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Boca Raton Man Arrested In Fatal DUI Police Car Accident

Gary Costa

Gary Costa

Gary Costa | Booking Photo

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Gary Costa of Boca Raton is in the Broward County Jail following a fatal accident overnight with a Lighthouse Point police car. According to police and other local media reports, Costa apparently lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the police car in the area of East Copans and North Federal Highway. His female passenger died in the crash. Her name has not yet been released.
The officers involved were not seriously injured.
Costa is being held on the following charges: “DUI Causing Death To Any Human,” “DUI With Damage To Property or Person,” “Failure To Use Due Care,” “Possession of Alprazolam — Xanax.” His Bond is set at $12,000.

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6 thoughts on “Boca Raton Man Arrested In Fatal DUI Police Car Accident”

  1. Lets see the traffic cameras and both police squad car cameras. It looks as though the police cruiser may have not yielded to the right of way while making the uturn. This may have caused the driver to react in avoidance resulting in a roll over directed into the turning police cruiser. The accident reports don’t add up in any of the editorials that have been released to the public via the news agencies. Yes the man was under the influence and should not have been on the road, but could this accident have been avoided if the police cruiser yielded to the right of way? In one report, it states that two police cruisers were indeling in the south bound turning lane to make a u-turn to proceed north bound. This means that one of those police cruisers may have turned in front of Mr. Costa’s Jeep while he was proceeding north bound on federal Highway. I’m only asking to see all the video from the interesection cameras and the police cruiser cameras. Where the vehicles ended up don’t match that of the official story… Too many times we find that some accidents are caused by police error, lets see wat really happened. Yes, he was under the influence but What Was He Avoiding?

    1. BocaNewsNow.com Staff

      Editor’s note: The police cars were reportedly parked. More importantly, someone died and drugs were present. If there are facts to contradict the above, I am sure they will be revealed in court.

      1. The vehilces were not parked, if they were, then they would be on the west side of the southbound lane on federal highway. I know someone died, but what caused him to lose control. Use your head, look at the pictures and see where the vehicles ended up. One of those squad cars pulled out in front of him!!! The squad cars were facing south, making a uturn to go north, the accused was heading north, why is one squad car now in the north bound lane facing south on the east side of US1??? Think about it, or accept every headline presented to you!!!

      2. The official story was both squad cars were idling in the southbound turn lane to make a uturn to go north, then a vehicle jumped the median and crashed into one of the squad cars, if that is true, then again they will be in the west side of US-1. The courts will not reveal that an officer failed to yield right of way. Lets see these videos or will they be suddenly not available, or the cameras were not on, what story will it be? Someone challenge me on how this really went down.

    2. It is absolutely absurd that you could blame the officer involved in this accident. He was sitting at the red light waiting to u-turn. Who are you to pass judgement? Read the reports and get your story straight. Bottom line is the man driving the jeep was drunk and under the influence of pills on top of it all. How would you feel if your family member was involved in an accident by a drunk driver? Think before you speak…

  2. My daughter was the woman killed. I have an attorney and will not stop until the whole truth is revealed. My daughter Amanda Smith leaves behind a 5 year old son and a 6 month old son. She was adament that she always wore her seatbelt. Something stinks here.