Ex-WPTV Weatherman Busted For Underage Sex In Boca Raton


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BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Former WPTV Channel 5 weatherman Rob Lopicola is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail after police say he engaged in several sexual relationships with minors, at times performing oral sex on a teenager in Boca Raton.

Rob Lopicola
Rob Lopicola, Former WPTV Weatherman, Arrested For Multiple Charges Relating To Sex With Minors. (Photo Courtesy WPTV)

Lopicola was booked into the jail Monday on charges of Lewd and Lascivious Battery, Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation. His first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

BocaNewsNow.com is publishing the entire affidavit of probable cause as released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, but we warn our readers: IT IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

On March 8, 2011 I received report 11-00001238 from Detective G. Hughes with the Farmington Hills Police Department, Michigan. The report contained the following information. On March 6, 2011 Detective Hughes met with XXXXX, XXXX uncle. XXXX advised XXXXX lives with him and is his legal guardian. XXXX moved to Michigan from Florida in January 2011. XXXX disclosed he was sexually assaulted by an adult male while living in Florida. XXXXX showed XXXXX a web-site belonging to the suspect, and the web-site is http://www.bodybyrj.com. The web-site is for personal trainer Robert J. Lopicola.

On March 6, 2011, Detective Hughes conducted a taped interview of 15 year old XXXX XXXXXX. XXXXX was able to differentiate between the truth and a lie and the importance of being truthful was emphasized. He stated he struggled with if he should tell and decided to tell when he realized Robert probably likes real young boys and would hurt others if he didn’t tell. XXXX stated he placed an ad on Craigslist personals where he said he was 18 years old and was a male seeking a male. Robert sent him an e-mail reply and soon after they began to send text messages to one another. During the text messages, XXX told Robert he was 16 years old and eventually told him his real age of 15. XXX asked Robert if it was ok that he was 15 years old. XXXX was very insecure believing he was too old for Robert. Robert responded 14 to 16 years old is the “perfect baby.” Robert continued by saying he likes being a dad to his boyfriends. They agreed to meet about two weeks after their first communication (October 2010). Robert drove to XXXX house located at XXXXX, Boca Raton in a small dark colored older four door car. It was late at night and they drove a short distance from XXXX house in the same sub-division. They parked in a cul-de-sac and began to kiss. Robert gave XXXXX a “blow job,” which XXXX described as when someone places their mouth over the other persons penis. Robert stopped and XXXX began masturbating himself. Robert requested XXXX tell him when he was about to “cum,” which XXXX described as when sperm comes out of the penis. Robert placed his mouth on XXXX penis and XXXX ejaculated in Robert’s mouth. XXXX stated his pants were pulled down so his penis was exposed. Robert wanted to see XXXX body, but he was self-conscious and would not remove his shirt. XXXX was recently hospitalized for anorexia. Robert told XXXX he wanted XXXX to be really skinny, around 113 pounds. XXXX thought that was wrong to ask since he told Robert about the anorexia. They talked for a while and XXXX ran home in the rain.

XXXX believes Robert lives in West Palm Beach. XXXX possibly saw nipple rings through Robert’s shirt and Robert said he has his penis pierced, but XXXX did not see Robert’s penis.

XXXX has sent text messages to Robert since moving to Michigan. XXXX advised he did this due to being lonely. XXX described the text messages as sexual in nature. Robert asked for nude photographs of XXXX, so XXXX sent him three pictures via text message. He believes he sent the pictures in January 2011. One picture was a face shot, another was of XXXX naked penis and the third picture was of XXXX buttocks. XXXX took the pictures while in his room at his uncles’ house. Robert asked XXXX to make sure no hair was visible in the pictures. XXX thought this was weird and did not shave prior to taking or sending the pictures. XXXX provided Detective Hughes with his phone and gave consent to have the phone forensically examined for evidence.

On April 4, 2011 I received a copy of a Cell phone Examination request and worksheet from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Pontiac, Michigan. The report contained the following information. A narrative report was completed by Detective Liposky with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. It stated on March 16, 2011 Detective Hughes brought in one LG GT365 cell phone. He is investigating “Rob” for CSAM (Child Sexually Abusive Material) and CSC (Criminal Sexual Conduct) that occurred in Florida.

Under the heading Cellbrite Report LG GT365 Neon is information extracted from the phone using the program Cellbrite. It extracted 89 phone contacts, 417 SMS text messages and 45 images. Within the SMS messages there are numerous text messages with an “Rjj.” These are sexual in nature. In the phone contacts there is an entry for Rjj” with a phone number of 561-xxxxxxx.

A review of the SMS – Incoming text messages from “Rjj” as it relates to this case is as follows:

12/05/10 at 01:43:54 – Hey. Im jo. Sup? 'Robbie J'

12/07/10 at 05:06:41 – Hey, Sup? ‘Robbie J’

01/08/11 at 21:08:29 – whos this?

01/08/11 at 21:08:55 – whos this?

01/08/11 at 21:09:25 – sup

01/08/11 at 21:11:41 – How r u 🙂

01/08/11 at 21:24:00 – whats up? Im at dinner with friends

01/08/11 at 21:27:42 – yes please 🙂

01/08/11 at 21:35:08 – at diner talk in an hour k 🙂

01/08/11 at 21:38:04 – luvem

01/08/11 at 21:39:19 – yes u still single?

01/08/11 at 21:41:27 – nope and single

01/08/11 at 21:43:36 – None on my phone baby

01/08/11 at 21:46:52 – not a cam fone

01/08/11 at 21:48:57 – swear!

01/08/11 at 21:51:12 – have 2 c me in person 🙂

01/09/11 at 02:39:38 – G.nite

01/09/11 at 02:40:33 – what r u doin

01/09/11 at 02:43:30 – What r u doin

01/09/11 at 02:47:58 – Can I call u baby

01/09/11 at 02:52:51 – im masturbating baby

01/09/11 at 08:00:56 – Wen you coming bak to wpb?

01/09/11 at 08:15:19 – Why?

01/09/11 at 08:16:54 – u ok?

01/09/11 at 08:18:09 – Wen u turn 16?

01/09/11 at 08:20:07 – Curious. U stil want a bf?

01/09/11 at 08:23:08 – Yup. How cud u and I be boyfriends? Wud u wana for real?

01/09/11 at 08:25:57 – We r 40 mins apart. Cud u handle that? I cud but we both have 2b serious

01/09/11 at 08:29:02 – I realy like u! we have a big age difference, im a lot older, cud b yor dad. U sure u want an older boyfriend and a bigger muscular guy too?

01/09/11 at 08:31:54 – do u know how old I am?

01/09/11 at 08:32:55 – a lil older

01/09/11 at 08:36:27 – older lol oldest u wud b bfs with?

01/09/11 at 08:38:09 – was afraid u wudnt like me

01/09/11 at 08:39:24 – so whats the oldest daddy u wud date?

01/09/11 at 08:40:55 – im 40 but look 33 lol

01/09/11 at 08:43:37 – u stil b my boyfriend?

01/09/11 at 08:45:15 – 14

01/09/11 at 08:47:07 – I wud wana b like yor dad but yor lover

01/09/11 at 08:51:54 – do u want a dad bf? For real

01/09/11 at 08:53:22 – I like being a dad to my bd thats why I like young. And 15 is perfect baby. 10th or 9th grade?

01/09/11 at 08:55:33 – slim lean shaven smooth submissive btm who calls me dad

01/09/11 at 08:57:27 – yor a btm right? Im a top!

01/09/11 at 08:58:16 – wud u cal me dad?

01/09/11 at 09:00:39 – me2 baby. Do u have a dad?

01/09/11 at 09:01:42 – wil u stay a virgin in Michigan til I make love 2u?

01/09/11 at 09:02:55 – ok great. Where do u want me to cum baby wen we make love?

01/09/11 at 09:05:08 – can I have sex with other guys until u get back?

01/09/11 at 09:06:03 – stats baby? Height weight waist size shoe sixe?

01/09/11 at 09:07:10 – cuple, around 19, and I know them.

01/09/11 at 09:09:20 – wana b dad and son lovers?

01/09/11 at 09:10:17 – got a bj last week

01/09/11 at 09:11:15 – no baby. U?

01/09/11 at 09:15:19 – u like bareback baby?

01/09/11 at 09:16:40 – I promise I wil never ever cheat on u wen we r bfs

01/09/11 at 09:26:54 – some of them are hot but if yor mine that wudnt matter right baby

01/09/11 at 09:28:29 – U r adoreable dont worry about then baby

01/09/11 at 09:35:50 – Just around but im single and don’t wana talk about them

01/09/11 at 09:36:19 – lets just talk about us 🙂

01/09/11 at 09:43:17 – so. Wen u get back we gona connect?

01/09/11 at 09:52:37 – so. Weh u get back we gona connect?

01/09/11 at 09:57:09 – you are the most cutest and defntly the best best smile 🙂

01/09/11 at 10:00:03 – its true. Let me know then if u wana hang wen u get back 🙂

01/09/11 at 10:00:23 – is it snowing?

01/09/11 at 10:02:25 – that’s awsum. Is it beautiful?

01/09/11 at 10:03:36 – 🙂

01/09/11 at 10:04:22 – what happened at home that u went up north?

01/09/11 at 10:06:01 – what about yor dad? Close to him?

01/09/11 at 10:09:46 – wana be my son and bf wen yor back?

01/09/11 at 10:10:53 – Wen u get back im taking you on a date!

01/09/11 at 10:12:15 – Wud u realy call me dad? And if we went to Miami we tel people yor my boy, my son?

01/09/11 at 10:12:40 – I wont im single and behaving

01/09/11 at 10:13:44 – Can we masturbate on the phone tgthr at nite please?

01/09/11 at 10:14:02 – I wont baby

01/09/11 at 10:15:51 – Why? U have privacy?

01/09/11 at 10:16:24 – Can I call u to hear yor voice?

01/09/11 at 10:17:50 – ok hug and kiss

01/09/11 at 10:20:18 – 🙂

01/09/11 at 10:22:15 – me2 baby

01/09/11 at 10:24:15 – send me a body nude pic plz my boy front and back

01/09/11 at 10:27:43 – im the man yor the boy and kid xoxo

01/09/11 at 10:30:50 – all kiddn aside, wil u cal me dad from now on plz?

01/09/11 at 10:40:34 – where u wana go on our date?

01/09/11 at 11:24:24 – K. and tell people u are my son right? And make love, hold hands, kiss, snuggle, go to the beach there

01/09/11 at 12:12:41 – deleted it for privacy

01/09/11 at 12:13:43 – yea partying is kewl ! ! What u wana do to party:)

01/09/11 at 12:14:19 – just dont want the world to know my personal life stuff

01/09/11 at 12:15:13 – lol clubs and drugs? And u have 2b 18 to get into clubs

01/09/11 at 12:17:00 – good I dont drink or drug

01/09/11 at 12:17:25 – wud u watch porn with me and masturbate?

01/09/11 at 12:18:11 – whats yor favorite porn? Bareback? Dad son? Group? Incest?

01/09/11 at 12:21:56 – u need fake id

01/09/11 at 12:22:33 – I watch dad son and bareback porn and extreme age difference sex

01/09/11 at 12:24:17 – I wil try to find sum1 that looks like u then but u wil b my bottom boy only no cheating

01/09/11 at 12:26:18 – are we boyfriends? I wana go on a date first or talk all the time

01/09/11 at 12:26:50 – wud u wana b with me 24 7 wen we are bfs?

01/09/11 at 12:27:41 – I will babe:)

01/09/11 at 12:28:27 – Nude pics plz babe

01/09/11 at 12:29:10 – and shave yor boy body smooth and trimmed for dad

01/09/11 at 12:30:59 – trimmed to shave pubes, no ass hair, armpits trimmed, no leg or arm hair all shaven

01/09/11 at 12:32:33 – do u talk with yor father? Or not close with either parent?

01/09/11 at 12:34:38 – do they know yor gay?

01/09/11 at 12:35:24 – u think its hot havn a 40yo boyfriend? 🙂

01/09/11 at 12:36:03 – Am I older than yor mom and dad?

01/09/11 at 12:39:16 – Wud u let me penetrate u with me 8 inch dick often?

01/09/11 at 12:40:22 – Text me often u got it 🙂

01/09/11 at 12:41:49 – U text me minimum 3x a day and u must text me wenever u masturbate ok

01/09/11 at 12:43:21 – yes and I wil b gentle baby and I promise u wil love dad inside you

01/09/11 at 12:48:23 – it dont baby dad wil b very gentle with you

01/09/11 at 12:49:10 – I dont wana. Do u have x pics on there?

01/09/11 at 12:49:44 – how often do u get and give blow jobs baby and b honest

01/09/11 at 12:50:52 – I want u and me to be sluts tgthr and to each other only ok

01/09/11 at 12:52:27 – Just text me pics of your naked body, cock, ass, and rectum

01/09/11 at 12:52:57 – A bj last week and 1 fuck since I met u

01/09/11 at 12:53:55 – Can I call u now

01/09/11 at 12:58:00 – Did u send pics to dad?

01/09/11 at 12:59:56 – I wana suck and eat yor rectum hole a lot baby

01/09/11 at 13:02:07 – send pics?

01/09/11 at 13:30:27 – ?

01/09/11 at 13:39:02 – k. then I wana call u

01/09/11 at 13:54:27 – I will and tons of daddy semen inside yor rectum baby

01/09/11 at 13:54:49 – Wen did u masturbate last?

01/09/11 at 13:56:05 – u wil b my bottom slut love

01/09/11 at 13:56:30 – a lot of cum spuirt?

01/09/11 at 13:57:10 – Want me to jo now in my work bathroom thnkn of u?

01/09/11 at 13:58:07 – a lot of cum spuirt?

01/09/11 at 13:58:27 – Where u want me to cum now?

01/09/11 at 13:59:00 – or want me to masturbate with u on the phone at 330?

01/09/11 at 13:59:19 – 330 my time

01/09/11 at 14:01:15 – so wait to masturbate til 330 my time so u can hear dad cum with u on the phone?

01/09/11 at 14:02:38 – I wil talk low as I masturbate or u can just listen to me jack off moan and cum

01/09/11 at 14:49:17 – xo

01/09/11 at 14:54:46 – yea I did. Im gona look at yor pics and masturbate at 330

01/09/11 at 15:03:22 – Last btm cuple years ago I just like to top. U wana fuck me and cum in me?

01/09/11 at 15:05:04 – Wana cum inside daddy?

01/09/11 at 15:10:16 – I want u to bareback me and squirt yor boy seed inside me

01/09/11 at 15:26:40 – Wana breed me first?

01/09/11 at 15:31:43 – Im gona masturbate in few mins

01/09/11 at 15:42:11 – Im strokn my 8 inches

01/09/11 at 16:01:37 – Cant wait to breed you

01/09/11 at 16:02:50 – yea

01/09/11 at 16:03:32 – Whats the youngest u wud have sex with? Yungust u wud watch a porn of?

01/09/11 at 16:05:21 – any age

01/09/11 at 16:06:06 – Wud u?

01/09/11 at 16:09:51 – Lmao neither wud I baby

01/09/11 at 16:34:04 – I only sleep with 18yo+ so don’t worry

01/09/11 at 16:35:26 – only u otherwise only 18 and over

01/09/11 at 16:36:38 – because maturity level. At gym now talk later k

01/09/11 at 16:41:55 – 🙂

01/09/11 at 20:20:16 – how long u want me to masturbate for?

01/09/11 at 20:36:31 – Hi. Im gona jo again baby

01/09/11 at 20:37:45 – I wil ofcourse xo

01/09/11 at 20:39:14 – xo

01/09/11 at 20:44:59 – aw me2 baby. Mayb u run away this summer and live with daddy

01/09/11 at 20:46:18 – and always bareback sex

01/09/11 at 20:46:47 – in the summer?

01/09/11 at 20:48:04 – no just livd close my 14 yo bf was with me a lot

01/09/11 at 20:49:46 – I want you

01/09/11 at 20:50:45 – he was stayn with friends

01/09/11 at 20:51:41 – how bad u wana fuk me and breed me?

01/09/11 at 20:51:59 – 3x a week

01/09/11 at 20:53:44 – Almost 2 years met wen he was 13 until 15 then went back to girls

01/09/11 at 20:54:24 – yor not answering my questions

01/09/11 at 20:56:02 – u can fuk me cuple times but il b breeding u constantly

01/09/11 at 20:56:24 – u wana b bred a lot?

01/09/11 at 20:58:03 – supposedly havnt talkd to him in 3 years

01/09/11 at 20:59:31 – Wud u let any of my 40yo friends fuck u with me?

01/09/11 at 21:01:16 – yes and I have hot older friends. I may want my 42yo friend to fuck u sumtimes baby

01/09/11 at 21:01:27 – yea

01/09/11 at 21:03:00 – he wil cum in u too but im yor daddy hel b like an uncle

01/09/11 at 21:04:42 – K he wil pull out but only bb ok

01/09/11 at 21:05:22 – u mind if he fuks u often? Hes bi and has a 16yo so

01/09/11 at 21:07:13 – I have fucked his son with him actually il have to get a pic k

01/09/11 at 21:09:16 – Very 16 5’6 130 lbs 7c

01/09/11 at 21:09:38 – Wud u do 4way with them?

01/09/11 at 21:10:55 – u wil always b safe with me baby

01/09/11 at 21:11:36 – hel prbly fuk u raw as I fuk his son and u and I wil b kissing

01/09/11 at 21:13:20 – Yea but 15 is perfect

01/09/11 at 21:14:07 – Can I get a hot 55yo to fuk u baby?

01/09/11 at 21:15:26 – because it is

01/09/11 at 21:16:34 – 14 to 16 is perfect

01/09/11 at 21:17:56 – will u let a grandpa type old guy fuck u once for me baby

01/09/11 at 21:18:54 – I wil teach u how to clean out b4 anal sex ok baby

01/09/11 at 21:19:31 – I am very very patient promise

01/09/11 at 21:21:10 – I want one time an old man to fuck u ok like 55 to 60 yo just once ok

01/09/11 at 21:22:58 – its hot for me and I just wana watch a grandpa fuck my boy just once. Il b kissing and loving u dont worry

01/09/11 at 21:23:55 – <3

01/09/11 at 21:24:22 – hel do u bb but pull out

01/09/11 at 21:26:19 – Douch but il teach u baby

01/09/11 at 21:28:02 – ever have sex with a family member? Incest?

01/09/11 at 21:29:27 – Wud u ever let yor real dad fuck u if he wanted to?

01/09/11 at 21:31:00 – K. Wud u be obsessed and kinda addicted to me? and obey me?

01/09/11 at 21:32:07 – good boy 🙂

01/09/11 at 21:34:43 – wana fall in love?

01/09/11 at 21:37:00 – me2 baby

01/09/11 at 21:37:30 – how often u wana talk?

01/09/11 at 21:44:09 – No we wil tho

01/09/11 at 21:44:39 – U want me hairy bush and armpits?

01/09/11 at 21:48:12 – Ok but u shaven smooth like a yung boy shud be

01/09/11 at 21:49:00 – Good boy

01/09/11 at 22:15:27 – if we date we will b totaly monagomous just u and me ok. just us.

01/10/11 at 07:41:11 – G.mornhn my boy

01/10/11 at 07:43:16 – K xoxo think of yor hot hung daddy

01/10/11 at 09:27:20 – Lol

01/10/11 at 09:41:06 – what u doing?

01/10/11 at 13:48:08 – be 115 to 120 lbs skinny

01/10/11 at 13:49:37 – can u lose 10 to 15 lbs?

01/10/11 at 14:00:25 – Buzzed hair on yor head pubes shaved off

01/10/11 at 14:03:46 – cud u b 113 again?

01/10/11 at 14:06:29 – Cud u try

01/10/11 at 14:11:25 – how skinny can u get

01/10/11 at 22:19:04 – Sup….Robby J’

01/10/11 at 23:03:24 – U there?….Robby J’

01/12/11 at 00:07:21 – hey….Robby J’

01/12/11 at 07:21:16 – Ok….Robby J’

02/10/11 at 10:52:48 – Email add? Il send after lunch

The outgoing messages to “Rjj” do not have a date or time listed and only two messages were retrieved. Got any pictures yet and Simp424@yahoo.com.

On April 29, 2011 I met with 17 year old XXXXXXX in reference to him receiving inappropriate text messages from (561) XXXXX. He met a personal trainer who introduced himself as “Robbie J” on April 22, 2011 at L.A. Fitness in Wellington. Later that night, “Robbie J” sent text messages asking XXXX what his favorite sexual position was, if they could “jerk off” together and if they could meet. Robbie J had asked XXXX how old he was and XXXXX replied 17. XXXX denied ever meeting with Robbie J and the text messages stopped on April 25, 2011. XXXX would not provide consent for me to download the text messages. This was documented under Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office case number 11-067743.

On May 10, 2011 I received a copy of West Palm Beach Police Department case number 2011-0006011. The report was taken on April 9, 2011 by Officer Ronald McBride. According to the report, when XXXXX arrived home, she located Robert Lopicola in her shower. Her son, 17 year old XXXXX advised he met Lopicola on http://www.Craigslist.com. Robert Lopicola stated to the officers on scene, he met XXXX while he was walking on Village Boulevard. Robert befriended XXXX because he was afraid to tell his parent’s about his sexuality and Robert experienced a similar situation when growing up. Robert J Lopicola provided his phone number of (561) XXXXX.

On May 12, 2011 I spoke to XXXXX. She stated XXX told her he responded to an ad on http://www.craigslist.com and corresponded with Robert via text messages. Robert and XXXX met two times prior to XXXX finding Robert hiding in her shower. XXXX provided me with XXXX phone number and gave me permission to talk to him.

On May 12, 2011 Detective T. Bolton and I met with XXXX. He advised on two occasions Robert J. Lopicola performed oral sex on him, which is documented under Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office case number 11-073294.

Robert J. Lopicola did unlawfully engage in sexual activity with XXXX, a person 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age by putting his mouth around XXX penis, contrary to Florida Statute 800.04 (4) (a).

Robert J. Lopicola did knowingly use a device capable of electronic data storage or transmission (cellular telephone) to seduce, solicit, lure, or entice, or attempt to seduce, solicit, lure, or entice, a child to otherwise engage in any unlawful sexual conduct with a child contrary to Florida Statute 847.0135 (3) (a).


On May 10, 2011 I received a copy of West Palm Beach Police Department case number 2011-0006011. The report was taken on April 9, 2011 by Officer Ronald McBride. According to the report, when XXXX arrived home, she located Robert Lopicola in her shower. Her son, 17 year old XXXX advised he met Lopicola on http://www.Craigslist.com. Robert Lopicola stated to the officers on scene, he met XXXX while he was walking on Village Boulevard. Robert befriended XXX because he was afraid to tell his parent’s about his sexuality and Robert experienced a similar situation when growing up. Robert J. Lopicola provided his phone number of (561) XXXXX.

On May 12, 2011 I spoke to XXXX. She stated XXXX told her he responded to an ad on http://www.Craigslist.com and corresponded with Robert via text messages. Robert and XXX met two times prior to XXXX finding Robert hiding in her shower. XXX provided me with XXX phone number and gave me permission to talk to him.

On May 12, 2011 Detective T. Bolton and I met with 17 year old XXXX at his residence. He told us the following information. He is currently a junior at Palm Beach Lakes High School. He initially stated he answered a male seeking male ad on http://www.Craigslist.com in December 2010 and it was later discovered he answered the ad in August 2010. After responding to the ad, he received a response from “Robbie.” They exchanged phone numbers and began sending text messages to one another. Robbie sent XXXX a picture of his chest from his mouth to his waist. In the picture, Robbie’s nipples were pierced. Another picture was of Robbie’s genitals, in which the penis was pierced. Neither picture showed Robbie’s face, but XXX believed them to be Robbie since Robbie sent them. In December 2010, Robbie met XXXX at his house. They went into XXXX bedroom where Robbie performed oral sex on XXX. XXXX described oral sex as his penis in Robbie’s mouth. XXXX ejaculated inside Robbie’s mouth. Afterward, Robbie left the residence. Robbie did not remove his clothing so XXX could not advise if Robbie has piercings. XXXX advised Robbie was at his house for about 10 minutes.

In January 2011, Robbie went to XXX residence again. XXX advised Robbie performed oral sex on XXX. XXXX ejaculated in Robbie’s mouth.

On April 9, 2011 Robbie went to XXX house to perform oral sex on XXXX. They went into XXXXs bedroom and he heard his mother opening the front door. XXX undressed and met his mother wearing a towel, telling her he was going to take a shower. She looked behind the shower curtain and saw Robert Lopicola hiding in her shower. She contacted the West Palm Beach Police Department and they responded to the residence.

XXXX told Robbie he was 18 years old. They talked about XXXX attending high school and what grade XXXX was in. According to XXXX, Robbie’s only reason for going to XXXX residence was to perform oral sex on him.

In October 2010, Robert J. Lopicola met 15 year old XXXX in Boca Raton, Florida. Robert performed oral sex on XXX, which is documented under Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office case number 11-046753.

Robert J. Lopicola did, while 24 years of age or older, engage in oral, anal, or vaginal penetration by, or union with, the sexual organ of xxxx, a person 16 or 17 years of age, contrary to Florida Statute 794.05(1).




Paul Saperstein


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