Missing Boater Found Safe And Sound In Boca


BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — A man feared drowned after his canoe was found capsized on the Intracoastal Waterway Sunday is actually safe and sound, and apologetic that anyone believed he was the victim of tragedy.
BocaNewsNow.com first reported yesterday that police were called to the Intracoastal behind 690 Golden Harbor Drive when someone found a capsized canoe with no sign of the canoeist. Police officers in helicopter, on boat, and in the water searched for what was feared to be a victim, but found nothing.
It turns out the missing man is Kirt Rusenko who was enjoying a calm afternoon on the water until another boater sped by, created a strong wake, and forced the canoe to capsize. Unable to right the canoe, Rusenko says he left it and swam to shore.
Police say Rusenko is “very thankful and apologetic to everyone for their efforts.”
Police would still like information about the canoe, and also the boater who forced it to capsize. If you have any information, please call 561-416-3350.