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Man Walks Into Boca Raton Apple Store, Walks Out With Stolen Monitor

Boca Raton Town Center Mall Apple Store

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Anyone who has ever shopped at the Boca Raton Apple (NYSE:AAPL)  Store — located in Boca Raton’s Town Center  Mall– may simultaneously ask “how this is possible,” while also thinking, “it’s a zoo in there, of course it’s possible.” Boca Raton Police tell us that an Apple Store worker reported that someone walked into the store, walked to the “east” counter — which we believe to be the area of the Genius Bar — and walked out with a 17-inch display valued — according to the police report — at $2,499. The man is described as wearing a beige hat, light blue long sleeved shirt, shorts, and sandals.
No surveillance video is being released at this time.
The Boca Raton Apple Store is small, often overcrowded, and suffers from apparent management issues that routinely lead “Genius Bar” appointments to be delayed by as much as an hour — possibly explaining how a monitor could be stolen during peak business hours without anyone noticing.
There are no suspects at this point.


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6 thoughts on “Man Walks Into Boca Raton Apple Store, Walks Out With Stolen Monitor”

  1. You can bet that the “apparent management issues” will be resolved right quick once Corporate gets wind of this.

    1. BocaNewsNow.com Staff

      We are huge Apple fans. The Town Center Mall Apple Store, however, is too small, constantly overcrowded, and truly not a fun place to enjoy the Apple experience. It is bizarre that AT&T moved in to the adjoining space in the fourth quarter instead of Apple expanding its store.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. The entire story is bogus, aside from the size of the “display.” Get your “facts” straight before publishing something everyone on the internet can read. Thats not even a picture of the Boca Raton Apple Store. Please have someone with more intelligence run your editorial dept. as he/she cannot even see these mistakes. Thank you.

    1. BocaNewsNow.com Staff

      We find the police are rarely incorrect in relaying their reports to us, although we do suspect the “monitor” is actually an iMac.
      Sorry if you didn’t like the facts of the story. Sometimes the truth hurts.
      Have a Happy New Year.

    2. BocaNewsNow.com Staff

      This came from Boca PD. We agree that monitor sizes seem to be a bit off, as we are Apple consumers and fans.

  3. The smallest iMac is 21.5in, and there are no iMacs valued at $2499, however the 17in laptop is valued at $2499, something incredibly easier to steal than a huge iMac…