Counterfeit Money Operation Busted In Boca Raton


Albrieon Smith
Albrieon Smith | Booking Photo

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The U.S. Secret Service working with the Boca Raton Police Department made several arrests after extensive surveillance on a Walgreens and two CVS pharmacy locations in Boca Raton. Arrested were Eric Pratt, 28, and Albrieon Smith, 19, and Lonnie Balam who is 40. The trio were seen passing counterfeit $100 bills.
Eric Marcell Pratt
Eric Marcell Pratt | Booking Photo

Smith was charged with “Fraud: Utter False Bank Bill Note Check Drafti” and “Fraud: Swindle, Obtain Property Under 20k Dollars.” Cops also added marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license for good measure.
Pratt was charged with “Fraud: Utter False Bank Bill Note Check Draft,” “Fraud: Swindle-Obtain Property Under 20k Dollars,” and “Marijuana Possession — Not More Than 20 Grams.”
Lonnie Balam has quite a history with law enforcement in Palm Beach County. Among other accusations, he faced at least 10 charges of “Crimes Against Person – -Corrupt By Threat Public Servant or Family” over the summer. He also was arrested in November for failing to appear at a hearing, and has been bestowed the title of “Habitual Offender” due to traffic violations. This time around he faces the same charges as the others.
Lonnie Sherone Balam
Lonnie Sherone Balam | Booking Photo

All three are out on bond.
We are told the investigation is “ongoing,” which suggests those arrested may be small fish in a much bigger pond. will update this story as we receive more information.