Antique Allegedly Assaults Antique At Boca Raton Antique Shop


BOCA RATON, FL ( — We don’t purposely make jokes about crime in Boca Raton, and certainly not about victims. However, in some cases, where there are no injuries and the police report is well written, we like to draw attention to some of the more “unique” events that take place. Case in point, this from the Boca Raton Police Department about an event at “Victor’s Antique Shop” in Mizner Park:
Richard Elbaz, 69 years of age, and his coworker, Irving Lauer, 79 years of age, had engaged in an altercation with one another inside their workplace, “Victor’s Antique Shop” located at 347 Plaza Real. Richard alleged that Irving had placed a pair of scissors against his neck and chest and threatened to cut his heart out.
An arrest was not effected due to the following: Richard did not sustain any visible injuries, there were no independent witnesses, and both parties had conflicting statements about what happened.
Richard refused to provide a written statement and left the scene.