Miami Zombie Attack Pranksters Arrested By Boca Raton PD

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miami zombie pranksters youtube arrest
Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, of Delray Beach, DOB 3/8/92, arrested by Boca Raton Police.

zombie prank arrest
Jonathan Vanegas of Delray Beach, DOB 12/9/91, arrested by Boca Raton Police.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — Sometimes things are funny on YouTube. Sometimes they are not. Boca Raton Police say when you are threatening someone with a bomb it’s not funny, no matter how many hits you receive.
The makers of the viral video about a Miami Zombie attack were arrested when their planned sequel — taking place in Boca Raton — failed miserably. Vitaly Zdorvetskiy and Jonathan Venegas have been charged with use of a hoax bomb.
Here is the video that led to the arrests.

Read on for the official report about their arrest from Boca Raton Police:

Just before 6:00 pm Friday, July 13, 2012, several officers from the Boca Raton Police Services Department responded to calls of a fight in progress. Upon arrival officers made contact with Andre Brown. Brown said he was leaving his apartment at SE 11th Street when he was approached by a man in a business suit carrying a briefcase.
Brown said the individual seemed to be talking on the phone via a Bluetooth device and kept repeating “one minute, 60 seconds.”Brown thought the person, later identified as Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, was talking on the phone. Zdorovetskiy then told Brown the briefcase was a bomb and it was going to blow. Zdorovetskiy set the briefcase down and ran. Brown also ran in the same direction as Zdorovetskiy. After running about 20 yards, Zdorovetskiy told Brown it was a prank and they were videotaping the joke. Brown, who was extremely upset, chased Zdorovetskiy and his partner with the video camera, Jonathan Vanegas. Zdorovetskiy ran off, but Vanegas continued to videotape the incident.
The Boca Raton Bomb Squad to examined the briefcase and determined it wasn’t a threat. Vanegas told officers he and his friend regularly videotape themselves confronting people for prank videos they upload to YouTube. Vanegas was charged with Principal in the First Degree for aiding and counseling in the possession, display, use and threatened use of a hoax bomb.
Zdorovetskiy, who fled the scene, turned himself into the Boca Raton Police on Monday and was charged with Principal in the First Degree for aiding and counseling in the possession, display, use and threatened use of a hoax bomb.
Here’s the original video. (Note: this is not the video that led to their arrest, but the original that led them to attempt a sequel in Boca. The original has been viewed millions of times.)

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36 thoughts on “Miami Zombie Attack Pranksters Arrested By Boca Raton PD

  1. This is a non-Story and the State’s Attorney hopefully will have enough brains to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor and avoid wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer funds prosecuting this nonsense.
    This silly stuff needs to be put into perspective ….

    1. Silly? Making an innocent person the butt of a joke that goes worldwide on the web.
      Embarrassing good people for no good reason AND making threats on them with a bomb AND A handgun and its the guy that cant take a joke?
      LOL – you’re an idiot and cant even think for yourself. YOu know you are only here because that wuss told you to come here on twitter

  2. this article is WRONG! vitaly never claimed it was a bomb. all he said was you have sixty seconds to get away from it . and the black man was told it was a prank . he should be the one getting charged for assault

    1. Information comes directly from Boca PD. Take up your concerns with investigators.

      1. The video itself sates you have sixty seconds, implying you have sixty seconds to run before Vitaly caputres him not blow him up.

  3. Man, get your facts straight. This is all bull. Zdorovetskiy never said it was a bomb. It’s obvious to see if you watched the video.

  4. he just bugged the wrong person, if it on a guy wo wasnt a lil bitch that in a bad mood than nothing would have happened. Canadians would not mind this.

  5. he never said it was a bomb, in the video its says u have 60 seconds an he didnt say anything about it blowing up or anything

  6. FREE VITALY!!!! This isn’t right he was just doing a little prank,plus your arresting for what something he didn’t do,he never said it was a bomb!!!so free him it isn’t right what you guys are doing so do the right thing and free him.

  7. Vitaly never said it was a bomb, he gave him the briefcase and said “you have 60 seconds”. It was a Russian hitman prank so its more likely that he gave him a suitcase with a gun to shoot someone like as if it already was a previous arrangement.

  8. Free vitaly he never said it was a bomb this guy was obviously in a bad mood and took it out on him….See how you all overlook the fact that the guy beat into them and took vitalyz phone even though he said they were sorry and clearly stated it was a prank.Its this guy in the video that should be jailed for 1st of all lying that he claimed he said bomb when he didnt 2nd beating him up taking his phone which he had no right to do no matter what situation.Its so outrageous i think i speak for everyone whos seen this when i say FREE VITALY

    1. You speak for no one except a bunch of other morons. You seem to overlook the fact that he placed Andre Brown in a threatening situation, implying there was a bomb and even going as far as to look like he was reaching for a concealed weapon.
      He did this to elicit a reaction from Andre thinking he was a in real danger. That’s why it’s supposed to be so funny to you morons, isnt it?
      Andre Brown had every right to protect himself. This was unsolicited, placed an innocent person in an extraordinarily compromising situation and could have had very real and dangerous results; prank or not.
      I hope Andre and other victims of this buttholes pranks sue him for using their images without their consent or compensation.
      That would be the ultimate prank! LOL

  9. “Zdorovetskiy then told Brown the briefcase was a bomb and it was going to blow”
    no he didnt..

    1. Editor’s note: we are not casting judgement. The media release is directly from Boca Raton Police.

      1. I think you should apply some editorial/journalistic input instead of being a cheap relay for the police. Especially when they release statements as false as this (chased? they were clearly assaulted). I see nothing that mentions Vitaly and company being assaulted, having their phone smashed. Also, they were not filming a sequel to the Zombie Prank, but to Russian Hitmen.

  10. wow he cant take a joke!!? and he never said their was a bomb. he also attacked vitaly and his camera dude n trashed his phone after he was told that it was a joke. smh

  11. Horrible news reporting, he never said it was a bomb, never!
    Thank God I’m not influenced by the media, you guys lie too much.

  12. this is just dumb. i dont see why people cant take jokes. its not like the guy is getting money or something for vitaly going to prison. he could of just said hey man not in a good mood can you just back off POLITELY! i say drop all chargers because this is stupid. their was no bomb threat also.

  13. Are u kidding me?! Free Vitaly, Obviously the man lost control he didnt touch him at all and told him it was a prank and left. Pshhhhhhhhh

  14. WOW!!!! misinterpret of information “Zdorovetskiy then told Brown the briefcase was a bomb and it was going to blow” He never said that.For all you know it could be cupcakes. You guys should be ashamed of yourself with statements like this. Vitaly should sue you guys for defacement.

    1. Just to reiterate: The media release comes directly from the Boca Raton Police Department.

  15. Vitaly is begging his ignorant “supporters” to come here and comment via twitter. So dont let the disproportionate amount of morons on here lead you to believe anyone with any intellectual capacity supports this fool.
    The reality is that he gets his jollies by scaring, embarrassing and making innocent people the butt of jokes that are broadcast around the world; including those simply trying to get home, exhausted from a long day from a REAL job.
    He, of course, gets a mild amount of fame among pre-teen morons while he compromises good people and their reputations.
    He’s a coward and quite honestly deserves a butt whippin’. Good for you Andre Brown.
    By the way, he claims he never said the briefcase contained a bomb. In a post 9/11 America you put a briefcase in front of someone and tell them they have 60 seconds to get away they will FAIRLY judge that a bomb is inside. By the way, you also made movements that strongly suggested you had a concealed weapon, idiot.
    If Vitaly keeps this up I can only hope the camera’s are rolling when he gets shot from trying to prank the wrong person. That will have me laughing for days.

    1. You are obviously the moron they said he said “There is a bomb and it’s going to blow” and you just admitted that he even didn’t also what kind of sick person would laugh and someone being shot? Also hoping for that you are a truly bad person hes just giving people a laugh and a guy took it too far and can’t take a joke he could have just walked away but as you see in the video he follows Vitaly when Vitaly is trying to diffuse the problem. Also if it was a bomb you don’t attack the person you call the police so they get the bomb squad. You sir are the moron.

    2. “while he compromises good people and their reputations”
      You clearly know nothing about the internet and viral videos. No one remembers the video by “that guy who couldn’t take a joke”, but rather “that funny vitaly dude who played a prank”. The reputation of the gentleman was never compromised.
      And you will laugh when he gets shot? That just shows your immaturity. You’re saying you’ll laugh when a man gets shot, but when a man gets a prank played on him, you’re fully against it.
      Typical hypocrite.
      Everyone just needs to chill out. The victim of the prank is UNHARMED, nor will he wake up in the middle of the night having nightmares from a prank some guy pulled on him, whereas Vitaly is facing formal prosecution. Yeah, sure, some people might get a shake from it, but there’s no need to bring the force of law into this.

    3. What is wrong with you? Yes this prank took it too far, and I agree that it is fair to asses the suitcase as a bomb, but why would you say “when he(Vitaly) gets shot trying to prank the wrong person. That will have me laughing for days”. You think it is funny for a person to die. You bring up no good points in your argument all you do is call people “morons” for not thinking like you. Any decent lawyer will get the charges dropped on Vitaly, because he never actually said bomb. Also it is not illegal to make movements that suggest you have a concealed weapon.

    4. I hope you go to hell. Laughing at death will make you go to hell once you die. Just watch when you die your just gonna get burn and raped by the devil.

  16. I love how most of you are illiterate followers blame the news reporter for what the BRPD wrote up.
    Typical followers who can’t think for themselves and who will repeat whatever Vitaly tells them to say.
    This says a lot about your intellectual capacity LOL

  17. You news reporters are dumb . He is trying to make a little joke . A JOKE . He never said anything about a bomb . You guys are just to much of a retard to understand that . FREE VITALY

  18. Really, This is why I dislike mankind. No sense of humor. Can’t you take a joke. I mean if it was me, I would of been like “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” and when they tell that it is a prank then I would of start laughing but Nooooo, You guys that can’t take a joke should just be in a island by ya damn selfs.

  19. This is all non sense. One man with an anger management problem has the right to charge a innocent man with such accusations? Puh-lease vitally pranked hundreds of people with the Russian Hit man prank and they all laughed it off.

  20. What dumb xxxx this world has turned into, seriously, relax! It was a prank it’s nothing, that black guy should take whats ever up his ass out and realize lives not so serious and this russian guy NEVER once said it was a ‘bomb’ or ‘explosive’ thats what the media made up, if the media is that dumb that they couldn’t watch a couple mints of video before releasing a story then I can only imagine what other stuff they lie and make up.

  21. I like the black guy for reacting.
    It’s plain and simple, any normal person does not like to be effed with – especially for the sake of pseudo-fame for impish YouTube “filmmakers”. If you want attention, get a real talent, and produce something that is genuinely artistic. What these guys did requires no skill or training or talent at all. If you want to be a filmmaker, go to Hollywood or NYC and work your way up. I am tired of YouTube giving hacks like this a sense of accomplishment. Just because you get video hits doesn’t mean you have skills. People view vids like this like a car wreck, it’s bc they are curious or can’t believe their eyes… Messing with the public does not make you a genius, it just makes you a punk.