iStupid: Man Uses Fraudulent Credit Card To Buy iPad


BOCA RATON, FL ( — A man who says he spent $400 to purchase nearly 20 stolen credit cards in Miami was arrested after trying to use one of those cards to purchase a 16GB iPad for $629 (wifi and cellular) at the Boca Raton Apple Store.

According to police, Allan F. Perez, DOB 1/11/1986, initially ran from loss prevention officers when they realized something didn’t compute, but ultimately was detained until police arrived.

Perez was released on bond.

As a service to our readers, here’s a quick math lesson for future thieves:

If you spend $400 on stolen credit cards to purchase an Ipad, and get busted, you’re going to have to pay bond, hire an attorney, and deal with ancillary costs. Plus, you’ll always be known as a thug.

If you work a little and wait until that $400 is $499, you can go to the Apple Store and buy the ‘WiFi-only model’ legally — and use it without worrying that the police are tracking you on the device that you purchased using stolen credit cards.