doing and who we are.
First off: This is an experimental Hyper Local news website and completely independent. We are not affiliated with any other news organization (technically speaking, with one minor exception which you’ll see in a minute). We are all about Boca Raton and — when relevant — the nearby areas. We may fail miserably, or this may be huge success. was created to fill a very noticeable void: news coverage in the City of Boca and the area of unincorporated Palm Beach County that  (much to the annoyance of some City of Boca residents) is also called “Boca Raton.” We aim to cover the stuff that understandably isn’t being covered by the Sun Sentinel, the Palm Beach Post, and local broadcast outlets — the stuff that means nothing to the extended area, but is important to you. Things like: why did it take 20 minutes to drive a mile on Palmetto Park Road this morning? Why was a police helicopter flying over my gated community last night? Is my neighbor really the next Bernie Madoff? Is that Panhandler at 441 and Glades really a multi-millionaire?
You get the idea.
But aside from some of the incredibly bizarre crime news that happens here, we also hope to include positive news, like what’s happening at your children’s school, what new restaurants are opening, and what new stores are coming to town.
Who We Are: is run by Andrew Colton, an award-winning, Miami-based, former network news correspondent who now runs a litigation communication firm. (He works with attorneys to help convey their cases more effectively in mediation through what’s called ‘day in the life‘ and ‘video settlement brochure‘ productions). He also is the frequent guest host of a national morning radio program produced by a well known financial newspaper that has nothing to do with this site.
That means is not a full time job — unless you run a major corporation and want to be an exclusive sponsor.
We will miss stories. But that’s where you can help by sending us news tips, press releases, and ideas. Tell us what’s happening in your HOA. Tell us what’s happening at school. Tell us what you just saw. (Not in a creepy Department of Homeland Security sort of way, but if you see something of note, we’d love to know about it).
Bottom Line: we’re going to try this out. If you like what you see, tell others to visit the site. If you’d like to be one of our sponsors, click the ‘advertise’ link above. The more legitimate website visits we get, the more likely it is that will become a self-sustaining news operation.
And by the way: we are offering free advertising for a little while to select local businesses. If you’re interested, drop us a note at advertising(at)
Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE: November 1, 2011 2:45p: Seems we’re on to something. Click here to learn more.

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  2. As a previous residents of Boca Raton, I will be sure to turn in to check out whats happening. Much success to ya

  3. Good luck! Hope you’ll be covering FAU quite extensively as well. The coverage of FAU from the local media has been pretty bare.

  4. I’m glad to have discovered this web site and look forward to following it.
    This is old news, but I thought I’d throw it out there. For a period of some 12 or 14 months, starting just before Christmas of 2009 (if I remember correctly), there was a string of about 60 railroad hopper cars on an FEC sidetrack between Yamato and Hidden Valley. Then, all of a sudden, they were gone. Since then I’ve been curious to know whether their removal was a sign of an improving economy or a sign that things went even further wrong for whoever owned those cars.