Hurricane Glass Prevents Burglary In Boca Raton


BOCA RATON, FL ( — Turns out hurricane glass doesn’t just prevent hurricane damage, but burglaries, too.  Boca Raton Police tell us that someone (or someones) attempted to smash the rear slider glass door at 3029 NW 27th Terrace with a brick paver. Like a cartoon, the paver bounced off of the hurricane glass, preventing entry. Police responded to the scene and found nothing, but the key here is that whoever attempted to break in was unsuccessful.
To our friends reading in other parts of the country — or other countries, for that matter — hurricane glass is a relatively new product that is supposed to prevent hurricane damage from strong winds. It is marketed as being unbreakable up to a certain wind speed (it varies depending on the product). While expensive, it also negates the need for hurricane shutters. Now, at least in this case, it can be marketed as theft prevention as well.