Boca Raton Man Charged In Road Rage Assault Near Lynn University

Road Rage Assault Jason Espeland David Noshay
Jason Espeland, 23, of Boca Raton. Courtesy: Palm Beach County Jail.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — A Boca Raton man remains in jail after allegedly ramming his car at least 6 times into another on Military Trail, then trying to flee.

Jason J. Espeland, 23, of Boca Raton, was chased then cornered by victim David Noshay who is 80 pounds lighter than Espeland, but managed to jump him, force him into a fetal position, kick him and subdue him until police arrived.

It happened in the area of 1800 NW Corporate Blvd., an area full of law firms and professional offices.

Espeland was eventually taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital where police say he admitted to ramming Noshay's car and trying to flee. Just before he was arrested, Espeland apparently claimed to police that Noshay threatened him with a gun — a threat police do not believe is credible.

Espeland is charged with aggravated assault and simple assault. He remains behind bars.

Noshay has not been charged with anything.

The phenomenal Affidavit of Probable Cause is below. It is a very good read.


Boca Raton Road Rage Arrest
EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: BocaNewsNow.com's exclusive view as police investigate the road rage incident that led to the arrest of Jason Espeland. (Courtesy: JLFC).


On 10/15/2012 at 0857 hours, I received a Be on the Look Out (B.O.L.O.) for areckless driver, southbound from Lynn University, from police dispatch. The vehicles weredescribed as a white sport utility vehicle and a white sedan. No other information wasgiven, except they were speeding. At 0900 hours, I was dispatched to a call involvingpossibly the same vehicles, which were located at 1800 N.W. Corporate Blvd., where theoccupants in the vehicles were out of the vehicles and physically fighting. Upon myarrival I met with Officers Jasen Grbic #623 and Jason Cohen #661, along with the victim,W/M David M. Noshay D.O.B. 08/06/1989. The offender, W/M Jason J. Espeland D.O.B.06/23/1989, who was identified by his Florida Driver`s License, was being treated for somefacial injuries and was then transport by Boca Raton Fire Department to the Boca RatonRegional Hospital for medical treatment and clearance. Officer Cohen went to the hospitaland stayed with Espeland.

While speaking with Noshay, he advised the following: He was driving his vehicle, awhite 2004 Lincoln Navigator, bearing Florida tag #367-WFB, North on Military Trl., aroundthe 3000 block. Noshay admitted to cutting another vehicle off, somewhere before theintersection with Spanish River Blvd., when he switched from the inside lane to the middlelane. The driver (Espeland) in the vehicle behind Noshay became upset and when theystopped in traffic, Espeland began ramming the front of his white, 2013 Hyundai Accent,bearing Florida tag #BNR-R96, into the rear of Noshay`s vehicle. Noshay advised Espelandrammed Noshay`s vehicle 6-7 times, while they were stopped in traffic. At the time Noshaywas fearful for his safety and shocked at what was happening. After ramming his vehicle,Espeland then cut into the left/inside lane and went around Noshay, attempting to fleefrom Noshay. Noshay tried to follow Espeland to get his plate number, so he could contactthe police. Noshay stated Espeland made an abrupt u-turn from the center lane, using thesouthbound left turn lane. Noshay was scared to follow Espeland but since there was nooncoming traffic, followed him to get his plate number. Noshay followed Espeland for awhile because Espeland was driving too fast and reckless and he could not get the plate

number. After they both made the u-turn Noshay followed Espeland for a while until

Espeland pulled off the roadway, into a parking lot. Espeland was pulled into a markedparking space, so Noshay blocked him in the space with his vehicle, so he could call thepolice. That is when Espeland got out of his vehicle, so Noshay got out also and askedEspeland, “What was wrong with you, and tell him I (Noshay) was calling the cops.” Noshaystated Espeland said, “Nothing.” Then began swing his fists at him. Noshay kept hishands up, with no interest in fighting with Espeland, when Espeland swung at him 4 times,Noshay decided he needed to defend himself, so he hit Espeland twice in the face and thentook him to the ground. Noshay advised he kicked Espeland as he tried to get up. Noshayadvised he was scared of Espeland, who had about 80 pounds of weight on him. Espelandthen curled up into the fetal position, as Noshay held him down, and appeared to concededhis defeat, so Noshay left him, returned to his vehicle and called 911. As Noshay wasattempting to call the police, Espeland got up and ran to his vehicle, in an attempt toflee. So Noshay went to Espeland`s vehicle, reached into his vehicle, hitting Espeland inthe face with his elbow, to get the keys from the ignition. After getting Espeland`skeys, Noshay began calling the police as he was running away from Espeland. Noshay wasscared that Espeland may have had some kind of weapon, in his vehicle, so he waited forthe police away from Espeland.

Noshay completed a written, sworn statement which was placed into evidence at theBoca Raton Police Department.

After speaking with Noshay, I responded to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital and spokewith Espeland.

Espeland admitted the following, after I read him his Miranda rights from apre-printed card. Espeland was driving North on Military Trail, when he was cut off by awhite Sport Utility Vehicle. The white vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic and cutoff Espeland twice more. After being cut off three times, Espeland rammed the whitevehicle 5 or 6 times intentionally, because, “I (Espeland) lost my temper and was angry.”After ramming the white vehicle, Espeland attempted to get away from Noshay withoutNoshay getting his plate number. After evading Noshay did not work, Espeland pulled intoa parking lot and Noshay pinned his vehicle into the parking space. Espeland advisedNoshay got out of his vehicle with his hands in the air, shouting obscenities at Espeland,like, “Faggot.” So Espeland then attempted to hit Noshay, but Noshay over poweredEspeland. Espeland stated Noshay hit him in the face repeatedly and continued hittingEspeland when he was on the ground. Then Noshay walked away from Espeland, so he got upand went to his vehicle, and Noshay went to Espeland`s vehicle and began hitting himnumerous times again.

After Espeland was finished writing his sworn, written statement, he wanted to addsomething else to the statement, which read as follows: After he (Noshay) reached into my(Espeland) car and hit me (Espeland), he (Noshay) told me he had a gun and said, “You`re

gonna die!” This was the first time Espeland mention anything about a weapon. Espeland

was sitting in the hospital room with Officer Cohen for over an hour, and never mentioneda gun to him.

Espeland`s written statement was also placed into evidence at the Boca Raton PoliceDepartment, along with digital photographs of the damaged vehicles and Espeland`s injuriesand Noshay`s hands and clothing, with Espeland`s blood all over. Noshay did not have anyinjuries, but his right hand was swollen. Noshay refused medical treatment.

Due to the circumstances listed above, Espeland was placed under arrest forAggravated Assault, a violation of F.S.S. 784.021(1a), for ramming his vehicle intoNoshay`s vehicle repeatedly, and Simple Assault, a violation of F.S.S. 784.011(1), forattempting to strike Noshay with his fists, putting Noshay in fear for his safety.


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