Palm Beach Schools Superintendent Excited By Mediocrity

WEST PALM BEACH, FL ( — In a head scratching comment that is much akin to a kid saying, “I failed, but it’s okay because the test was hard,” Palm Beach Schools superintendent Wayne Gent said that he’s okay with the recent FCAT abomination because students in Palm Beach County scored slightly better than some students in other places.

As has been widely reported, the State of Florida changed the grading curve for the recent FCATs because if it had not, pretty much every child in the State of Florida would be destined to a life working overnights in McDonald’s.

Here’s the somewhat bizarre comment from the school’s boss, seemingly excited by county students being slightly less medicore than others:

Schools Superintendent Wayne Gent says he is “very pleased” with the performance of students and teachers on the just-released results for FCAT 2.0 Reading at grades 3-10, FCAT 2.0 Mathematics at grades 4-8, and FCAT Science for grades 5 and 8.

“The main point is that Palm Beach students outperformed Florida at most grades in Mathematics and Science, and a majority of our students scored proficient or above at all tested grades and subjects. In fact, grade 8 Mathematics is an impressive 10 points higher than Florida, and Palm Beach students outperformed four of the largest school districts in Florida at most tested grades in Mathematics and Science,” Gent said. The Superintendent’s analysis also showed that district students performed about the same as or above Florida at most grades in Reading, with grade 8 Reading four points higher than Florida.

Gent gave credit to the teachers and staff for preparing the students, to the students for focusing on their lessons and to the Board for its leadership in supporting student achievement as the district’s top priority.

“Can we do better? Yes, and we will continue to improve,” he said.


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2 thoughts on “Palm Beach Schools Superintendent Excited By Mediocrity”

  1. Thank God for those McDonalds’ workers who take my order and prepare a hamburger and fries for me to enjoy! We need workers for every type of business, trade and profession. What is better, working at a “menial” job where you are doing your best to provide for your family and have a sense of contributing, or not wanting to work at all and living on food stamps, being a burden to taxpayers? What do you think that your comment, “pretty much every child in the State of Florida would be destined to a life working overnights in McDonald’s” says to those workers? Be glad that you have been blessed with an education and are able to have a better job. Work is good and we need those who work at McDonalds! What we need in our schools is not just academics, but we need to teach the students skills for the workforce to prepare them for life!

    1. Are you serious? First off, it is commentary like this which undermines every effort of the army of dedicated teachers in Palm Beach County. Nobody is against raising the standards for students. However, you must realize that in doing so there will be more students who do not meet it. You are right,students have scored differently then in the past, they have increased every year. When you compare last years scores, calculated with the new proficiency bar, and compare them with this years scores, Palm Beach has done very well, again. It is misinformed, narrow minded writers like you who are showing their ignorance by writing about something they know very little about. Shame on you! You are not fit to write about the conditions at a McDonalds let alone something as complicated as the calculation and recalculation of state test scores. If what you say is true and would come to fruition then I will see you later today and yes, I would like some fries with my Big Mac.